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Rine Hepburn and Carey Grant It is a fun ride from start to finish I ust bought the third book Sympathetic Magic and I hope Esther and Lopez sort out their differences and get a HEA or at least get a chance to work off some of that sexual frustration Given all that they ve been through together they deserve it know what you are thinking why did I read this when I apprently hated the first in the series The short answer it has been a month of severe reading ADDThe answer I m enrolled in a class to advance my nursing when my employer announces they are merging my nursing unit with a critical care unit in four months So all of a sudden I m also taking classes through work one of which means trying to recover long ago knowledge of cardiac rhythms I had already reuested Kraken from the library and had begged NetGalley for Harrison Suared so I was afraid of Full Brain Syndrome The Esther Diamond series by Resnick seemed to fit the bill for fluffy downtime reading Being on the orderly side of the scale I picked up the first book Disappearing Nightly and discovered in Resnick s introduction that the book has actually gone out of print had the rights reverted and was then updated and republished When I reached a particularly clunky world building chapter on page 90 I decided to set it downHoping it was a case of first book syndrome her first UF book I thought I d give the second a uick spin Reviews seemed to support that decision Sadly it was even less interesting than the first and I wandered off somewhere around page 100 I came back to the first book decided it was better than I originally thought but found the ending such a whopper of poor taste and decision making that I "Gave It Negative Stars "it negative stars I wrote the review Went back to this one because I feel this weird urge for procrastination completion and lost interest again It s probably that I m the wrong audience The Sopranos was the last time I was interested in organized crime but it s also that it First Year Teacher: Wit and Wisdom from Teachers Who'€ve Been There just isn t good writingEsther the actress continues to be mostly airheaded and dramatic After witnessing a murder at her waitressingob she is pulled into the mystery of apparent body doubles among the city s organized crime families The cop she is almost dating from book one is now on the Organized Crime Suad so when he s assigned the case he and Esther keep colliding Their romantic tension is cute and probably the most well developed aspect of the story The band of merry men from Disappearing has been replaced with a sidekick from the crime family Lucky and Max s new familiar Nelli Through it all Esther continues to agonize about acting obs the wizard continues to be almost useless and Esther s interview skills continue to annoy There s numerous small plot inconsistencies to add to the irritation One example of a bigger plot hole comes from Nelli who is initially able to identify the duplicates but is unable to identify one at a crucial momentThe writing is flat out awkward For instance Esther is trying to get a woman to come with her down into the basementcrypt of the church where Esther thinks she left a shawl I m not really sure why Esther decides she needs the ancillary character to go with her but it becomes an excuse for a long awkward dialogue about the crime family and the woman s three murdered husbands Then Esther instead heads into the crypt with the priest and continues to pump him for information about the widow while she looks for the shawl I still can t tell if it is a character issue or a writing issue because Esther is very over dramatic about insignificant things she shouldn t care about Esther gasps hearing the story of one husband s death and puts her hand up to my own throat imagining a fight Shortly after she offers to help the priest search the lost and found for her shawl is told it is only a cardboard box and then is disappointed Also surprised that her wrap has been stolen from a church The dialogues seem to be meant to provide the reader with red herrings and to provide information about the shawl and a weeping statue but they are ust awkward practically screaming CLUE HEREIt s great if you enjoy it but I can t It s like late series Stephanie Plum review books with less logic and dumb magical elements Besides I ust got a new set of library books in including by Robert Jackson Bennett City of Stairs Dry Storeroom No1 by Richard Fortey and Afterparty by Daryl Gregory We Are All Completely Fine And there are always cardiac rhythms to study. Oughout the city A paranormal screwball comedy adventure Jennifer Crusie Original.

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DoppelgangstersEsther became friends with Max a 350 year old wizard who looks youthful 70 and with her help defeated a bad wizard and they 70 and who with her help defeated a bad wizard and they his evil assistant Hieronymus something that had to be done but weighs on Esther s mind and something she can never tell her hopefully soon to be cop boyfriend ConnorEsther s life never goes to plan and she always ends up a mess looking like a mess or trying to getherself out of one It is almost a Lucille Ball kind of slapstick She stumbles from one zany crazy silly hilarious mix up to another She s like a pinball stuck in a game being bashed around from one side to the other Esther is ust trying to find her way to that acting gig that will break her into the big time trying to find some romantic time with the guy of her dreams while being flung from one part of town to another trying to solve the mystery and stay aliveWhat is so fresh and wonderful about the Esther Diamond series is Esther is the ANTITHESIS of what has become the norm in Urban Fantasy The biggest weapons she carries are her four inch high heels She doesn t know how to fight There is no mystery about her parentage other than how does her Mother always know to call when there is bad news She has no magical skills That s rightnone She isn t going to become some magical ueen she doesn t go around bossing everyone around because the whole world depends on her Nobody seems to depend on her she s ust trying to survive on her own and maybe keep her boyfriend alive from the things he doesn t know about that go bump in the nightDopplegangster again this is book two starts with Stella losing her acting gig The play she was in Sorcerer is canceled Being a struggling actress in New York is no oke She is damn glad to be rehired at her old waitressing Mindful Living with Aspergers Syndrome job even if it is as a singing server at Bella Stella s a known and notorious Mob HangoutUnfortunately her on again off again cop boyfriend Joe Morellioops I mean Connor Lopez a gorgeous hunk of Cuban and Scotch Irish parentage doesn t agree and thinks it is a dangerous place for her to work He might have a point given the fact that there have been two mob hits there in the last five years and the owner Stella launders money for the MobTo make matters worse Lopez hasust been promoted to the OCCB task force organized Crime Control Bureau and his ob is to crack down on organized crime Chubby Charlie one of her Mafioso regulars and Esther both see an exact walking talking double of Chubby Charlie and then he is shot at his table from an impossible angle This doesn t help Lopez s employment prospects as everyone thinks Esther had to have seen the murderer and *Is Covering She Finds Herself *covering She finds herself the middle of a murder investigation and on the cover of a New York Tabloid publication looking like a mob girlfriend in the middle of a mob war In a very short period wise guys begin dropping like flies ust after they see their exact double the cops want Esther brought in for uestioning and chaos ensuesThe cops and the mob both think she knows than she does The only real people Esther can count on are Max the Sorcerer with his trusty if slobbery familiar Nelli a Wizardly familiar in the body of a massive hound from another plane of existence and Lucky a retired assassin wise guy who knows the truth and surprisingly accepts it uite easilyThe scenes with Lucky are great He s the kind of guy where if it was his ob and he had to do it he d kill you but otherwise if he likes youhe s gonna keep an eye out and try to help you out And he likes Esther Even though his concern is paternal it is infuriating to Lopez who cannot understand why Esther is hanging out with a mobster if she is innocent as she claimsConnor can only protect her so much he can tell she s lying and various factions of the mafia are beginning to think Esther might be better off sleeping with the fishes Connor also knows Max is hiding something and thinks he is a bad influence on Esther and he is incensed she is hanging out with retired mob enforcer LuckyEsther ust wants her agent to return her calls with news of a great acting ob and to have sex with her boyfriend Given the situations she finds herself in none of these things seems likely to happen any time soonThe one liners are hilarious the side characters are incredibly nuanced and fleshed out the heroine is hyper smart and hilarious and the hero is beleaguered The book is much like Esther an oddball mix Part urban fantasy part mystery part screwball comedy harkening back to Kathe. Mischief is going on when a rash of doubles dopplegangsters starts to appear thr. ,