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The Little Red Book dYway The fuck Also a reviewer made some really good comments about the treatment of indigenous peoples in this book Exhibit M see myiscussion of this here Full Blended Family (A contemporary BWWM African American Interracial Romance) ((The April and Derek Series) Book 1) disclosure I started out enjoying the Starz television series version of Diana Gabaldon s Outlander at least partly because Iidn t remember the books I Style in African Literature don t any once I realized what was in the books Iid prefer the series to the books but I still thought that it was better to uit watching when I honestly feel that the main male character is fully Alien Savior (Zerconian Warriors, deserving of a combination treatment involving both castration and lobotomy This character is worse in the books btw hence my increasedislike of the latter PLEASE also note that I am referring to the CHARACTER and not any persons portraying said character Did I mention that this character 1 beats his wife and 2 rapes his wife Good times Also the book is also massively homophobic Some other reviews which raised the same issues are here here as this review points out this book is also really REALLY homophobic here read the tags for this review they are gold and hereI will be listing all additional examples here because apparently Goodreads caps the length of book reviews thanks Goodreads sarcasmAlso I give you an example of problematic sht from contemporary romance where the hero and the narrator spend their time belittling the main female character by constantly reminding us of how ugly she is and how he is almost Lets Clap, Jump, Sing Shout; Dance, Spin Turn It Out! doing her a favor by marrying her Also the hero is a chauvinistic pig So ughAlso here is an example of yet another historical romance novel whichoes not have the misogyny I Italian Grammar (Quickstudy Reference Guides - Academic) discuss in this post but which is massively homophobic and ableist Good timesMore examples reviewed by yours truly in paranormal romance and urban fantasy ie I am listing these two genres together because there is a lot of overlap between them as well as from novels combining fantasy and romance1 Here Female werewolves or were panthers gag are superuper rare so of course they have no rights and are treated like possessions yay Also the following great review by another reviewer actually explains the problematic nature of this book much better than my review2 Here The heroine is raped but it s not that bad because she winds up having an orgasm3 Here Another one with the rare female werewolveswere whatevers who are treated like Cities of Farmers doormats trope4 Here One of the most misogynistic novels of all time IMO with female werewolves againWhat the fck is it with were werewolves were hedgehogs were mice were mosuitoes novels anyways You tell me5 Here The passive female who must be rescued This of course is ANOTHER were gnatwere something novel6 Here A good penis is what all women secretly crave the magical penis will always save or otherwise transport a woman Another example of this trope is here7 Here Women being treated likeoormats for no good reason in the story8 Here If a woman finds a good penis she ll be saved from the Muddying the Waters darkside9 Yet another example of misogynistic crap in the paranormal romance genre is here10 Another example is here where the main female character first gets with the main male character hero in a massively non consensual and problematic wayHey romance and urban fantasy and other genre authors here s a messageDO BETTER My review of this particular book is as followsThe characters The hero is an emotionally abusive asshole who thinks that the heroine is beneath him He broke up her engagement to his brother years earlier because she wasn t good enough for his brother apparently When she opens a bakery next to where he s been temporarily living while his London house is refurbished or something she had no idea he was living nextoor and it s been years since the failed engagement he goes ballistic and tries to have her evictedWas I supposed to like this guy YeeeechThe heroine is an independent woman she has become an expert pastry chef and simply wants to work at her art for most of the book anyways This is before she realizes that what she really wanted all along was the hero s penis and she gives up on her bakery and her Stolen Tomorrows: Understanding and Treating Women's Childhood Sexual Abuse dreams in order to marry a guy who has treated her likeirt all alongSo much for being an independent woman I guess I also call bad characterization here because reallyPlot I ve pretty much Carnal Abuse by Deceit detailed this bad boy above so there isn t much to add regarding the plot really except that much of it involves the hero acting like an entitledouchecanoeSetting It s pretty thin which is another problem with historical romance novels to my mind This could Have Been Set In The been set in the day really without it affecting the story much think Sabrina Pastry Chef Maria really without it affecting the story much think Sabrina Pastry Chef Maria is searching for a shop to open her own bakery when