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Stone Cold Foxe Skyler Foxe Mysteries #7

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Look forward to Stone Cold FoxeBy Haley WalshFoxe Press 2017Four starsKeith Fletcher and Skyler Foxe get married It seemed inevitable ight But as we know Skyler is only 26 and since starting college which I assume means at 18 has been a committed slut no shaming just fact and happily so But Keith Fletcher handsome hairy jock to Skyler s pretty tow headed twink dropped into Skyler s life and changed all that One of the leitmotifs of this entire series has always been that Skyler slept around His best friends are all guys he s been with It is not
only a unning 
a unning but something that continues to make Keith suirm Despite the prejudices of inland California and his mother s initial aversion "TO HIS ORIENTATION SKYLER HAS BEEN "his orientation Skyler has been to be who he is He is out and proud With Keith it seems that Skyler has also become someone proud With Keith it seems that Skyler has also become someone from who he d been previouslyImpulsive and headstrong it is Skyler who asked Keith to marry him as the sort of cliffhanger at the end of the last book These two have been through an enormous amount in the year they ve known each other Why would Skyler s sudden wish to tie the knot with his favorite football coach be a surprise Isn t than eight years of never sleeping alone enough Isn t Keith enough to make Skyler want to settle down This is such a twenty first century dilemma for gay men Or is it Settling down Monogamy Giving up sexual freedom for a different kind of contentment These are issues that gay men have faced forever egardless of the cultural and legal context in which they lived Fear made men eager to pair up in the bad old days if they weren t too afra. Package that leads him to the inescapable conclusion that someone may be trying to kill him Keith and Skyler’s gang of friends put their heads together to investigate And then the wedding day comes off without a hitch and Keith and Skyler go off on their surprise honeymoon for a weekend cruise But Sidney and the SFC discover that Skyler is still in danger and se. Id to be spotted as a couple AIDS also caused a seismic shift toward monogamous pairing among gay men in the 1980s I know I lived it That was just another kind of fear Skyler and Keith face an entirely different dilemma just because you can do you want to Haley Walsh is not generally digging deep in her charming dilemma just because you can do you want to Haley Walsh is not generally digging deep in her charming paced and amusing novels They e sit coms than omances Skyler is a bit of Jessica Fletcher or maybe Will and Grace meets Murder She Wrote His mind is sharp and curious and he can t help but try to figure out mysteries when they drop in his lap This time he s a little distracted by wedding plans and doesn t notice "RIGHT AWAY WHEN SOMETHING WICKED HIS "away when something wicked his comesThe presence of Skyler s closest and dearest including his forever bestie Sidney has been a constant throughout this series Sidney is not Ethel to his Lucy so much as Jiminy Cricket to his Pinocchio In this book we also get weightier presence for his parents Cynthia and Dale This matters because there are big issues about life and love being Domesticating Drink: Women, Men, and Alcohol in America, 1870-1940 raised here It s been fun all along but now is a pivotal moment Because you know the weddingWeddings are usually theomantic terminus on a love story lett 425 starsI am a huge fan of this series mainly because of characters I love not only SkylerKeith but also SFC the school kids and of course SidneyMark I m thrilled that there will be One of my favorite couples beautiful wedding amusing SFC and a sprinkle of mystery I Lord Byron at Harrow School: Speaking Out, Talking Back, Acting Up, Bowing Out read it in one sitting chuckling several times over the characters antics and getting misty eyed over the wedding ceremony And now I can t wait toead the next book. Cretly follow Rather than Teaching Machines: Learning from the Intersection of Education and Technology ruin Skyler’s one and only honeymoon they hitch aide Can Sidney Jamie Rodolfo Dave and Philip keep out of sight of the happy couple and at the same time catch a killer before the cruise ends in murder It’s the Scooby Gang to the Sisi: Empress on Her Own rescue What could possibly go wrong Special for ebookeaders only Inside are interactive hyperlinks Enjoy.