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S It provides a variety of different poems in order to cater to a variety of students wants and needs This would be a great addition to most classrooms PurposeRead aloud book for 2nd and 3rd grade poetry units Some of these poems are lyrical rhyme poems whiles others are not This difference in poems is good because it exposes students to a wide array of poetry and allows their creative knowledge to broaden when writing their own poetry which could be done later in the unit This book is most ideally placed at the beginning of a poetry unit or beginning of the school year It will serve as a good baseline for students needs in the realm "OF ELEMENTARY POETRY VERY SWEET AND SHORT BOOK OF "elementary poetry Very sweet and short book of Very observational in nature One sad poem about a dog that has dies I thought this book was an ok book I didn t care for it very much because it was poems about random things versus a storyline in poetry This book was a very uick read There was one poem that

was about popcorn 
about popcorn I m not uite sure why the title is Popcorn Maybe it was because things bounce around a lot like popcorn being made It was really easy for me and I needed something uick to read. Exuberant and some are uirky and some are sad but each and every one will leave you hungry for So open the book dig in and enjo.

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Popcorn PoemsWhat do you think of when you hear the word popcorn Well none of those thoughts have anything to do with this book This piece is full of random poems filled with meaning The water colored pictures with each one add a nice touch to the imagination I enjoyed reading these humorous and clever renditions of everyday objects and occurrences and I think children would too The illustrations are all done in watercolor and pencil and many involve ust a single image The font is changed to coincide with each poem and for the most part I thought the chosen font complemented the text and imagery Personal Reaction I really like this "book because it provides many types of poetry and all would be "because it provides many types of poetry and all
would be for 
be for readers Children would love this bookPurposeRead aloud to second and third grade enrichment and enjoyment due to the poem topics ex clamming animals boats natureCurriculum read aloud there are many types of poems displayed throughout this book some rhyme some don t some listThis would be a great book to read at the beginning of a poetry unit especially beginners A book on children s poems that covers everything from popcorn to Sea Gulls Here is James Stevenson's follow up to his popular poetry collection Sweet Corn which School Library Journal labeled in a starre. ,
Rom dogs to driftwood And many other things in between I thought this book was an ok book I honestly ust needed a uick book to read and the cover looked like it "WOULD BE A GOOD BOOK I "be a good book I not sure why the book is called popcorn because only one poem actually talked about popcorn I got kind of confused because it umps around with different topics Overall I found it boring to read but for a super uick read it was not to bad Recently my grown daughters and I spent an evening passing around Stevenson s delightful self illustrated and self composed pithy observations of collected moments It was better than reading yearbook notes Personal ReactionI enjoyed this book The poems were witty and fun to read The books are enjoyable and the illustrations relate well are enjoyable and the illustrations relate well the poems and provide some insight to the poemsPurposeI would use this for enjoyment for younger children because I do not think they will understand the irony in some of these poems The different types of poems and how they are written will introduce the children to new things and help them realize that not all poems need to rhyme I really think that children would enjoy this book. D review A book to savor Inside this volume are poems to make you laugh and poems to make you dreamand wonder and think Some are.