she runs into Phillip Hawthorne Maruess of Kayne Maria and Phillip along with his brother Lawrence grew up together Her father was the cook at his father s manor house Years ago Maria and Lawrence planned to elope but Phillip found out and put a uick stop to it Phillip is not happy to see Maria at all Since Lawrence is back from America and they re living in the same building as the shop that Maria is renting Phillip is afraid that she will once again get her hooks into his brother He may even go so far as sending Lawrence away on business to avoid her But how will he keep himself away from the beautiful Maria when he sees her nearly every ayThis was an entertaining historical romance that reminded me of Pride and Prejudice Maria is a smart heroine whose goal for the last twelve years has been to open her own bakery She knows she must tread lightly with Phillip since he has the power to ruin her business Phillip is a snob who is worried about what business Phillip is a snob who is worried about what public would say if his brother or even Phillip himself were to marry a Cook s aughter He is also slow to admit that he has loved her for years and wants Maria for himself Phillip may take a long time to see the light but it still a very good romance My rating 45 Stars I love romances with the I ve always loved you trope I love enemies to lovers I love stuffy heroes A book that combined these three things should have been PERFECT for me if only the author hadn t forced some PP aspects that messed everything upLike in PPMr Darcy the Maruess proposes while telling Miss Bennett Maria that she s beneath him socially and how he s proposing against his will Like Miss Bennett Maria tells him there s no force in the world that would compel her to marry him This stupid proposal made no sense whatsoever in this booka Philip Maria knew each other as children Didn t he realize she wouldn t take well to a proposal of that natureb Unlike Mr Darcy he Articles on Bloom County, Including: Berkeley Breathed, Billy and the Boingers, the Academia Waltz, Opus (Comic Strip), Outland (Comic Strip), Minor Characters in Bloom County, a Wish for Wings That Work, Goodnight Opus, the Last Basselope didn t confess his feelings but said he onlyesired her A man who had loved a woman for 10 years should have a better understanding of his feelingsc Unlike many of his peers he runs his own business so he The Rise of Nerd Politics doesn t mind flounting convention So he why would he mind marrying a social inferior specially when he s crazy in love with herThe public proposal at the end maddened me even This could have been so freaking good if the author would have just let the story unfold WARNING GIFs spoilers and a grumpy BAVR I m confident that Sarah will agree that this Guhrke Buddy Read was as inspiring as a root canal You guys This story is fucking boring Who are the assholes in this again Right Phillip the snobby maruess and Maria the pastry chef Their loveoes not move mountains It may be able to move ant hills but that s only because the ants would be annoyed by their incessant yammer. Mily from scandal and when Maria Motivational Enhancement Therapy Manual: A Clinical Research Guide for Therapists Treating Individuals With Alcohol Abuse and Dependence dares to move in right nextoor he knows scandal will surely follow She is as tempting as he remembered and the he sees her the harder it is for Phillip to keep his own secret esire for her a secre. ,

Secret Desires of a GentlemanReviewed for ueuemyreviewcom book release Oct08The end of the Victorian era brought about many changes in public and private life Women were becoming visible as other than wives and Laura Lee Guhrke s latest historical romance gives us a closer look at one woman s struggle Secret Desires of a Gentleman is Guhrke s salute to pastries and working womenand what a elicious story it isMaria is finally ready to open her patisserie with the help of a sponsor All that s left is to find the right location When she comes upon the perfect kitchen in the perfect place she s giddy with gleeuntil she bumps into an old acuaintance while exiting the shop When she was a young girl who Manga Mania Magical Girls and Friends How to Draw the Super Popular Action Fantasy Characters of Manga d just lost her father and was now all alone the horridly upright and uptight Maruess of Kayne used his position to break up a marriage between Maria and his younger brother While Maria has gotten over the younger brother she still misses the older brother who was herearest friend and playmateuntil he inherited the estate and became lost to her forever But it s been twelve years now and surely they can all be adultsPhillip was forced to leave behind his childhood at a young age and his friendship with a servant was just one of the casualties But he recognizes Maria immediatelyhow could he not when visions of her have haunted him all these years Phillip uickly realizes he still cares for Maria and now burns for her with all the ardor of a man Yet she is still beneath him in station and how can he allow himself what he Inside Academia denied his brotherWhatid I like about this story I liked that Maria is a strong character who Protest Politics in the Marketplace didn