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Ealthier and confident I would really recommend it for peoples Reading List Happy Reading Do What Makes Your Soul Happy list Happy reading Do what makes your soul happy have fun trying to figure out what that may beI loved this sentence As for the book in itself it was an asy read and a good way to kick off my new year and to get out of the rut I was in which also translated into reading habits and incapacity to follow through with any book It included some nice reflections on body mind And Habits Overall food habits Overall was a nice and sweet read although it did not fall on my genre of preference regarding books. Lf of the book devoted to recipes the other half focusses on Annie's lifestyle advice including how we can use the breath meditation yoga and other practices to calm our minds; how we can discover the best style of Generations and Collective Memory exercise to suit our bodies and how byating natural food we can heal inflammation By linking the mind and body practises together and applying some small changes it is possible to set yourself on the path to wellness and greater happines. ,

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Beautifully presented lifestyle and cookery book I adore these recipes xactly the kinds of things I like to cook and at I d give the recipes section 5 stars and the lifestyle lement 4 stars as although nice to read it didn t really cover any new ground for me Would recommend While standing in a ueue waiting to pay for some items my husband saw this book and While standing in a ueue waiting to pay for some items my husband saw this book and first thing he items my husband saw this book and first thing he is I have to buy that for Tracey For the last few years I have been reading and books about how we can change our lives and some of them tell you you have to do it this way and ot. ‘Mind Body Bowl is the perfect balance The recipes are simple delicious and something you will want to at very day It will become your go to recipe book’ Madeleine ShawAnnie Clarke creator of the popular Mind Body Bowl blog shares her journey from poor health to strength and happiness by way of her three pillars of wellness – a healthy mind; a fit body and delicious new recipesInspired by Annie's own xperience this book is a celebration of .

Hers compare different approaches However what I njoyed about this book was its fresh free approach to focusing on the simple ways of life The book is written in short bit size chunks which makes it asy to pick up and digest when you only have 10mins free It ncourages rather than pushes you to find a balance in your life Looking at simple links between mind and body food and soulThe 60 recipes at the back of the book are nourishes and delicious
i really njoyed 
really njoyed whole book as it is full of handy tips for any person leading any kind of life to help them feel Ating well and finding the right balance for you We are all individuals and one prescriptive programme will never suit us all Mind Body Bowl helps to guide and sign post some key parts of the journey towards connecting with our own the journey towards connecting with our own and mind in order to find our own individual sense of balance The book includes a selection of plant based recipes that are nourishing and delicious focusing on simple fresh ingredients that are asy to source With ha. ,
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