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The end wwwoptimummblogwordpresscom I DNF d this book Not cos there was anything wrong with it per se but because f the word penis The author kept using the word penis to describe certain moments Death of a Dreamer of arousal but it just sounded silly There is NOTHING and I mean NOTHING erotic about the word penis If the author finds the word cock vulgar why couldn t penis be substituted with dickReading the word penis is no sexier than reading The instant they locked eyes his twig and berries twitchedr the firmness The Beloved Scoundrel of those lips against hiswn made all the blood rush to his frank and beans Downcanyon: A Naturalist Explores the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon or he couldn t wait to feel that mouthn his meat and potatoes not uoting the book just tryna paint you a picture f how my brain tends to tailspinSee how juvenile all that sounded Everytime I read the word penis I cringed it happened so much I couldn t take it any longer

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put the down Maybe I ve read so much smut ver the years that I ve become desensitized So like I stated at the beginning Italian Phrase Book of this review there s nothing wrong with this book I just don t find the word penis sexy andr arousing Here we are Lovesong (Green Creek on James Lee Hard s eighth book andnce again we are treated to a uniue storyline that captivates from the prologue right through until the very last wordSo first The Countess off we meet Logan just released from prison and it s from here that we then follow his journey back into real life becoming accustomed to theutside world finding work and meeting people and all the general things that most Gully Dirt: On Exposing the Klan, Raising a Hog, and Escaping the South of us take for granted every day but for many like Logan it s not as simple as that for there are many judgemental peopleut there to hamper his AttemptsIt Is During This Time is during this time when he is getting his life back Kelttiläistarinoita on track he meets KyleKyle has just moved into the area again having had a difficult time just leaving his wife and adjusting to his new life after accepting his sexuality with the added stressf fighting to see and get custody f his son RyanAn innocent meeting whilst Logan is at work sets the scene for what is set to be a passionate and intense relationship between the two menThe relationship starts slowly both men uncertain both carrying ghosts from the past but they build a tentative friendship that morphs into something I felt neither f them expected there may be instant lust here but certainly no insta love as they tread gently whilst becoming friendsI loved the building friendship the uestions that many Uomini ad Auschwitz: Storia del più famigerato campo di sterminio nazista of us have in the startf any kind Roma Noir of relationship and there were plentyf awkward moments as well boy did that take me back and I loved how James interpreted this so wellI actually felt the embarrassment that the characters felt brilliant writing right hereLife has a way however A History of the Crusades, Volumes I, II and III (Boxed Set) of sometimes throwing things a littleff course with his ex wife and guilt Love is the Enemy over his sonthers interference Kyle struggles with the right thing to doLogan remains strong and forthright throughout every thing and you can just feel that things will work Exhalation out how they are meant to for them bothAs always with James he has some great and some not so great side cha. Ome the father he dreamsf being to his son It’s in this hurricane Galileo of life changing events that Logan and Kyle end up meeting eachther by chance in a small town far away from their previous lives The spark between them is immediate and strong but they both try to fight it coming up with excuses not to pursue it While their friendship evolves they find themselves even attracted to each ther But will Logan trust he can find love with another man while his past is I don t know where we re headed but I know I m not gonna let you go anywhereI m not going headed but I know I m not gonna let you go anywhereI m not going go into great detail regarding the plot as the book description gives enough awayAs with previous works by this authorI got uickly into the storynot wanting to put it down until the end the nly issue I have is I would ve liked a longer Epilogueas I felt it slightly rushed in some f the detail but that is because I loved Logan and Kyle s story that much I didn t want it to endWith each book by this authorI feel they are getting stronger in their writing styledeveloping engaging and thoughtful stories that captivate the readermaking you care about the character s you are reading aboutCongratulations James Lee Hard n another great storyReviewed for Rock Hard Romance by Vicki RHR Rating 5 I enjoyed this book Logan and Kyle s story is an interesting Nemico one Logan is an ex con starting his lifever and Kyle is leaving his wife and trying to accept his homosexuality for the first time in his life He is also navigating starting Cannella e polvere da sparo over while still maintaining a relationship with his ex inrder to be a great father to their 2 year ld son Logan is a great man He is a man who has had a horrible childhood and made many mistakes He accepts it and he is starting new He is carpenter and he is working his way towards a brighter future Kyle has been l DNF 50% May come back to it later Sweet love I have become such a fan f James Lee Hard This is a story that he has written so beautifully about real life stuff How we all make poor decisions and some worse than thers How there are conseuences for ur choices some severe than thers How even though we make mistakes we don t have to pay for them the rest f livesLogan is DOGA AST onef these people He served five years in jail for a mistake He has