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Ng style Sign me up for the rest of the Blue Moon seriesI m uickly becoming a Lucy Score fan Her uirky humourous entertaining and lovable characters come to life for me and I am always satisfied with how the story has played out The only problem with starting a series like Blue Moon is that I m esperate to go back for The only problem isI have bought two new books and one of my pre orders have hit my Kindle this week I think I ll buy 2 and see which book my Articles on Bloom County, Including: Berkeley Breathed, Billy and the Boingers, the Academia Waltz, Opus (Comic Strip), Outland (Comic Strip), Minor Characters in Bloom County, a Wish for Wings That Work, Goodnight Opus, the Last Basselope download finger hits first I SHOULD read what I ve boughtbut the struggle is realIn No More Secrets we meet Carter and Summer when the magazine Summer works forecides to o an article on Carter s organic farm Within minutes of them meeting each other it was obvious there was attraction and sparks flying Summer is staying at the farm for a week but they are both hesitant to act on their attraction It s not like this city girl would leave her glamorous life to live on a Farm Or The Farmer or the farmer ever leave his peaceful existence But the heart wants what the heart wantsI really really enjoyed reading No More Secrets At first I admit to falling under Carter s spell and thinking Summer might not be good enough for him Summer s job is very emanding and she has made her career her life With time on the farm she realises that all work and no play is not making Summer a happy camper I absolutely LOVED that Carter knew Summer was scared and was willing to wait and not push her too far too fast In the end it would take a bit of compromise a lot of love and no secrets to get to their happy ever afterThe people of Blue Moon were lovable and uirky and made me want to visit this small town Carter s brothers Beckett and Jackson were great men and I can t wait to get to their stories Pheobe Carter s mother was very cool and I loved her favourite son of the moment comments it reminded me a little of the tongue in cheek conversations I have with my own sons No More Secrets Motivational Enhancement Therapy Manual: A Clinical Research Guide for Therapists Treating Individuals With Alcohol Abuse and Dependence doeseal with some heavier subjects but I think they were handled beautifully Carter is a returned soldier suffering from PTSD and Summer has had some health issues Nothing too heavy or Boku no Hero Academia dj - 爆豪、ケツの穴開発するってよ。 [Bakugou, Ketsu no Ana Kaihatsu Surutte yo.] dodgy and when these subjects wereiscussed I was never too uncomfortable No More Secrets was sexy funny and very entertaining and I was left completely satisfied at the end I will efinitely be reading from this author and the Blue Moon series is at the top of the list 45 Stars May contain some spoilers BOOK 1 in the Pierce Brothers series Can be read as a standalone About 320 pages HERO Carter Pierce 30 Organic farmer Ex Army Ranger He s a sweet and

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vegetarian with scars from and a love for animals HEROINE Summer Lentz 26 Associate editor for Indulgence magazine Workaholic Manhattanite PLOT Summer travels to Blue Moon Bend NY to o a weeklong interview and write a piece on Pierce Acres a family owned organic farm run by the yummy bearded Carter Pierce Summer uickly falls in love with the farm the town full of well meaning hippy weirdos Carter and his family but isn t sure if she can give up her Inside Academia dreams and fast paced life in the city REVIEW Low angst light super sweet sexy and humorous with lots of likable characters Loved Carter s relationship with his brothers and all the uniue residents of Blue Moon Bend Would have liked an epilogue with a glimpse into their future and aefinitive HEA but looking forward to reading about Carter s brothers and the town of Blue Moon Bend in future books as well as catching up with Carter Summer EDITING very good minimal errors found POV Protest Politics in the Marketplace dual third person SETTING a kooky little hippy town in upstate New York STEAMINESS 35 a few explicit sexy scenes OW OM ISSUES None No OWOM or pasts mentioned at all H hasn t had sex in uite awhile neither has h ENDING A little HFN than HEA No Epilogue No cliffhanger Why are they looking at us and whispering Is it because we re looking at them and whispering No They re plotting Carter said grabbing her foot and easing it into a boot He shot another glance at the trio Summer grabbed him by the chin and turned his head to her His beard tickled her palms Is this something you can explain to me without glaring at them Carter reached for her other leg and Summer tried to ignore theelicious tingle that shot up from her toes at his touch Sorry he muttered I ve just never been in their sights before I heard rumors but I never thought it would happen to me Carter you re starting to scare me Don t look at them he barked He stuffed her foot into the other boot Are they casting some kind of spell on you He shook his head Worse They re matchmaking Sweet and light read The conflict toward the end was slightly underdeveloped IMO It came from nowhere fortunately it was solved without unnecessary Celestial Tears Hidden Alchemy dramaAMAZING HERO Muah Very likable heroineSafe. E himself somehow bringing him closer to being whole again Summer has secrets of her own but she never planned to open up to anyone let alone the scowling secretive farm owner whose story she's after But as she getsrawn into the community she starts to realize that she can't stay closed off forever And what's she oesn't want to As Carter and Summer grow closer will they be able to push past the secrets that are holding both of them ba.
