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This is a well done well paced mystery The main mystery is what happens to teenager Anna Ballard She and her friend Sarah are on a train to London when they meet two men carrying garbage bags who admit to ust getting out of prison Mother and wife Ella overhears this and wonders if she should call the parents When Anna goes missing overnight Ella *is wracked with guilt for not acting sooner and is also vilified *wracked with guilt for not acting sooner and is also vilified the media including social media for not doing something before it was too lateEveryone has secrets which we know because the story is told from multiple points of view Sarah doesn t tell the police the whole truth Anna s father isn t telling the whole truth Ella s son has secrets What s initially ominous to Ella however is the series of threatening notes she receives and also doesn t tell the police about She does let a private investigator know Matthew uit the police force to become a PI for reasons that are kept secret to the reader for most of the bookI had a little trouble buying that everyone would blame a mother who didn t call the parents on the fact the girl went missing Other than that though I really liked the characters of Matthew in particular Ella s guilt seemed misplaced but I m not a mother and happily I ve never been in the position of watching a teenage girl make terrible choices and then go missing I thought this was fun and an easy fast read Thanks to NetGalley for the opportunity to review this bookFor of my reviews please visit Sothe secrets each character held kept me intrigued but it was all for naught I HATE books like this and resent the shitty lazy unfair device the author uses to wrap things upSwitching between 1st and 3rd person narration was Northanger Abbey just the cherry on the crap cake Unfortunately this was a it of a meh read for me So many people and POV s which I usually enjoy and shifts between first and third person muddled up the plot for me and even though the writing was good I never felt the characters developed very much apart from Ella I was definitely intrigued by the story but by the half way point found myself a little confused and not terribly invested Still I wanted to know how it would end and what had actually happened to Anna the missing girl The resolution felt a little rushed after such a long build up and a little unsatisfying at that All the same I didn t think it was a bad bookust not a great book either Find reviews and bookish fun at A riveting thriller that sees Ella on a train bound for London seated near he two teenage girls Two young men enter the carriage and it soon becomes apparent that they are fresh out of ail This doesn t deter the girls however and they soon strike up a friendship Ella becomes increasingly worried about them but then stops herself from intervening at the last MINUTETHE NEXT DAY ONE OF THE next day one of the Anna is reported missing and Ella is beside herself wondering if she could have helped the girl instead of turning away Anna s friend Sarah is saying much about what had happened to them the previous evening and the police soon run out of leads But what is Sarah hiding Who else in the girls families are keeping secrets And who is sending Ella anonymous postcards I found myself frantically racing through this book in one sitting trying to work out what had happened and kept coming up with what the police did dead ends I will definitely be looking for of this authors work and recommend this book to all lovers of mysteries and psychological thrillers I Am Watching You is a thrilling suspense novel by Teresa Driscoll There is a reason it has been on the Bestseller charts it is a very gripping well told tale Ella watches on a train as two local girls on their way to London get mixed up with two unsavory men ust released from prison She wants to say something but doesn t The next day she finds out. What would it take to make you interveneWhen Ella Longfield overhears two attractive young men flirting with teenage girls on a train she thinks nothing of it until she realises they are fresh out of prison and her maternal instinct is put on high alert But ust as she’s decided to call for help something stops her The next. .

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I Am Watching YouIng to see if I was right about the villain in this one I was off but honestly the author doesn t even lay out any clues for you to get this is the bad guygirl being vague on purpose It comes out of left field and the wrap up is ust ham fisted Ella The Witness is taking the train and noticed two young girls She immediately decides she should keep an eye on them when two young men board the train and start talking to them
"She Eavesdrops And Realizes The "
eavesdrops and realizes the men are Fresh Out Of Jail out of ail the girls and the men end up talking and drinking together She overhears the one girl s name Anna and is able to piece together that she lives on a farm Ella is tempted to call Anna s parents or warn the girls for talking to these men When she walks to get something and overhears one of the girl s having sex in the bathroom Sarah she gets upset that she thought they were nice girls and washes her hands of them *When Ella wakes the next day after getting blitzed she is afraid *Ella wakes the next day after getting blitzed she is afraid may have done something like call the girls mothers Turning on the TV she is floored to see a broadcast talking about one of the girl s she saw on the train Cue a year later Driscoll follows several people throughout the book The chapters are titled The Witness Ella The Father Henry The Friend Sarah The Investigator Matthew and Watchingno spoilers to who that is Honestly the whole book reads as repetitive as anything Ella s sections are ust her defending why she didn t get involved she brings up Sarah having sex in the bathroom and her own son watching porn and reading magazines with a disapproving air and then realizing she needs to get some help when she starts receiving mysterious postcards in the mail blaming her for Anna s disappearance Matthew is dealing with the fact he s about to become a new father amd is still adjusting to his life after leaving the police force Henry keeps going over the last thing Anna said to him And Sarah is hiding a lot than you would think about her home life Driscoll chooses to tell Ella