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Mention Miss Faraday and the longing to retire to the country for it plagues me as well Well well well how unexpected Anne and the duke arm in arm while she ponders that he is the only titled person to ver This Forsaken Earth ever offer her kindness and understanding rather than judgment and ridicule Two intelligent isolated people seeingach other in a new way They are a puzzle to The Summer Palace: A Captive Prince Short Story (Captive Prince Short Stories Book 2) each other a puzzle that begs to bexamined Especially after they kiss in the garden Anne can t stop thinking about itSedgemere s kiss intrigued offering contradictions and complexities like a business opportunity in a foreign culture His kiss was confident without being arrogant gentle without being chaste ardent but respectful intimate without presumingThat must have been some kissThese novellas are the Regency The Garden of Happy Endings euivalent of a satisfying beach read to benjoyed under the shade of a leafy tree with birdsongs in the air while the footman replenishes your lemonadePS If you re curious about the romantic future of Sedgemere s friend the Duke of Hardcastle be sure to seek out the anthology Dancing in the Duke s Arms where Grace Burrowes reveals all 35 to 4 stars Reread Oct 2019 of the Balogh novella Once Upon a DreamReread Feb 2020 of the Grace Burrowes novella Duke of My Dreams I read the story by Mary Balogh Only and Only because I could read of Wulfric Can you believe it I wanted to hate him so much when I first read his character and now I am head over heals in love with him Oh Wulfric Pls do meet me in real world It was short and sweet I just wish Eleanor and Micheal had between them rather than two matchmaking kids It was just too short and I didn t get Campfire enough of my Wulfric What a lovely short story I was so glad Eleanore got her chance at happiness Balogh keeps tagging my heart strings with her uirky and lovable kids Please never stop I also LOVED that we got to see Lizzy making friends andveryone just being happy Fair warning to our faithful readers the following is a giddy fan girl reviewTwo of my favorite authors Mary Balogh and Grace Burrowes One of my favorite settings country house parties My favorite duke the Duke of All Dukes Wulfric Bedwyn Duke of Bewcastle No way was I not going to like these two storiesI m giving this book five stars based upon how very much I My Little Blue Dress enjoyed reading it Some of my HR friends whose opinions I respect have been critical with one calling these two novellas just reader friendly predictable comfort romance reads Just After some of the stinkers that I have read lately that sounds likexactly what I wantMary Balogh s story takes us back to Bedwyn World a place that I came to love when reading her Slightly and Simply series Our heroine Miss Eleanor Thompson played a secondary role in Slightly Dangerous when her sister Christine married the top lofty Duke of Bewcastle She appeared again in Simply Perfect when Claudia Martin married the Maruess of Attingsborough and Eleanor took over Claudia s role as headmistress of a girls school in Bath Although Eleanor is pushing forty she was destined to marry well as all of the teachers at Miss Martin s school went on to marry aristocrats On her way to a summer house party at Bewcastle s Hurrah For The Blackshirts!: Fascists and Fascism in Britain Between the Wars estate she stops at an inn to wait out a sudden storm and whilenjoying a uiet cup of tea she is accosted by an overly precocious ten year old girl Georgette Benning is traveling with her young brother and their father Although it is slightly improper Eleanor Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life enjoys a lovely dinner with Mr Benning and the next morning the travelers go on their separate waysEleanor is uite surprised therefore when the Benning family arrives the next day to join Bewcastle s house party It turns out that Mr Benning is in fact the Michael Benning Earl of Staunton and Christine has invited him with thexpectation that he is on the verge of proposing marriage to another guest a proper young miss with a dragon of a mother The children have other ideas however and their antics help bring Eleanor and Michael together Interestingly Wulfric also plays matchmaker and there is a lovely scene where he counsels Eleanor after she confesses her unhappiness with running a school Sometimes our dreams lead us in the wrong direction and it would be foolish to continue pursuing them out of sheer stubbornness or the fear of disappointing others There are other dreams waiting to be dreamed the right dreams the ones that will lead to contentment If you haven t visited Bedwyn World before this novella probably will not appeal to you Characters from almost all of the previous books are mentioned along with the many children they have brought into the world The plot is not particularly inventive Indeed it is very reminiscent of Ms Balogh s 1991 story The Best Christmas Ever recently republished in

christmas gifts young 
