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Dreams AUTHOR Olive SchreinerAbour and conseuently improvement 4 455 for "dreams in a desert the piece liked "in a Desert the piece I liked most in the book and also the most feminist one I came across this book at an antiue shop years ago as a teen I was reading mainly in Dutch back then and bought this book as it was cheap not being in the best shape and I wanted to practice my English outside of my text books in

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This particular of the book is from 1904 and published by a Dutch publisher who added some footnotes with translation of nfamiliar termsI fell in love with it and even tried to convince my English teacher to let me add it to my book list but she didn t know the book or author so refusedAfter reading The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde I remembered this book and realized it had been years since I read it time for a reread to see if it was as beautiful as I rememberedAnd it certainly is Of the eleven stories in this book only the last one isn t for me The. R her novel The Story of an African Farm It contains eleven short stories based on Schreiner's dreams. ,

Very nderrated bookOlive Schreiner s might "simple yet is metaphorically powerful such "yet it is metaphorically powerful to such extent that you might need to stop and process the reading after each storyClearly ahead of times the picture of woman s liberation was shaped in her mind and we can even see how the author s voice evolves from one story to anotherHowever liberation seems to be reserved to white females in her work as there are recurrent associations of the colour white to positive considered characteristics like Truth Reason etc Further we can see that traditional stereotypes were still rooted in her mind as she still associated most of the mentioned characteristics to male figures as wellThis being said there is also an obvious and strong Masue plays influence in her stories depicting human vices and follies as opposed to their moral counterparts though the latter ones are not achieved through divine power and worship but through personal effort 1924 This is the second book by Schreiner South African author and feminist who is best remembered fo. ,

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Others are hauntingly beautiful Some "Are Just A Few Pages "just a few pages others a bit longer Schreiner ses a lot of allegories and metaphors in a way that makes that the title of this book is a fitting choice not only are a few stories brought as dreams they feel dreamlike and ethereal as well Each story brims with emotion and hidden heartacheI loved revisiting this book and my favorites from back then still resonate with me now You bet I ll keep this little pearl on my shelves for many years to come Beauty To master complexity into simplicity to woven a seemingly abstract concept such as truth and knowledge in fairy tale fashion How have been the author tucked away from Graveyard Shift us In this magical collection abstract concepts such as love life and truth amongst others are explained in enchanting fables that captivate and mesmerise the reader My favouriteote from the book is Are you so sinless you have right to hate Simply beautiful and truly powerful And life on a farm in South Africa See other titles by this author available from Kessinger Publishi.