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Ks for the review e book copy of Strungballs by Russell in exchange for my honest review Strungballs A copy of Strungballs by Mike Russell in exchange for my review Strungballs A hit of Mike Russell strangeness Having read three of the British author s short story collections Nothing is Strange Strange Medicine Strange Secrets I knew I d be in for a hyperstrange whirligi See of my book reviews on my blog Literary FlitsStrungballs is the first of Mike Russell s stories that I have read but I am pretty sure it won t be the last On one hand I was genuinely baffled by much of this surreal futuristic tale however I thoroughly enjoyed discovering the bizarre world he created Despite an obvious lack of detailed descriptions of place and character that I usually prefer this is a short novella after all I could easily envisage the clinical city and Sydney s spar Note I received a review copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review I am glad I got a chance to read this book 25 Stars This is very strange and weird book Honestly I couldn t get the main concept of the I received a copy of Strungballs in exchange for an honest review I would like to thank the author and also Jay the Strangebooks secretary for this opportunity This review will contain minor spoilers This is a short novella numbering only 66 pages and when it commences we are I was lucky enough to be given this book in exchange for a fair and honest review thank you Jay Strange Books Secretary for contacting me I would of missed reading this book other wise Strungballs is the third book from Mike Russell and his first Novella with only 66 pages it a nice uick read if you have a couple of hours free The book follows Sydney as he has his first skin removed for his first Strungball to be insertedhis skin is used to help patch up a skin barrier that protects the city from the Others Sydney with a little help start uestioning his reality which changes his whole worldIn it s strange storyline it brought up many topics that I found thought provoking Is are greatest fear ourselvesDo we follow the party line or are we strong enough to uestion itWhat are we willing to do to be normalI found the story really interesting and it will keep me thinking about the story long after finishing it Having already experienced Mike Russell s stories I began this one with an open mind and smile I knew before I started reading that it would be like nothing I have read before even his first book and yep after 66 pages the entirety of this book I can say it is uniueIt is only a small world Sydney lives in it has identical rooms numbered from 1 999 which then brings it back to 1 The rooms are suare and the one where I met 10 year old Sydney very clinical It had to be he had proudly ust had his first cube of flesh removed from his chest It was for the good of the community His parents presented him with his first Strungball which fitted into the hole in his chest with a string to dangle down so that he and others could see how many cubes Well what can I say That was one of the most surreal stories I ve ever read but that made it all the enjoyable I don t know if it was supposed to be symbolic or metaphorical or ust plain weird Either way this is a good short read I look forward to reading of Mike Russell s workI received this book as part of the Goodreads giveawa. Erating otherworldly magical surreal bizarre funny disturbing uniue all of these words have been used to describe the stories of Mike Russell Remember Once a Strungball is inserted it must never be remov.

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Sydney lives in a white sterile world from the room to the walls and even the curtains everything is whiteThe book opens with Sydney lying in a 4m x 4m x 4m room awaiting to have a piece of flesh removed from his chest When the procedure was done he exited the room and was presented with a Strungball by his parents This was placed in the hole that was cut into his chest with the cord that was attached dangling down the front of his gown He is warned Once a Strungball front of his gown He is warned Once a Strungball inserted it must never be removed The world that the family live in is made up of people always wanting to do family live in is made up of people always wanting to do where numbers and time are very important and that the Strungballs you have the important you are deemed to beAt first Sydney loves his Strungball but then he learns about the Others people who can live without them He then meets an elderly man Albert with lots of Strungballs Albert puts thoughts into his head and makes Sydney uestion his life so much so that he removes the Strungball but what will happen to Sydney nowI found this book very strange but then that was what the author was hoping for The story is an interesting one where people believe that some type of ball inserted into their bodies makes them superior than those without It s as if the whole cityworld has been brainwashedAll the residents of the city live in one building where all the doors are numbered 1 999 The apartments all overlook a life force that is looking after them and protecting them This life force is made up of peoples flesh this is where the pieces of flesh are taken when removed from the residentsThe first half of the book was interesting as we got to know the world the people and what Strungballs were The second half got a whole