Gifts Young is a bit too Crazy Love elouent for a ten year old and there is a jarring scene where Michael asks Eleanor whether she is a virgin when it s clear thatven if she is she won t be for long But for me the romance was lovely and visiting with Wulfric and Christine and rolling down that infamous hill with the rest of the Bedwyns was a joyPurely by accident Grace Burrowes s story bears some resemblance to Mary Balogh s Both feature slightly older and uite independent heroines who fall in love with widowed fathers and in both stories the children play pivotal roles in bringing the couple together The respective fathers attitude toward their children is uite different However Michael Benning Is Devoted Michael Benning is devoted his and his prospective fiancee s desire to send #them away to school is his first clue that she may not be the one for #away to school is his first clue that she may not be the one for I had the impression however that Ms Burrowes hero Elias Duke of Sedgemere did not dote on his three little boys in the same way He loved them of course but did not uite know what to do with them and freuently found himself apologizing for their behavior when they were just being typical little boysAt first Anne Faraday does not seem like the woman to bring this family together She is the commoner daughter of an immensely wealthy banker dedicated to taking care of her father Although she moves among the ton the la. House party in the Lakes Anne warms to the lonely man and conscientious father behind the title and Elias becomes nthralled with the brilliant burdened woman beneath Anne's genteel facade Liking turns to love under the Cumbrian summer moon but family obligations secrets and a prodigal duck conspire to thwart the course of true lo. Another Dream by Mary BaloghI just finished reading one of Mary s arlier books What a difference 30 years makes I was not ngaged in its story or its characters Fast forward to 2016 and this story I laughed smiled and cried at all of the appropriate places This is the love story of Eleanor the sister of Wulfric Bedwyn s wife All of the Bedwyn s appeared and brought back good memories of their love stories I think I am going read them again I love the Bedwyn s Recommend Duke of My Dreams by Grace BurrowsI do not remember Grace Burrows stories being so humorous But then again it has been a while since I read one of her stories This story is a delight I loved the Duke his friend Hardcastle and most of all Anne the object of his affections Now I have to find Hardcastle s story May I Have This Duke which is to be found in the anthology Dancing in the Duke s Arms Recommend Another Dream by Mary BaloghThis was a Bedwyn Saga installment 65 very cute story Eleanor spinster sister in law of Wulfric meets a widower Earl at a summer house party Love blooms with the aid of the Earl s children Writing children is tough making them sound true to their ages and xperiences plus the particular personal character the author intends for them in this case it was not a 100% accomplishment but the nd result was fun and ndearing anyway 45 stars Duke of my Dreams by Grace BurrowesThis was a short novella introducing a different set of aristocrats also in the setting of a two week house party Anne the heroine is a commoner heiress from an impressive but in Black Heart, Red Ruby elegant banking fortune The hero is a widower Duke with three boys and a lack of prejudice against the burjoisie The main tension seems nonxistent and rather silly until we discover a rather interesting secret which would have been so satisfying to have it xplored thoroughly 35 stars Considering the limitations of a novella those two stories were very sweet and satisfying Mary Balogh and Grace Burrowes are two top authors so I didn t xpect any differentThe first story was special to me because it is related to the Bedwyn saga and shows the aftermath of my favorite Duke s wedding It was wonderful to see him with his kids still aloof and distant to the people outside his close circle but happy and warm to those withinThe heroine is his sister in law Eleonor who after spending a lifetime grieving for a fianc killed in battle finds in a widow with two adorable kids the chance to grab back the train of life and finally move forwardThe hero is sweet and so honorable The kids are just adorable smart restless matchmakersAn New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood evil young lady and her unbearable mama bring some conflict to the plot Really lovely storyThe second novella is about a widow Duke with three hellion boys and a Commoner daughter of a bankerAs with the previous story they meet by chance on the road and find out they are guests of the same house partyShe falls in love with him and his boys who are adorable and he falls in love right back but she cannot marry himNot as good as the first but also a great story I only read the Mary Balogh novella in this and it was a nice wrap up to the series It suffered in the way many novellas dowith the love story feeling too fast but it seemed to work slightly better for being historical And I found the aspect with the heroes children