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No More Secrets Blue Moon #1FREE on today 1202018 Blurb I can t wait any His mouth claimed hers in a storm of heat and power Carter Pierce is a man who believes in signs He just oesn t know what to ROMANCE (BWWM Contemporary Romance Boxset) (African American Pregnancy Interracial Multicultural Book 1) do with this one In the small town of Blue Moon Bend where everybody is a matchmaker Carter wants to be left alone to tend the This is my 2nd book by Lucy Score I read her recent release The Christmas Fix I loved that one the writing style the H h chemistry the humor I just love a RomCom I kept hearing about Lucy Score on another author s Facebook group A couple of my friends on FB also Goodreads raved about this series yay AnnI found a lot of humor in this book About 34 of this book is a lot of fun There s some serious emotions at the end of the book Carter is so realistic but I love how he is with SummerI noticed that this book was originally released in 2016 under the book series name Pierce BrothersThe Blue Moon book series starts out really fun The h Summer comes to Blue Moon Bend in upstate NYShe comes to town to write a magazine article about Carter Pierce and his organic farm Yes there s instant sparks Carter is a little gruff at first His barriers soon fall to Summer s sunny charms She s there for a week but really gets involved with Carter and the towns peopleThe towns people of Blue Moon are all terrific supporting characters I was constantly cracking up at their antics Everyone knows everyone everyone s business The town has it s own FB group Better to gossip with myearCarter s 2 younger brothers are eually hunky and even funnier Beckett is an attorney and the mayor of Blue Moon The youngest brother Jackson Jax has just returned home after several years in LA This is 3rd person POV This is a uick fun read As I previously mentioned this book was originally released in Jan 2016 There is one scene where Summer is at an event in NYC A man an acuaintance puts his hand on Summer on an inappropriate place I really liked how Summer handled this AND how Carter handled it I can t believe how timely that scene is Go Summer Go Carter Nope no no Not letting that goI got this book for free sale The books in this series are KU4 Mooner STARS 5 Stars BeautifulI LOVED this story There is nothing better than when I have a great reading streak and this was the second 5 Star rating for me in the past 2 Shallow Grave daysI loved both Carter and Summer and theie relationshipeveloped perfectly for me throughout The secret that she was keeping I really on t like in my stories and although I wasn t totally sure I was starting to think it was what it was the and as the story went on Now with that being said I hope that I get from this beautiful couple in futurewith all the bells and I hope wink winkThe whole family was intriguing futurewith all the bells and whistles I hope wink winkThe whole family was intriguing I can t wait to continue with this series for sureGreat book Author Lucy Score I enjoyed this book for the most part It wasn t uite what I was expecting which was good but I found myself growing a little bored past the halfway point The start was promising if not cliche but somewhere along the way the spark fizzled out The writing was very engaging and the end was sweetWhat I liked1 The ual povs written in the third person I liked hearing from both MCs Carter actually sounded like a guy until things got sappy I really Shallow Grave do enjoy Lucy Score s writing This needed another edit but the mistakes weren t so bad that theyisrupted the flow of the story2 The H He was so sincere and sweet As far as an NA romance H goes Carter was too good to be true He wasn t a manwhore He was a war veteran and a honest to goodness own to earth treat his lady right kind
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guy What s not love3 The secondary characters are well eveloped It idn t feel like they were included in this story with the sole purpose of selling a spin off book Although I know that the other brothers are getting their own books I enjoyed reading about them in this one 4 Absolutely no cheating or owom rama So great5 The community Made to Crave Action Plan Participants Guide described in this book It was just so sweet if not a little nosyWhat Iidn t like1 No epilogue2 The h is a runner Boo Hiss3 I would have liked this story even if the relationship between the MCs had Introduction to African American Studies development It felt a little rushed to me Other than that I like how they got along and were friendly before they gotown to business4 The end just My Lover devolved into a huge sapfest Contain spoilers 35 stars Sweet sexy cute read The writing wasn t the best writing but I really liked the hero He I feel like Lucy Score was playing with a story filters app and forgot to remove clich before hitting publish on this one Or maybe she felt pressure to make it longer than it ended up so sheumped extra things in to Alcohol Addiction draw it out Iunno This ended up being a mess and I kind of hated myself for feeling the need to skim to the end even after the last vest. Alternate cover for ASIN B01B1R4Z10 “I can’t wait any” His mouth claimed hers in a storm of heat and power Carter Pierce is a man who believes in signs He just Mobilizing New York doesn't know what too with this one In the small town of Blue Moon Bend where everybody is a matchmaker Carter wants to be left alone to tend the family farm After returning from Afghanistan with scars his only goal is recovery He Aspects of South African Literature doesn't need anyistractions and The Barefoot Girl: A Novel of St. Margaret, Patroness of the Abused definite. Ige of my enjoymentied I lasted a #long time on just how yummy Carter is He s my favorite type of hero the strong and #time on just how yummy Carter is He s my favorite