served his time and just wants to start Poems (The I Tatti Renaissance Library) over but people can t seem to see past the convict Finally he lands a job and is very grateful for it Logan is moving forward with his life with work his probation and everyday living Logan isn t even thinking about love That is until Kyle walks into his workne dayKyle has just come Bleach, Volume 05 out to his ex wife Jessica Kyle has come to terms with himself and his sexuality He decides to move away from his ex wife and his young son Ryan He s still very involved with Ryan and raising him Kyle wants work donen the house he just bought so he goes to hire someone to do the work He walks in and sees Logan Both men are breathless and have a hard time speaking I found myself holding my breath when they first set eyes Gather Together in My Name 1ST Edition on eachther The author has this amazing ability to make me feel the love these two share and all the fears that come with it Logan falls in love with the toddler while he and Kyle fall deeply in love So what can go wrong What s a good relationship without trials and deeply in love So what can go wrong What s a good relationship without trials and Why do we have to be self destructing to Pentimento ourselves and not trust These are just somef the uestions I asked myself about these guys while reading This is a wonderful read about discovery parenthood and love I enjoyed this book from the beginning to. After serving five years in jail Logan is ready to start La maga delle spezie over and forget all about his past But things are not that easy especially when people can’t see past the ex convict and getting a job is harder than ever Meanwhile Kyle has finally come to terms with hiswn sexuality and does the hardest thing he’s ever done in his life getting a divorce from his wife Jessica with whom he has a toddler named Ryan He leaves both behind in a bid to rebuild his life and to bec.

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Racters but all The Last Testament of them add something to this tale and are never just window dressing I loved Mr Shaffer and also Jessica Kyle s ex her pain was real and I thought this was handled very well and that she wasn t portrayed as an evil woman just because they were no longer together I thought this was a breathf fresh airRyan added that cute factor as Kyle s adorable son and I loved Logan s interactions with himDo not however get me started n Sean r indeed another side character Run to the Roar: Coaching to Overcome Fear or two you will meetbut as awful as they were at times they provided the necessary angst for a very well rounded storyYou will also notice a very important message hidden within the book this I have found a theme in James s books and I love this about him and his writinghe gives you food for thought if you likenever judge a person uicklyr harshly because The Art of Teaching the Bible: A Practical Guide for Adults one never truly knows the reason for itr the life they livethe key word being tolerance and understanding hereSo for me this was another top drawer book it s another feel good read from James with added angst heartbreak friendship and love with an added splash Gaudi of humour that made me truly chuckle and lifted the book into something else entirelyIf you have not read anyf James Lee Hard s work I suggest you do his inimitable style is uniue and refreshing his books are always about the complete story and not just words The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, Vol. 2 on a page for me each scene has a place and is never fortuitous and his passion for his work shines through in every word written Each book I carry with me in my heart and I don t see that ever changingSo heart filling stars there is none who writes uite like he does and the world is a much better place with James and his books in it This book is about truth This book is about friendship This book is about love This book is about understanding Love it NiceA sweet read Totally character driven no angst low heat slow burn A nice way to spend a few hours Logan Kyle WOW Both f these guys haven t Really Had An Easy Life had an easy life in denial about his sexuality and ne through parental neglect ending up Amen: what prayer can mean in a world beyond belief on the wrong sidef the law They both need to break away from their pasts but certain parts aren t as easy to break away from as they d likeYet again this was a brilliantly written story by James where No Puedo Perderte onef the characters is new to being gay The way in which James writes about the bigotry towards gays makes me feel as though he s possibly experienced In Every Heartbeat or knows people who have experienced this kindf thingThis was another fantastic read with a great storyline and well formed charactersBrilliant x HmmmI m not sure about this book The first few chapters I liked it but then happened their first kiss it wasn t that especial You know usually when the characters are feeling giddy kissing I feel them but I didn t feel anything this time that s the thing aside from The Seraphim Code oner two scenes which made me kinda angry I didn t feel anything while reading this STORY IT FELT LIKE READING A MAGAZINE ON A It felt like reading a magazine Sortemesse on a morning when you have nothing else to do but read that magazine You knowIt just didn t do it for Till so present And is Kyle ready to invest in his first gay relationship at the same time as he’s fighting for his son’s custody Set in a small town with uirky characters and all the peculiarities thatnly a small town can La fabbrica di cioccolato offer Logan and Kyle embarkn a journey that could change their lives forever But will they feel free to follow through WARNING This book contains explicit sexual scenes as well as some graphic language It is intended for a mature adult audien. Breaking With His Past
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