t wait around for a man to save her She knew what she wanted and worked her butt off to make herreams come true I also enjoyed Guhrke s ability to Celestial Tears Hidden Alchemy describe her characters so accurately that I think I would recognize them if I met them on the streetWhatidn t I like about this story Phillip is such a snob I still The Exposition of Artistic Research don t understand how Maria could continue to love someone who so blatantlyemeaned her He ROMANCE (BWWM Contemporary Romance Boxset) (African American Pregnancy Interracial Multicultural Book 1) doesn t change until the very end of the story and had I not been reading to review I likely wouldn t have finished it His arrogance and feelings of entitlement came through loud and clear but I would have liked to see him mellow a bit soonerbut it s not my story is itI enjoy reading Laura Lee Guhrke Her stories always evoke strong reactions in me and Secret Desires of a Gentleman is noifferent This time her hero was unfortunately someone I love to hate that would be great for a villain but Shallow Grave doesn t make me happy when he s the hero This was aelightful book to read It was The Economics of Agricultural Development different from most historicals as it takes place in the 1890 s and the heroine is a pastry chef The heroine is ambitious and likeable The hero is very properutiful and intensely aware of his station in life and the responibilities that accompany his high position The enchanting Shallow Grave descriptions of the pastry shop and theelectable pastries were very engaging Laura Lee Guhrke has been on my must read list for some while and this book is a good illustration of why she is thereMaria Martingale is about to realize her The Pocket Guide to Action dream of owning a French pastry shop in Londonue to the financial backing of her friend Prudence who received a large inheritance and married a Algorithms for Clustering Data (Prentice Hall Advanced Reference Series : Computer Science) duke After months of searching Maria finds a location that is absolutely perfect for her patisserie She is thrilled with the property but as she leaves to visit the agent and sign the lease she literally bumps into Phillip Hawthorne Maruess of Kayne During this encounter Maria learns that Phillip is still just as proper and arrogant as ever Phillip refuses to acknowledge that he knows Maria even though they grew up together Twelve years ago Phillip stopped the elopement of his brother Lawrence with Maria theaughter of the family chef Phillip stopped the marriage by threatening to cut his brother off financially and by paying Maria to leave Maria can tell that His Opinion Of Her Has Not Changed In The Intervening opinion of her has not changed in the intervening but she moves forward with her plans and rents the shop that is next oor to his current lodgings When Phillip realizes that Maria has just rented the property that he owns he ecides to evict her Maria realizes that Maria has just rented the property that he owns he Introduction to African American Studies decides to evict her Mariaevastated and My Lover decides to break her twelve year old agreement to stay away from Lawrence After telling Lawrence her problem but notisclosing her encounter with Phillip or admitting that his brother is purposefully evicitng her she gains a champion who insists that Phillip agree to let her stay Phillip is Alcohol Addiction determined to keep his brother away from Maria as he is afraid her presence will keep Lawrence from proposing to the American heiress he has been courting Soon Phillip realizes that he is the one who is havingifficulty staying away from Maria He begins to remember their shared childhood and the reasons that he turned away from their friendship after he acceded to his title When Phillip finally succombs to the passion he feels for Maria he tries to o what he believes is right but his less than flattering remarks hurt and anger Maria Before they can possibly have a future together his less than flattering remarks hurt and anger Maria Before they can possibly have a future together must come to terms with his feelings for Maria and accept her importance in his life This very entertaining book has shades of both Sabrina and Pride and Prejudice Phillip is very aware of the social isparity between himself and Maria and he often comes across as being very arrogant and snobbish His proposal to Maria is just as elouent and unsatisfactory as Mr Darcy s is to Elizabeth I was touched as Phillip remembered his childhood feelings and protectiveness toward Maria and realized that he cared about her than his position or anything else I enjoyed the mention of some of the characters from Guhrke s previous novels I had a very Aspects of South African Literature difficult timeeciding whether to give this book 4 or 5 stars I looked back at my ratings for Guhrke s previous books thought about them and then ecided to go with 4 stars for now This book was uick to read and was a very pleasant way to spend a few hours 3 StarsIt was okAlthough Secret Desires idn t have the umph Guilty Pleasures had I still enjoyed it There seemed to be a lot of filler in this oneand the chemistry I loved in the other Social Media in Academia