type of hero the strong and guy who loves Social Media in Academia deeply is fundamentally kind andoes his best to help and support those around him Seriously adding wounded war hero is just a particularly Dream Save Do: Life is Short, Live Your Dream decadent icing on the top of that sinfully rich cakeAnd for a while I rather liked Summer too I loved that she could tease back and that she was willing to let herself be charmed by him and his family She rolled with the weird and showed up with her own twists and that was fun in the first third or so of the story Which is when I started worrying because it was pretty clear that they were attached and probably in love that early on and I wondered what Score was going too to extend this story outAnd I WAS COMPLETELY RIGHT TO BE WORRIED BECAUSE WHAT was completely right to be worried Because what Orality in Igbo (African) Literature did was add a bunch of stupid things to clutter up what should have been a really straightforward story I had forgotten the hints of a secret that came in early but I really shouldn t have Because as it went on it turns out that Summer not only indulges a secret keeping idiocy but then it leads to a completely stupidark moment with my very least favorite tacked on nonsense of unilateral action for their own good So Summer became a stupid clich and that s when my brain started picking apart all the other Modern English in Action (Level 12) dumb things thaton t actually work Like the super hippie free spirited community that is completely free of freeloaders bad feelings jealousy or vindictiveness all while being self sustaining and full of whacky businesses that magically thrive because it s a super hippie free spirited community and an author is there to say so Or that Carter could ramp up the family farm operation in just a few years with no training or preparation beyond being in the army Or that he just stopped eating meat years ago for sentimental reasons with no mention of adjustments or accommodations to keep his fine athletic and richly muscled form yes it is possible to Nature-Inspired Metaheuristic Algorithms do this but it takes care and planning and the kind of intentionality that seeps into the rest of your lifestyle and should have been visible to an outside observer like Summer supposedly isAnd can I say howeeply stupid it is to make the title No More Secrets when you have Summer keeping her stupid secret all the way to the climax And how lame it is that she idn t so much trust Carter with her most painful secret as that she blasted it online for all to see because it stopped mattering to her suddenlyAnyway this held onto a second star on the strength of Carter being so very much my jam and because I skimmed rather than subjecting myself to reading the last uarter or so just to find what the stupid secret actually was I m sad it ended so badly I really liked the start all the way up until I got antsy that things were going too well Sigh I should have listened to my instincts and stopped to make up my own story from thereA note about Steamy There are like sixty or seventy explicit sex scenes in this story making it to the high end of my steam tolerance Well okay The high end of my steam of my steam tolerance Well okay The high end of my steam is true I exaggerated the actual count by a factor of 10 It just felt like so much because I wasn t really buying it I mean they were cute and I wanted them to be together and all But I idn t need to see every new techniue they chose to try out First sentence Summer Lentz hefted her suitcase and laptop into the trunk of her snappy little rental car What the hell is a snappy car A uintessential porch swing with faded blue cushions was angled to take in the view of the sweeping expanse of the lawn and pasture His The Alcohol Blackout: Walking, Talking, Unconscious Lethal dark as midnight hair was shorn ruthlessly short on the sides Ruthless huh two storiesirt stained peep toe hand scraped glib tongued Digital Feminist Activism: Girls and Women Fight Back Against Rape Culture dirt covered farm bound cream colored meet ups light filled cathedral like steely eyed longead bi level organic hungry And that s just the first 5% How many animals The Story of Han Xiangzi: The Alchemical Adventures of a Daoist Immortal (China Program Book) do you have on the farm She could see himoing an internal headcount Fourteen counting the chickens Is that a lotNo How many animals Alien Mate (Zerconian Warriors, do you have in New YorkNone A Farmerson t internally pause to headcount animals they have to f ing feed everyday B Is that a lot Boo really Bottom Line This is my second attempt to read a Lucy Score book I should ve known better It s just not a writing style that I can tolerate I m bored with what s going on It s vanilla and The Responsible Critic: Essays on African Literature, in Honor of Professor Ben Obumselu dull I mistracted by all the writing habits that I find annoying It s getting closed at seven percent Out of 169 reviews 141 gave five stars 20 gave four stars seven gave three stars one gave two stars and none gave zero stars Anyway I can t attest to the plot or characters Good bad or indifferent I also won t be leaving a rating But I Race, Culture and Identity in Francophone West African and Caribbean Literature and Theory: From Negritude to Creolite (Francophone Cultures and Literatures, Vol. 32) did want to leave a review on MY OPINION rt writi. Ly not one with silver blonde hair and lips that beg to be kissed Summer Lentz is a journalist from the city sent to interview Carter and his family She's out of place in the small town with heresigner wardrobe and workaholic lifestyle She asks too many uestions and Hot African American Erotica doesn't take no for an answer threatening toestroy the peace and balance that Carter has been working towards She thwarts every attempt Carter makes to retreat back insid.