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D how the bright xpectation of a new land of the Pure namely Pakistan has been terribly belied and that it has become a country of guns and senseless violence The novel is many things about longing and loss and nostalgia about the author s home in Uttar Pradesh India before migration and about decaying cities and ageing There is no structured plot per se to the book yet it holds one s attention owing to its layered and nuanced writing The author uses two interesting literary devices one the two "names by which the protagonist Jawad is referred to called Munnan in "by which the protagonist Jawad is referred to called Munnan in pre migration days is used to display a conflict of identities Two a bullet that lodges in Jawad s head triggers related stories and parables from mythology and folklore and this is where the uintessential Husain comes into his own Does his love for his childhood friend Maimuna also represent his longing for yearning for the time spent in pre partitioned India The author does not give clear answers This is a novel that makes you sit up and think and that is saying a lot This might have been An Even Better Read But even better read but the slightly wooden feel of the translation The subject was partition and its impact on the families migrated Bit slow typical Intizar Hussain Karachi after immigrants depicted well This was my third book regarding partition stories and it has ignited my love for My next pick is also by Intizar Husain Day Dastan which is published by Niyogi Books An Obsession exemplary translation of a beautiful book If only the storyline was coherent andasier to follow I loved the descriptions of Cabaret: A Roman Riddle erstwhile Lucknow Delhi that the muhajir community had left behind in India with their mov. Es and civilizations The second in Intizar Husain's acclaimed trilogy The Sea Lies Ahead takes up the story of Pakistan where the first novel Basti 1979nded poised on the verge of breaking off from its astern arm Its title is a nod to the callous remark made by General Ayub Khan who when asked what would happen to the Urdu speaking muhajirs who had come from India and had in a sense burnt their boats allegedly said 'Aage samandar hai' the sea lies ahead This is a novel ab. Well as the book begins with a protagonist having a dislocated centre and talks about different ideologies after partition of the subcontinentThe book draws analogies from 1000 years back to previous 700 and talks about different ideologies after partition of the subcontinentThe book draws analogies from 1000 years back to previous 700 creating a maze of predestination and predictable future through different patternsIf you are cut from a base you will find The story of the muhajirs the Partition and loss I found it hard to follow the story in several places but the writing kept me hooked A delicately written xpertly translated book A story about a young man who has just made the trip of his life giving up his birthplace in India for a dream country called Pakistan Starting from scratch "In The Newly Established City "the newly stablished city Karachi which before Partition was relatively unknown but after the Partition is suddenly boosted by huge number of motional and spirited Muslims ready to lead from the front The only issue is that the past still hounds All Roads Lead Home each andveryone of the new patriotic imported Pakistanis which pulls them back forcing them to uestion their migration decision The uestion becomes ven pronounced with the rapid demise of law and order in Karachi The author has done a wonderful job in painting a picture of the new culture of Karachi through rich characters from Lucknow Mirath Delhi I loved the interactions between the progenitor and his best friend as they both strive to make sense of the chaos and melee called Karachi The author is probably the best Urdu novel writer in Urdu at the moment in the world Most competently translated by Rakhshanda Jalil from the

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Urdu the novel by Intezar Husain is a tragic story of disillusionment and disappointment an. In 1947 young Jawad Hassan gives up his ancestral home in India and his fiancee Maimuna for a dream country founded by Jinnah And ven though the newly created state of Pakistan is thronged by a huge number of zealous Muslims ready to lead from the front the rapid breakdown of law and order in Karachi makes many like Jawad retreat into reminiscence of their past in undivided India It nudges them to probe the larger history of 'migration' and the rise and fall of ancient citi. E to Karachi Absolutely beautiful As A Student Of History a student of History particularly appreciated the parallel drawn between Al Andalus C rdoba Sevilla and Granada with the state of Lucknow and Delhi after Partition Set in post partition capital of Pakistan Karachi is suffering from a crisis of identity Due to mass migrations from all over the subcontinent tensions between thnicities riots and protests for political social and thnic issues are at their pe If you have read Manto you know the absurdity and the tragedy of India Pakistan Partition But rarely do we come across works that talk about the lives of people who moved to Pakistan from India Muhajirs people who were uprooted overnight from places like Meerut Lucknow and Delhi In Intizar Husain s novel a community of mushaira poems loving middle class community of Muhajirs come to terms with their new life in Karachi As Karachi slowly descends into religious terror and mayhem our protagonists mull over the history they left behind in India It is difficult to categorize their longing as nostalgia It is of a melancholic feeling of having left behind something that you cannot return to A feeling of being stuck in a limbo of not having moved on from the place they left and not Having Arrived At The arrived at the they have reached With these people s tales Husain "mixes the history of all the people who have faced xodus Muslims leaving Andalusia the Prophet "the history of all the people who have faced xodus Muslims leaving Andalusia the Prophet to Mecca and a beautifully rendered phase of Yadavas leaving Mathura for Dwarka from Mahabharatha As the introduction of the book notes Husain unwraps wound after wound that has left unnoticed after the partition and subseuent migration of Muhajirs. Out those muhajirs among them the author himself who went to the promised Land of the Pure and were met with mistrust prejudice and apathy Eually it is a rich portrait of the new culture of urban Pakistan fostered by people who came from the countless towns and hamlets in and around Lucknow Meerut and Delhi Bringing alive unforgettable characters with its sparkling prose this novel is a powerful xploration of Islamic history and the story of Pakistan's great disillusionment.


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