to be adorable Once again I hate somethingveryone lse seems to love But I swear I m not nitpicking this time The romance was just crapLet s start with the Mary Balogh titled Another Dream This was not Good The Premise Is A Spinster Who Regrets Not Getting The premise is a spinster who regrets not getting her first love sooner meets a widower with lonely and charming children which was promising but then verything sort of got blurry and the romance was unconvincing and kind of awkward They meet have dinner kiss separate meet again barely talk get ngaged and have sex Maybe I just don t understand the inexplicable notion of having a connection but dear lord the hero and heroine spoke roughly twice before declaring themselves in love And yes OK that on its own is fine because I appreciate it s a novella and a slow burn isn t really a viable option but the conversation was so dull and formal that not only did I almost xpire of boredom but it was a bloody wonder that neither Michael or Eleanor did only did I almost ЯED expire of boredom but it was a bloody wonder that neither Michael or Eleanor did Also this contained just about the most painful to read sex scene of all time so that killed the physical attraction over mental harmony theory for their sudden romance Though I did like the appearances of Wulfric Christine and Michael s kids so I would ve given this a very reluctant two stars had it been on its ownClearly my rating shows that that was not to be The second novella by Grace Burrowes is called Duke of My Dreams I have never read anything by Grace Burrowes before and maybe I caught her on a bad day but this has made me very reluctant tover try anything by her again Briefly the plot is Anne a banker s daughter meets Elias alas Duke of Sedgwere They have a conversation and realise that they re soulmates Elias wants to marry her Anne refuses because of reasons that he inevitably figures out the reason gets figured out and he solves her problem thereby allowing them to get married Mainly the novella is confusing for two reasons a at the beginning I wasn t sure which duke there are two surprise surprise Anne was going to nd up with because both were acting xactly the same towards her and b I think I must ve missed the moment when they Anne and Elias fell in love because it was so bloody insignificant so I spent the rest of the book feeling cheated out of the Big Moment Part of this is due to my sleepiness but I do also think that it is the book s responsibility to not induce sleepiness on its readers I skipped the The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs excerpts of two other Burrowes books because I didn t think I could face of her characterless humorless writing but maybe if I hadn t this could ve been a zero star Or two star But I m not willing to find out A review is a comin Twoxceptionally well written novellas And here s my review which I wrote for Heroes and Heartbreakers s uite long be warnedMary Balogh and Grace Bur. Mary Balogh and Grace Burrowes team up to create a pair of Regency novellas Moreno each set at a summer house party  In Another Dream by Mary Balogh Miss Eleanor Thompson has found satisfaction as the director of a respected school for girls The life of a dedicatedducator offers many rewards and much meaning but also loneliness than .

Review Once Upon A Dream Bedwyn Saga #65

Rowes clearly Monsieur Pain enjoyed creating these charming summer sojournsSome of Balogh s most beloved novellas feature children who have lost a parent and Another Dream likewise introduces a sister and a brother who want a new motherBurrowes is famous for plots that careen between hysteria often animal induced and pathos Anne Faraday the heroine of The Duke of My Dreams is a complex capable woman who is desperate for the warmth and relaxation that a magical house party and a special man could provideWhile traveling to visit her sister Christine the beloved Duchess of Bewcastle from Slightly Dangerous Eleanor Thompson s trip is interrupted by a storm At the inn where she takes shelter she meets two children Georgie and her younger brother Robbie As anxperienced A Spark of Light: the fearless new novel from the Number One bestselling author educator and loving aunt Eleanor is innately respectful of children s individual personalities When precocious talkative Georgette invades her tea parlor Eleanor invites her to stay Shy Robert also feels comfortable whispering a few words to EleanorTheir widower papa Michael Benning the Earl of Staunton is touched by Eleanor s kindness to his children and cognizant that a lady would not feel comfortableating in a crowded dining room alone when he invites her to have dinner with him in his private parlor How many times has Balogh given us this scenario and yet it never pales As he pours Eleanor a glass of wine Balogh reveals his allureWhy was it Eleanor wondered that handsome men seemed to become What If even good looking as they aged while the opposite was true of women His face which had probably been purely gorgeous when he was twenty now had the firmness of character andxperience to make it all the worth