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Peak f Rool Tiazan and his life mate leaders f the dramliz who chose to evacuate the Old World n the ship piloted by Cantra yos to evacuate the Old World Hollywood Renaissance on the ship piloted by Cantra yos Main characters Val Con and Mirin Lytaxin Shan and Priscilla El Cura. (Caso de Incesto). on Dutiful Passage Another key character is a Yxtrang Nelirikk aka Beautiful aka No Troop aka Explorer Does this book suggest the inceptionf a Z Strain to utwit the misguided YxtrangSecondary characters Edger and Sheather the Clutch turtles Nova Anthora Commander Angela Liz Lizardi Commander Jason Carmody Clan Erob family Members Including Young Alys including young Alys Seth Gordy n Dutiful Passage and a few beloved characters Delighted at how this story links back to the beginning duology Crystal Soldier and Crystal Dragon especially the connections to Rool Tiazan and Jela I love JelaSome surprises some wins some sad losses The battle scenes are a bit blurred at times but that s Impostress okay I m not too keenn knowing all the details Ego, Hunger and Aggression of tacticalperations I thought the scenes where the view spoiler ancient Dragon s Tooth military device engaged the enemy battleship hide spoiler Meh The plot is scattered the narrative assumes the characters awesomeness rather than demonstrating it and the stakes though seeming high are hollow it s Ritrovarsi obvious that nothing bad is going to happen to the characters the authors love and they don t bother making the reader care about anyone else Atne point a named character dies heroically but the reader has barely met him the characters don t seem particularly bothered and the authors skip Antes Que Anoiteça over it in a short paragraph so all the meaning is suckedut आषाढ़ का एक दिन of the event Ditto when a hundred civilians die again heroically except the paragraph is even shorter so we can get right back to the main businessf the book which appears to be clever dialogue and the distribution The Savage Mind of cute nicknames This is the fourth volumeut Fado And Other Stories of five I think in a first rate spacepera story arc set in the Liaden Universe that began with Conflict La casa nel vicolo of Honors It s all about Clan Korvalne f the wealthiest and most powerful trade families around and the people in it and their growing struggle with the Liaden Department f the Interior which has plans for running things their A Terrible Day own narrow minded way and with the Juntavas a sortf galactic Mafia and their relations and alliances with various Terran groups and individualsKey to the multiple plots are Val Con yos Phelium who becomes a Scout and then a spy and then goes determinedly Discourse on Voluntary Servitude. Tienne La Botie on the lam and his lady love Miri Robertson a talented ex mercenary who thought she was Terran and still mostly thinks that way but who has discovered she s actually a lost memberf Clan Erob a smaller Liad family that is closely allied with Korval Val Con and Miri now lifemates have gone to Erob to get her accepted back into the family and things are moving along well But what they don t know is that the attempts by Clan Korval back home to locate Val Con who is supposed to take ver the family s leadership whether he wants to locate Val Con who is supposed to take ver the family s leadership whether he wants r not have led to an unhealthy interest in Korval by the Department f the Interior This means war as they sayThe current First Speaker Nova yos Galan invokes Plan B which can be summed up in two words Everybody scatter The family s flagship is even Constable Around the Green outfitted as a battleship and a very powerfulne too And then all hell suddenly breaks loose with an attack n Erob s world by the dreaded Xytrang. E gamble by forming an alliance with Clan Erob But his cousin Shan yos'Galen can't wait With enemy agents clo. 55 5 stars Adecided I #Should Hide The Whole Review # hide the whole review some people would consider it too spoilerishAfter re reading this novel I am happy to give a solid 5 star A rating Lee and Miller do a masterful job f keeping the threads Busters First Snow of the story woven together even though we are following events in space with Dutiful Passagen Lytaxin with Clan Erob and the Lytaxin Irregulars and elsewhere in the universe with Nova and Anthora and the evil Department f the Interior I forgot how integral Nelirikk is to this part f the story and it was gratifying to watch him and Val Con and Miri form a solid team view spoiler After recently re reading the Great Migration stories I find it kind Thérèse Raquin of amusing that everyone thinks that Yxtrang are an alien species when they are just descended from X strain soldiers as Jela wasf the M strain It pays to k Korval s mottoI dare thank you Sharon Lee Steve Miller for daring to craft this wonderful universe filled with characters who espouse the honor character Women in Therapy of heart and decency that we all should emulate 42316 re read Such a great novel a beautiful story well worthyf the explorer This was again an improvement Il Poeta on the previous two Liaden Universe books I ve read Agentf Change and Carpe Diem I think that s uite possibly because there was a lot Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Vol. 3 of action goingn here which left less time for really confusing conversations Mostly I have issues following the unexplained futurisms My Body-Mine of concepts that don t exist inur world as well as half expressed conversations Ex Someone does something someone doesn t understand and they ask what do you in this case it s easy to intuit that they meant what are you doing It S Not Always it s not always easy and clear cut that and I find it deeply frustrating to not be 100% sure I m reading things correctly In this book a lot f threads finally come together and it feels like the story has taken a leap forward bigger things are now afoot than a lone spy and ex mercenary unintentionally creating havoc wherever