s sections in first person and the other sections except for the Watching sections in third person It s hard to keep adjusting to the shift in narratives Especially because each chapter is only a couple of pages long I m baffled that Driscoll Reckoning The Epic Battle Against Sexual Abuse and Harassment just didn t stick with Ella Maybe she didn t cause there s not a lot there Ella is a florist happily married and has a son Her focus on Anna would make sense if we got to see any semblance of the things that Driscoll describes after the fact Ella apparently got harassed when her name as a witness was released People blamed her for not intervening In the day of social media I can believe that something like this could have happened It would have made sense if Driscoll showed that Because a year later it seems most people have forgotten her except for Anna s family and the police The writing was so so I realized after finishing this the main reason I got annoyed is that there is literally no clues to who the killer is and why I think the main reason I loved The Tokyo Zodiac Murders is that the author makes sure that there are real clues for you to follow as a reader You can solve the crime The author for this book throws out a twist that is ridiculous and you get no hint of who the killer is at all Heck I don t care for The Girl on the Train but at least the author left enough there for you to connect the dots The flow isn t great The book has bright spots here and there I liked Matthew and that was about it I m realizing now maybe him being the main character would have worked better Heck Driscoll could have turned this into a series if she had him be the lead The ending wasust the author trying to tie up loose ends I honestly think there was a lot left to explain but I was ust glad to be done with this At least I got it as a Kindle First pick for September. Anniversary appeal reveals that Anna’s friends and family might have something to hide Anna’s best friend Sarah hasn’t been telling the whole truth about what really happened that night and her parents have been keeping secrets of their ownSomeone knows where Anna is and they’re not telling But they are watching Ella. ,
That one of the girls has gone missing Consumed with guilt she goes to the police but of course it s really too late This however is ust the beginning of the harrowing tale The girl is missing the two men are missing Ella is receiving threats and everyone has secrets Perhaps because I too live in a small community but all aspects in This Story Seemed Uite story seemed uite The inter connectedness of everyone the secrets and lies Told from multiple view points we the reader see how each person s involvement overlaps and the butterfly ripples were created I also now see that there were so many clues along the way that I completely overlooked Most likely I will re read it ust to spot them all I highly recommend I Am Watching You and hope you enjoy too Thank you to Kindle and Teresa Driscoll for my Goodreads Giveaway copy 3 StarsAnna and Sara lied to their parents and instead of going to watch a movie they were seen in a train That night Anna was missing and Sara couldn t remember what happened But there is a witness who saw them in the train with two men who got out of prison Ella the witness heard their conversations and wante A teenage girl goes missing after a special night out with a girlfriend Story told primarily from the viewpoints of the witness the private investigator the father and the friend I really didn t mind the way this was put together although at this point it would be positively refreshing to read something that does not employ the use of a multiple POV framework I enjoyed it well enough but found myself thinking about what I wanted to read next before getting this one finished This was a Kindle First offering and I do appr A fast enjoyable read that held my interest but ultimately left me disappointed The final reveal lacked excitement for me All the build up and backstories were suspenseful and they definitely served their purpose but the resolution was rushed and unanticipated Every character had something they were hiding which made for a good suspect list I had to keep reading because the next chapter might be the one where the really big secret was revealed While I was able to pick up some little things here and there I did not figure out the story behind Anna s disappearance Some small elements of the story seemed unnecessary they didn t add anything to the plot Sal s pregnancy is one exampleI enjoyed this book and it was a solid 4 star read until the disappointing ending I struggle now with how many stars to give this it was an enjoyable read and ust because I didn t care for the resolution and I didn t see it coming doesn t mean I should rate it lower In fact maybe I should rate it higher because I didn t see it coming I ve settled on somewhere between 35 4 so I will round up to 4 stars I listened to this audiobook at the beginning of January As soon as I was done I typed my review into a Word document However I can t find it anywhere now I also deleted all of my notes since I was done my review So I am going to try my best I am still relatively new to audiobooks but I m starting to enjoy them I find them perfect to listen to while doing chores or when I m in the car It I read this for Free SpaceCreepy Raven I am Watching You by Teresa Driscoll which is a thrillermystery Eh where to begin Besides the POORLY DEVELOPED CHARACTERS THE SWITCHING FROM developed characters the switching from to third person and the slut shaming that was thrown in for good measure I don t know what to think of this book The initial premise intrigued me too bad that Driscoll decided that instead of sticking with one character throughout which would have made the book stronger she Jane Addams jumped around to four other characters I started seeing shades of The Girl on the Train with this book and for those that read my review of that book it s not a compliment Iust ended up losing interest in everyone I only kept read. Day she wakes up to the news that one of the girls beautiful green eyed Anna Ballard has disappearedA year later Anna is still missing Ella is wracked with guilt over what she failed to do and she’s not the only one who can’t forget Someone is sending her threatening letters letters that make her fear for her lifeThen an.
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