looking at Or so it seemed to her She had not known him when he was twenty And she was not usually given to such analysis of a man s charms She did not usually dine alone with single gentlemen The Exhaustion Breakthrough either The room seemed suddenly very uietThearl toasts storms and the unexpected pleasures they sometimes bring How unexpected would the dinner companions find the conversation between two conspirators upstairs Georgie and Robbie The children instantly recognize that Miss Eleanor Thompson is the one their new mama They note her smiling The Exhaustion Breakthrough: Unmask the Hidden Reasons You're Tired and Beat Fatigue for Good eyes and her composure and kindness to Robbie Georgie declares I think she likes us Even me though I talked her head off this afternoon and ate her cakes Unbeknownst to Eleanor the Benning family has also been invited to the Bedwyn summer gathering Matchmakers abound from the smitten children to thexperienced at match making Bedwyns Even the austere duke lends a hand when he uietly gives Eleanor permission to set aside old dreams in order to Supplemental Book embrace new ones He tells her Sometimes our dreams lead us in the wrong direction and it would be foolish to continue pursuing them out of sheer stubbornness or the fear of disappointing others There are other dreams waiting to be dreamed the right dreams the ones that will lead to contentment She turned her head to look at him in some surprise She had never heard him talk thus beforeHe met her gaze I am a happy man Eleanor he said I want your happiness too not your fear of disappointing me Just as Balogh has a deft touch with these types of intimate moments Grace Burrowes is a magician at the art of creating memorable vignettes The opening scene of The Duke of My Dreams has the formality of a pastoral oil painting with lords and ladies perambulating across the grass The Cheshire sisters give Anne Faraday the cut direct while settinglegant lures for the Hark! The Herald Angels Scream eligible dukes Sedgemere and Hardcastle who have been friends foreverThey had knownach other since the casual brutality and near starvation that passed for a boy s indoctrination at Eton and through the wenching and wagering that masueraded as an Oxford Colloquial Polish: The Complete Course for Beginners educationSedgemere is a widower with three young boys and Hardcastle is that rara avis an unmarried duke Hardcastle is na ve and well mannered making him anasy target for rapacious young ladies and their mamas Sedgemere is the protective friend Burrowes s description of disappointed young ladies is glorious They are deprived of the dukes companyAmid much simpering and parasol twirling the Cheshire ladies minced back to Park Lane there to lurk like trolls under a bridge until the next titled bachelor came along to njoy the fresh airAll the characters are assembled the games can now begin Why is Miss Faraday ignoring the august gentleman Why did the simpering debutantes dismiss her Although she s a Long Meg she s not unattractive being tall unfashionably curvaceous unfashionably dark haired Hardcastle asks his friend about her I don t know her well but I like her very much Sedgemere said She hates me you see Has no marital aspirations in my direction whatsoever For that alone she njoys my most sincere steem Anne is the daughter of a phenomenally wealthy banker a man who controls the financial destiny of veryone from royal dukes to aspiring viscounts Her father s wealth does not insulate her
from insults and 
insults and Sedgemere wonders why Your Grace will please refrain from making a scene Anne said through gritted teeth I am the daughter of a man who holds the vowels of half the papas uncles and brothers of polite society Sedgemere has no need of money but people who speak truthfully to him are in short supply Accidentally while he and Hardcastle are traveling to the people who speak truthfully to him are in short supply Accidentally while he and Hardcastle are traveling to the party he Red River Girl encounters the blunt Miss Faraday again at an inn He invites her to join him in the inn s cottage garden for an al fresco luncheon Sedgemere is weary and disheveledHis pale hair was creased from his hat brim Anne riffled the duke s hair back in order as she would have with her papa Better she said Can t have you looking like John Coachman at thend of a hard morning s drive Your Grace I must have a whiff of that lavender As they continue to talk Anne assembles a casual lavender boutonni re for the duke and gradually Sedgemere xtracts why she is such a reluctant member of society and why she longs to retreat to the country You have all the burdens of being a duchess he said but none of the benefits I know of this weariness you. Leanor anticipated She accepts an invitation from her sister Christine Duchess of Bewcastle to attend a Bedwyn houseparty never dreaming the summer curriculum might include stolen kisses and true love  In The Duke of My Dreams by Grace Burrowes banker's daughter Anne Faraday is cast into the company of Elias Duke of Sedgemere at. Once Upon A Dream Bedwyn Saga #65