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Vid get his comeuppance he was definatley a horrid little character A great read one I may return to again before it sets off on its travels All those Riders Rivals Polo fans out there will be pleased to know that Jilly Cooper is getting back into the gr Ahh good old Jilly Cooper and her delightful thick of misbehaving upper class Brits This was the last of her Chronicles series that I haven t read and what a delight it was Pandora revolves around the artistic and dysfunctional Belvedon family There is the father the charming generous and oddly put upon Raymond the paterfamilias who runs a famous art gallery There are the mothers the first wife Galina as unsuitable a wife and mother as she was a genius painter and the second wife Althea much ounger and obsessed with status And then there is the Belvedon #brood the small children Dicky and Dora twins and the oungest #the small children Dicky and Dora twins and the oungest the adults all from Raymond s first wife Jupiter the oldest who is ambitious and cold though he has a small chink in his armor for his ilustrator wife Hanna Alizarin who I totally loved who is a genius painter even if unmarketable and seriously is a total woobie and AlizarinSophie awww and etc etc Jonathan the infant terrible of the art world who likes to make out with his sister Serena in public for shocking people kicks but who actually might be an amazing artist and a good person if he ever bothers to grow up There is the messed up Serena talented and screwed up Oh and there is also Emerald a talented sculptor who was adopted out but discovers as an adult that Althea is her mother and Raymond is her father Did I mention that JonathanEmerald are an OTP They fall for each other when they don t believe they are related only ooops I view it as karmic punishment for Jonathan for playacting at falling for a sister to then genuinely fall in love with one and know he can t have her view spoilerpssst not a spoiler it turns out they are not really related and happy endings abound hide spoiler Just what the doctor ordered during stay at home guidelines Fun entertaining easy read with a great cast of characters Happy ending ish with Cooper s signature style and tropes Not published in the US unfortunatel. Unhealthy interest in the RaphaelDuring a fireworks party the painting is stolen The hunt to retrieve it takes the reader on a thrilling journey to Vienna Geneva Paris New York and London After a nail biting court case and a record smashing Old Masters sale at Sotheby's passionate love triumphs and Pandora is restored to her rightful home. Ell as being exceptionally good looking Nevertheless the characters retain their realism they are moody imperfect sometimes smart mouthed Nevertheless the characters their realism they are moody imperfect sometimes smart mouthed she a punny lass our Jilly sometimes lost for words and always moving through the chaotic and never ending multitude of sensory input that is life Pandora is set irreverently in the art world Characters from Cooper s previous novels make appearances here and there contributing to the current plot in a way that gives the fan a warm feeling of coming home but does not lose those for whom this is their first taste of Cooper county References to poetry and other works of arts crop up freuently too The novel s ending could perhaps be seen as a little predictable and too good to be true but I think that is true to Jilly s heart where romance is alive and relatively well though a little diseased due to a rich diet This was one of the Rutshire Chronicles that I hadn t read and enjoyed it as much as the rest It begins during the 2nd World War where Raymond Belvedon is reeling after hearing of the death of his older brother He enters a burning chateau and finds an exuisite painting of Pandora and the Seven Deadly Sins which he steals After the war he meets a Nam young artist Maria and marries her but she is continuly unfaithful and tests his great patience He also takes on aoung apprentice David who is craftier then he lets on Maria dies leaving Raymond and three children David leaves to start a rival gallery and then the action cuts forward Raymond s children and step children are a confused bunch especially when Emerald a Painting Landscapes from Your Imagination young woman crashes a party and insists she s also one of the family But her boyfriend Zac has ulterior motives for wanting to get into the house and it is all to do with Pandora When the painting goes missing the police are called and a global search ensues to find out once and for all who it actually belongs to Along the way love is lost and found ending up all nice and happy asou would expect from one of Cooper s booksI loved the tension over the painting the history behind it and how it all comes out in court I was kind of let down by the ending Although nice I don t believe in Zac s sudden turn around It was good to see Da. A string of lovers and giving birth to her four children Jupiter Alizarin Jonathan and superbrat Sienna Then an exuisite stranger rolls up claiming to be a long lost daughter of the family setting the three Belvedon brothers at each other's throats Accompanying her is her fatally glamorous boyfriend whose very different agenda includes an. I love Jilly Cooper I was so excited to read this and I wasn t disappointed Once again she delivers an array of interesting characters some that Jilly fans are already fans ofThe story involving art makes for an interesting plot and the ending is one that leaves ou happy This is not a profound work of uickening insight however it s ridiculously enjoyable and a real slice of England the one that only exists in novels and films Perfect for the beach one that only exists in novels and films Perfect for the beach absurdly entertaining I do not know how to classify this book But it is such a page turner I could not put in down after Part 2 All the characters are so distinguished It might be confusing at first and latter ou will find each of them memorable I wish I were a great painter and my boyfriend will be as gorgeous and talented as the artists in the story I hope a seuel will come up The first time I read this entry in the Rutshire Chronicles I didn t love it as much the previous books However it has grown on me over the Chasing McCree Chasing McCree years and now I have a real affection for the characters most of them Emerald much like Abby Rosen irritates me to no end especially the ones we continue to see in the future like Dicky Dora and the Cartwrights The story has a lot of threads but is tied up neatly with a big spangly bow at the happy ending Ifou enjoy broad satire have a bit of a clue about the British class system and are open to novels that lead Impossible Things you on goose trails with hijinks and shenanigans all the way to a neatly and delightful endingou can t do better than Jilly Cooper Her books are to use the English expression a lark filled with high comedy pretentious snobs salt of the earth types love stories romps successes and rightful devastation of the villains in the plot The plot however is always so serpentine that the of the villains in the plot The plot however is always so serpentine that the is usually kept guessing until the end Farcical fun Only Jilly Cooper writes a good Jilly Cooper Her books are peopled with rich casts of multi faceted characters whose lives intersect to varying degrees To make her characters interesting and the storylines lively they are often preoccupied with sex rarely want for money in the long term and are usually really good at one thing or another sometimes than one thing as No picture ever came beautiful than Raphael's Pandora Discovered by a dashing Keto Diet for Beginners: The Keto Diet Cookbook with Quick and Healthy Recipes incl. 30 Days Weight Loss Plan young lieutenant Raymond Kelvedon in a Normandy Chateau in 1944 she had cast her spell over his family all artists and dealers for fiftyears Hanging in a turret of their lovely Cotswold house Pandora witnessed Raymond's tempestuous wife Galena both entertaining.

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