didn t come through for me as itid before But I m in no way giving up on this authorinstead I ll buy a couple before I go and get all in every series by her I had few suggestions on my last review and I still plan on reading them I honestly feel this was a waste of time reading The author Dream Save Do: Life is Short, Live Your Dream does little to make you form a connection or root for the main characters While reading I often felt completely removed from the story like I was watching a bad movie but stayed to the end because I already paid my admissionWhen the gentleman of Secret Desires of a Gentleman blames the heroine for making him kiss her and accusing her of being some sort of witch because he couldn t control himself around her I wanted to stop reading but I soldiered onI could not find any redeeming ualities to this story and was further abashed when the author had the gall to let the said gentleman of the storyeclare his love for our heroine in a very ungentlemanly way in front of others gasp that s just not Orality in Igbo (African) Literature done in Victorian times sarcasm I m talking professing love going on bended knee the whole shtick and of course our heroine said yes Ugh This is a miss folks This author can and hasone better I recommend His Every Kiss 4 stars VictorianHistorical Romance Oh boy Philip Hawthorne you are confusing the crap out of me This guy take. Once Upon a TimeMaria Martingale was going to elope But Phillip Hawthorne Maruess of Kayne put a stop to those plans when he learned his younger brother intended to marry a cook's Modern English in Action (Level 12) daughter Now twelve years later Mariaiscovers that. ,
S the cake for the most arrogant haughty uptight judgmental hero I ve read about so far Plus wishy washy thrown in there too I just on t understand him He loves to remind the heroine every two seconds how she s beneath him in class Your position is far below mine yet turns around telling her he s never treated her like a servant Uh huh How oes that work now She grew up as part of the working class you PAYED HER OFF when she wanted to marry your brother at the age of 15 banished her insult her at every turn love to remind her on a The Alchemical Mandala A Survey of the Mandala in the Western Esoteric Traditions daily basis how inferior her existence is to you yet you NEVER treated her like a servant Pick aamn side Can t have it both ways there buddyYeah 2 seconds away from throwing this out the window There s only so much contradictory silliness I can take Update Managed to finish this but with a lot of skimming and skipping parts The plot was very The Alcohol Blackout: Walking, Talking, Unconscious Lethal dry andull The blurb sounded interesting but the actual story left a lot to be Digital Feminist Activism: Girls and Women Fight Back Against Rape Culture desired Besides my issues w the hero Philip there were two things thatidn t work First I was a little bit confused about the time setting of this book and how the characters interacted I thought it was unrealistic and confusing to read about an unmarried woman no matter her station opening up her own business burrowing money from a rich Duchess and having a man visit her at late hours with no one batting an eye It was completely inaccurate to the historical period this book takes place in I had to suspend belief and try to swallow the idea of the heroine Maria being able to open her own business by HERSELF and run around alone with no one raising an eyebrow Yeah Right It s the 1800s stuff like that The Story of Han Xiangzi: The Alchemical Adventures of a Daoist Immortal (China Program Book) doesn t fly in English society She wasn t shunned or turned away for any of it which made no sense I understand this was a progressive Victorian era maybe but still it was reaching and so unrealistic Second the hero in this was supposed to be secretly in lust with Maria for years since they were kids and as it turns out has loved her since childhood That was the most outrageous thing about this whole story I had a really hard time buying it Hiseclaration at the end while sweet fell short and so forced considering through most of the book he was Alien Mate (Zerconian Warriors, degrading her badgering her trying to kick her out of her shop bossing her around and giving her ultimatums and here I m supposed to believe he s loved her this whole time Yeah sorryon t buy it It was too contrived for me His reasoning for buying her off when she was 15 was kinda reaching for me I just The Responsible Critic: Essays on African Literature, in Honor of Professor Ben Obumselu didn t believe it considering the action behind his words Or rather lack there of If you secretly are in love with a woman youon t try to humiliate and belittle her at every turn And he even kept admitting he Race, Culture and Identity in Francophone West African and Caribbean Literature and Theory: From Negritude to Creolite (Francophone Cultures and Literatures, Vol. 32) didn t understand his attraction to her and seemed rather pissed off by it Umwhat Makes no sense Thatoesn t sound like love to me It was very contradictory for me and so inconsistent Yeah so overall wasn t working for me It had some nice parts I liked Maria but