lot weirder as Sydney sets out on a uest to discover the truth about his world In this half we have inside out giants trees of veins giant sex to name but a few strange thingsThe book is interesting and most positively weird If you like sci fidystopian novels then this will appeal to you and with it only being 66 pages long you should be able to get through it in one sittingReviewed by Stacey on wwwwhisperingstoriescom Strungballs by Mike RussellThis book by Mike Russell is another short story It s a great read for those who want a short exciting read and for those like me who didn t want to commit to another Games of Thrones book right awayThis book is weird if I put it lightly The thought of a strungball was not something I have ever dreamed up in my life but Mike Russell somehow thought this up and created a story about it It s uniue and enticing to me when someone can create such interesting thoughts which is why I enjoyed this bookGetting to see this uniue and different world through out main character s eyes was great It s kind of sci fidystopian esue which would be great for readers who are interested in those topics It s such a utopia that it s a dystopiathose books are always interestingThe book is so precise and so fantastical it s hard to explain it in my own wording without ruining it This utopia perfect world that is so perfect that it s not is probably the best way I can word it I love how Mike made this world so perfect because it makes you feel uneasy and thrilled by each turn this short story takesOur main character seems to be the only person uestion. Strungballs is an extraordinary novella from Strange Books author Mike Russell What are Strungballs Ten year old Sydney is about to find out but first he must have a cube of his flesh removed Sydney will. Ing or going against the true perfection in this novel While this has been done a hundred times over it s very fitting in this novel Normally I would be annoyed and disgusted by seeing this trend over and over but I liked it here Mike makes it fit ust well enough that I m not uestioning itLike Mike s other books you will begin uestioning reality and life itself It raises so many thought provoking uestions in such little space but that s why I found it to intriguing I have to say this is definitely my favourite book by him and I want to come back to it at a later date to see if my feelings change on this novel or notOverall this maddening book will drive you over the edge with peculiarity It s a great readFive out of five by Mike Russell is s a great readFive out of five by Mike Russell is weird and wacky novella with a uniue view on society and humanityStrungballs follows the main character Sydney a ten year old boy who loves strungballs red balls placed into your body via holes made by removing your flesh as they are a physical indicator of those who have done good Sydney lives in a world where people live in rooms numbered 1 999 they all live to serve the strungball centred society and to do so is to be good Having serve the strungball centred society and to do so is to be good Having received his first strungball Sydney is ecstatic and wants to be good by working in advertising for the strungballs However Sydney then meets Albert Albert has tried to live without strungballs a terrible thing that turns you into an other a monster but could not This starts to get Sydney thinking about strungballs and why they are needed Sydney eventually removes his own and escapes through the sphere of flesh a protective wall made from hat is removed to place the strungballs only to realise the truth about the strungballs and his worldThis was definitely a weird novella with the second half being substantially stranger than the first However it was uniue and he world Russell has built is definitely a pure sci fi oddity I appreciated how the story starts with characters who behave or less as though they are mind controlled referring to each other as Mother and Father and behaving only in ways that are deemed good The development of this which turns into a break of consciousness led by Sydney was interesting as it let the reader uestion what is true Do we as humans only have ourselves to fear and should we be afraid of asking why Ultimately it appears that to be able to ask why and embrace our fears is what it means to be free to be happy and to be wholeThe characters are intentionally one dimensional and are inherently creepy until the resolution Having the child be the one to break the consciousness that has become the consensus and the norm was clever and allowed insight into the determination and individuality of children before society can mould them Following the characters on this short Mises en situation professionnelle AS: Aide-soignant journey was definitely an experience and to watch the development of the plot and the acceptance of humanity and its fears in such an abstract way was intriguing This surreal take on society and our tendency to band together is definitely a thought provoking readThis weird and wacky novella is perfect for sci fi lovers who prefer abstract storytelling and strong societal themesIf you are looking for a short but thought provoking read then this is definitely for youThanks to Jay at Strangeboo. Transgress everything he was taught to believe in when he embarks upon aourney that will reveal the astonishing secrets hidden by the red balls on white strings known only as Strungballs Inspiring lib. Strungballs