they go In spite f my continued ambivalence towards the writing I still love the characters The Noble Guardian of Miri Robertson and Val Con yos Phellium and they re thenly reason I ve kept reading so far I m not entirely sure what else to comment Ipso Facto on that I haven t already said in my first two reviews I don t think the feelf the books have really changed much they re still space The John Wyndham Omnibus opera with not uite galaxy spanning plots though they do seem to be getting less confusing and tighter focused as they go along Too much fun Among the best in this enormous series so far Somewhat a fave I read it repeatedly butnly give it 45 stars because Sea Chase of the abrupt scene hopping This is a mixed genre Spacepera with magic I enjoyed the character redemption the reunion Comandante Che: Guerrilla Soldier, Commander, and Strategist, 1956-1967 of brothers the brief battle scenes and the tastefully handled sex scene Onef the preuels Agent f Change is FREE n and at Baencom I also enjoyed the seuel I DareIn Plan B while Anthora Merlin the cat Jeeves and Tree guard Jelaza Kazone from the murderous Department MINECRAFT: Crazeballs Memes and Jokes: Unofficial Minecraft Book (Minecraft, Minecraft Secrets, Minecraft Stories, Minecraft Books For Kids, Minecraft Meme Book, Minecraft Comics, Minecraft Xbox) of the Interior nearly everyone else from Clan Korval is converging against the Klingon like Yxtrang warriorsn planet Lytaxin Lytaxin is the far flung planet where Clan Erob settled Clan Erob are the red haired wizardly descendants The Graduate of Rool Tiazan from about 1000 years ago a guess author aren t clearn dates Erob is Korval s most ancient ally The family diaries A real page turner ANNE MCCAFFREY in the Liaden Universer seriesFugitive Val Con yos'Phelium plans a desperat. A combination Wisp of a Thing of Huns and Mongols with a dashf Klingon and Miri is suddenly pushed to the forefront her mercenary experience in great demand But things get even weirder when Val Con is able to recruit an Xytrang Scout euivalent to fight Monkey taming on his sideThere are loadsf able to recruit an Xytrang Scout euivalent to fight I Was Spock: Leonard Nimoy on his sideThere are loadsf subplots here plus interestingly developed personal relationships and lots f classic military ground action Don t even think about trying to read this volume first because you will have no idea f what s going n Start at will have no idea f what s going n Start at beginning f the arc but keep all the volumes handy because you won t want to wait to start the next volume The third in the series and action based than 2 it returns us to the galaxy wide focus after the previous installment s narrow scope While I tend to like the sidestories in this universe than the main plot I still adore theseOne caveat the Liaden Universe was built through short stories and novellas and many An Entirely Synthetic Fish: How Rainbow Trout Beguiled America and Overran the World of the events happening particularly in this book thoughverall in all Hunter Hunted of them presume a levelf familiarity with those side stories that may have the reader reaching for copies Archivio Per Lo Studio Delle Tradizioni Popolari, Volume 13 of previous books in the series and flipping through them to figureut if they missed something Just go with it the information isn t critical to understanding what s going n although it does provide extra depth if you have read those side works 455 5 stars APlan B is and exhilarating and compelling story This series is definitely ne that a person has to read than Lo strano caso del barista scomparso once because there is a lotf depth and a lot A Part of Speech of detail This review isf the audiobook I read the paperback a couple Skulduggery Pleasant: The End of the World of years ago This time through I was awaref the big picture The war The Year After on Lytaxin wasn t directly started by the Departmentf the Interior DoI but they had been pulling strings and stirring pots for so long it was clear that the war was the fruits And Quiet Flows the Don of THEIR labours The thing I particularly enjoyed about this story is that EVERYONE is in it The core Korval characters the Xtrang the Clutch the tree the Korval AI andf course the evil DoI Andy Caploe s narration was stellar He allows the listener to see all the various characters in their serious and not so serious moments This series is unusual in that it is not linear Its a Universe so there are things going Sailing Promise: Around the World on a Catamaran on allver the place To fully appreciate this book a person needs to read I Dare There are things going n concurrently in both books that eventually tie together I love this series Great follow up to Carpe Diem and a big surprise in the final paragraph makes me eager for the next ne I read Plan B immediately after Partners in Necessity despite my iffy review Hunter's Moon of PIN because it was alreadyn my shelf and I figured what the heck Bottom line is that I think these books are wildly Prince of Lies overrated Clearly there are some true believers for this series but for the lifef me I can t figure ut the draw #The writing is not particularly artful the romances which I gather are the big attraction for some people # writing is not particularly artful the romances which I gather are the big attraction for some people thin the science fiction elements diluted the plot arc is sluggish and there are no verall themes I can discern apart from stuff happens to people New magic powers are constantly being pulled L'arcobaleno negli occhi outf a hat to solve problems The dialogue freuently is unintentionally hilarious and the cover art looks like it was done by the authors next door neighbor s cousin s son I will not be moving Postcards from Vermont: A Social History, 1905-1945 on to the next volume. Sing in he invokes Plan B setting in motion a seriesf events that will have dire conseuences for all f Lia.

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Plan B Liaden Universe book #10