found myself not caring much for the over all story or the characters Bleh Please note that this review contains a Hot African American Erotica discussion of adult topics I m also copying this rant to my blog because I m nice like that and because I m venting Please note that this review contains aiscussion of adult topicsAll righty thenI will first point to a fellow reviewer here by saying that they said a good eal of what I wanted to say while reading this particular book and said it really well a cool review of this crappy book is hereHowever I feel that a general but hopefully brief and ranty segue is in order here IMOOne thing about romance novels which never ceases to amaze me is how relentlessly misogynistic they tend to beSome examples from historical romance Exhibit A is here where the hero emotionally manipulates and berates the heroine into sleeping with him Let s also not forget about the wonderful lovely former fianc the heroine was pining with him Let s also not forget about the wonderful lovely former fianc the heroine was pining at the beginning of the novel who wound up stalking her But hey Everyone goes through bad patches sometimes am I right Exhibit B is here where women on t have a sex rive unless they are knowingly or not in love with a man Exhibit C is here another really good review by a fellow reviewer the hero s magical penis can instantly heal the heroine s rape trauma Exhibit D is here reviews by other reviewers see here and here As these reviewers mention reviews by other reviewers see here and here As these reviewers mention passingand as I can attest to since I read the amn thing which is yet time in my life I ll never get back the hero undergoes a complete personality change around the time he and the heroine are married and he becomes emotionally abusive towards her Exhibit E is here by a fellow reviewer see here Again our hero is abusive to the heroine Anyone see a pattern here Exhibit F is here I hadn t read the previous book in the series before reading this one unfortunately see here again by a fellow reviewer The so called hero of this book actually kidnapped and tried to rape the heroine of the previous book in this series ie number 2 in the series Yep And when he marries the woman in the current novel ie number 3 in the series when she is uncomfortable with sleeping with him once they are married because she The Hermetic and Alchemical Writings of Paracelsus Forgotten Books doesn t know him he insults her and calls her a bitch Lovely NB As a later note please note that the review in uestion has beeneleted from Goodreads probably Purely Academic due to the attacks on the reviewer which you can still read in the comments ie the comments are still thereespite the review having been The Academic Job Search Handbook deleted Gosh I love Goodreads sarcasm Exhibit G is here The hero of this lovely book knows that a vulnerable young woman he has just met is married to a much older man He realizes that there is an attraction between them He also realizes that she has come from aifficult background and yet he pursues her regardless ie he actually makes out withkisses herHe pursues her The Hawaiian Islands Their Resources, Agricultural, Commercial and Financial despite the fact that an affair between the two of them might cause her irreparable harm He also treats her like garbage throughout the book because she is never good enough for him So she s good enough to sleep with but not good enough for anything else Good times Exhibit H is here Review written by a fellow reviewer not yours truly Basically the hero spends the entire novel trying to force himself on the main female character Moreetails are in the excellent review in the link Exhibit I is here At approximately the three uarters mark the hero main male character UNCOMMON GROUND: Archaeology and Early African America 1650-1800 discovers a secret which his wife was keeping from him ie I will preface this by saying that while she kept a secret from him it was regarding a situation in the past where she had been a VICTIM His reaction to finding this out is to become both emotionally and physically abusive towards her Exhibit J where it is implied that a man is not responsible for his actions when he really wants it I kid you not see here and here foriscussions of this by fellow reviewers Exhibit K is here where the main female character is essentially brainwashed by the hero into fitting into a particular mould which includes giving up her business and into a particular mould which includes giving up her business and independence and where said hero Alien n Outlaw Galactic Alliance doesn t realize that rape exists until it is right in his face in other words that it has almost happened to the woman he considers his and therefore his penis is involved so he has a sudden epiphany Exhibit L see here and here the hero marries the main female character and then cheats on her He is never really sorry for anything except having been caught but his wifey forgives him an. The man who holds her fate in his hands is none other than the haughty gentleman who sent her packing and he's as handsome and arrogant as everHappily Ever AfterAlways the proper gentleman Phillip willo anything to protect his fa.