(E–pub) [Sweet Southern Hearts A Willow Hill Novel #3] by Susan Schild

Sweet Southern Hearts A Willow Hill Novel #3

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O speak her mind and put herself and her marriage irst Will she Leading the Way find her happily ever after with JackThis is a great series of books and I have enjoyed getting to know the characters a lot of them are like people that I know Myavorite characters in this book are Linny s mom and her riends and I laughed out loud about some of their experiences on their cross country camping trip This is a un series and I highly recommend itThanks to NetGalley or a copy of this book All opinions are my own Sweet Southern Hearts Is The Third is the third in the Willow Hill Series continuing the story of Linny Avery Linny and Jack are on their honeymoon but cut their time short when they must return home to care or Jack s son Neal And so begins a very hectic time in their lives adjusting to being married as well as adjusting to being married as well as obligations that begin to grow exponentially until Linny wonders if her happily ever after is going to elude her again This story is told with warmth and humor and with so much love These characters When Red Cried Wolf feel likeriends and amily to me now and it was with great anticipation that I read about this chapter in their lives and where it would take them Once again the author has infused the story and the characters with charm and affection This is a cozy tender hearted book but with enough tension to keep the story moving along This a delightful story about second chances about inding love when and where you least expect it about The World in the Curl: An Unconventional History of Surfing families andriends providing love and support unconditionally If you have not read the other 2 books in this series I urge you to do Although you read this as a standalone you don t want to miss the rest of Linny s story I received a copy of this book Song of the Forest from the author and have written an honest review Iound this book to be a un entertaining and uick read The characters are so realistic and down to earth I love the eeling of the small community where everyone knows everyone else and is always willing to lend a helping hand Susan Schild paints a wonderfully colorful picture of small town living while incorporating the challenges that her characters go through and they handle unexpected changes new beginnings and life s everyday stresses and joysI received a copy of this book A Constellation of Vital Phenomena from the author and have written an honest review. Than she ever imagined but if there’s one thing Linny’s learned by now it’s that there’s always roomor another sweet surprise “This charming and well observed novel about inding the courage to love after loss will make you smile as well as cry than a ew happy tears  Be prepared or a story of true tenderness humor and sometimes nail biting tension Sweet Southern Hearts delivers all this and ” Holly Chamberlin author of Summer with my Siste. .
Oneymoon They are having the perfect time until amily obligations interfere It Still Life with Chickens feels as if everyone wants a piece of Linnyrom her mother to her sister to even her new husband expecting her to take a backseat to his ex wife and their teenage son While I certainly understand Jack s need to be there or his son his constantly giving in to his ex wife at Linny s expense was annoying to meAfter just a couple of weeks of marriage Jack and Linny have to go their separate ways to accommodate Linny s mother and Jack s son Then Linny s sister has a crisis and #it s Linny to the rescue There are uite a ew major #s Linny to the rescue There are uite a Paradox Bound few majoror a brand new marriage BUT THE NEWLYWEDS MAKE THE BEST the newlyweds make the best itThe best way to describe this book is a huge slice of life The problems are all realistic emotional and many readers will probably be able to identify with Linny I would have liked to see interaction between Jack and Linny though Most of the time they were involved with other people The characters are all well written and developed to perfection It s a heartwarming novel which brings both tears and smiles until the last page is turnedFTC Disclosure I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book I was not reuired to write a positive review All opinions expressed are my own This delightful book is the third book in the Willow Hill series about Linny and her search or happiness After being widowed twice Linny is hoping that her third marriage to Jack will be her happily ever after despite all of the obstacles in their way Jack has a teenage boy who runs hot and cold with Linny an ex wife who eels the need to talk to him daily a new consulting company just starting up a mother who is getting ready to go on a big trip new consulting company just starting up a mother who is getting ready to go on a big trip her STFU, Parents: The Jaw-Dropping, Self-Indulgent, and Occasionally Rage-Inducing World of Parent Overshare friends and a sister with a new baby With all of this going on how is she ever going toind time to spend with her new husbandAs the book begins Linny and Jack are on their honeymoon on a white water rafting trip Linny is a people pleaser and even though she would like to be anywhere else she takes the rafting trip to make Jack happy They have to cut their honeymoon short because Jack s son is upset and needs them home So begins the story of Jack and Linny s irst year of marriage The main problem that Linny needs to overcome is whether she can learn   Jack’s twelve year old son is resisting all Linny’s efforts to be the perfect stepmother while her own mother Dottie begs her to tag along on the irst week of a Syncopated: An Anthology of Nonfiction Picto-Essays free wheeling RV adventure Who knew women “of a certain age” could drum up so much trouble No sooner is Linny sighing with relief at being back home than she’s helping herrazzled sister with a new babyand dealing with an unexpected legacy Are All Guys Assholes?: More Than 1,000 Guys in 10 Cities Reveal Why They're Not, Why They Sometimes Act Like They Are, and How Understanding Their ... Will Solve Your Guy Drama Once and For All from her late ex Life isuller and richer. Sweet Southern Hearts is 3 in the Willow Hill series by Susan Schild Linny and Jack have tied the knot and the great adventure of marriage beckons Linny has had Susan Schild Linny and Jack have tied the knot and the great adventure of marriage beckons Linny has had previous husbands both now deceased and this one hopefully is going to be third time luckyThe book opens with the two on their honeymoon engaged in a wild water rafting trip Jack s choice Linny just hangs on but it is kind of exhilarating or her too It turns out this is a kind Of Metaphor For a metaphor or irst year of marriage as while are some uiet patches in it they sure hit a lot of rapids as wellLinny is a bit of a people pleaser dutiful and responsible It s not long before things begin to mount up or her Her business needs her attention her mother is throwing a hissy Mexican Hooker fit over a trip she had previously wanted to go on and now has coldeet Her stepson Neal is a two timer sometimes adorable and sometimes the kid The League for the Suppression of Celery from hell Jack isn t dealing that well with his ex who has marriage problems His boundaries are rather weak Onto that load a crisisor sister Kate and an unexpected arrival on the doorstep uite a lot to deal with Plus its that irst year of marriageJack loves Linny but at times he annoyed me with his inability to speak up to his ex and his son where he needed to I wanted to eye him and tell him to man up He has a treasure take care of it As well there is three un old women Linny s mother one of them who set out on an RV trip and have a little Suspicion at Seven: A Lois Meade Mystery fun and romance along the way Life isull of second chances when you go lookingSo there needs to be compromise past life complications have to be dealt with and worked through resentment might just be beginning to rear its ugly head As Mary Catherine Linny s good riend says to Linny she needs to toughen up Well a white water ride might just do that and I sure was relieved when that ride was completed and there were some very happy and proud rafters While this is part of a trilogy this book could easily be read alone The author deftly catches us up on the previous happenings This is the third book in the Willow Hill series This one can be read on its own but it s nice to have read the irst two The Day Fidel Died for the background information It s not really necessary to have read the previous ones thoughThe book starts out with Jack and Linny on their Susan Schild welcomes you back to the offbeat Southern town of Willow Hill North Carolinaor a humorous heartwarming story of new beginnings do overs and self discovery   When it comes to marriage third time’s the charm or Linny Taylor She’s thrilled to be on her honeymoon with Jack Avery Willow Hill’s handsome veterinarian But just like the hair raising white water rafting trip Jack persuades her to take newlywed life has plenty of dips and bumps. .