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Bird Habitats in Britain yKing Gaining Maisy is right forou I look forward to read of Ms Graystone s work Maisy was in an abusive relationship with Eric who did not hurt her physically but crushed her soul each time he made sarcastic and mean criticisms of her and particularly about her weight which was a little than she wanted it to be As any oung woman with a slightly fragile ego *Will Know It Doesn T Take Many Barb THAT WAS *know it doesn t take many barb THAT WAS AND THIS IS TODAYI enjoyed this *Second Chance Romance That *chance romance that full of emotions For Maisy Dennis she isn t just starting over from the bad breakup she is moving forward clear to a new town and new lease on life The story has a BBW Maisy who gains so much by losing her verbally abusive live in boyfriend Eric Moving from Chicago to Ashborne comes with new friends in a small town setting and gaining the confidence and attitude to lose weight and tone her body not for anyone else but herselfThe plot will have Maisy needing to make changes in her life After writing a best selling cookbook her live in boyfriend becomes distant verbally abusive and then kicks her out She will leave her chef job in Chicago her best friend Brittany and move to a small town to start over Maisy s self confidence is at an all time low and it takes great courage to join a gym and hire a personal trainer that is sexy Carter and Maisy will develop a great workout routine even if she considers him sadistic but what happens when they turn things personal and start a physical relationship at the gym The way he held her hands the way his lips gave her just enough for her to want him all the That was when Maisy realized he was in total control of this kiss of her and even she realized she loved the feeling of having no control What will happen when Maisy is open and honest with Carter about her feelings for him The story will take the reader on a journey of moving forward from the pain of a verbally abusive partner and a breakup to deciding to take control of her life Maisy will join a gym and put in grueling hours of sweat euity to lose weight tone her body and feel good about herself

Stepping Out On The Limb 
out on the limb admitting her feelings will leave her heartbroken but she shows her fortitude by not giving up on herself Sometimes ou don t know what الإيضاح لمتن ايساغوجي في المنطق you really have untilou lose it Several people will learn that lesson the hard way but maybe two people can make amends and find their happily ever after ending Meh not the worst thing I ve read but I mostly skimmed this. 's turn to teach Maisy just how gorgeous and sexy she really is if she'll just accept her curves and size for what they truly are Sexy as hel. For the best reason for her Carter comes in and is her personal trainer He is strong and he makes her feel special Oh my gosh does he ever He gives a new meaning to a personal trainer He is hunky and sexy and a bit bossy No he isn t he is way bossy Dom like bossy and I loved every second of him The relationship between Carter *and Maisy is a sweet relationship They have sparks flying left and right It is fun flirty sexy and at *Maisy is a sweet relationship They have sparks flying left and right It is fun flirty sexy and at combustible He is everything that she needs The author did an amazing job with the emotions in this book I look forward to reading by this author Trying to get over a bad breakup Maisy moves from the city After being verbally abused her self confidence is low After her move she decided that she wants to be healthier so she visits the local gym That when she meet her personal trainer and owner of the gym Carter I absolutely love this book The characters are so relatableI highly recommended Oh my goodness I LOVED this book so much The characters book The characters are so relatableI highly recommended Oh my goodness I LOVED this book so much The characters great the story was amazing This books has inspired me Wish there was than five stars It s the first story I ve read by this author and I was very pleased with it Her writing style is refreshing her characters are realistic and very relatable especially Maisy the story has a conflict and angst without turning into melodrama The sex scenes and erotic tension are out of this world prepare to be fanning ourself a lot during Maisy s workout Carter her dreamy gym dom with a sculpted body and wicked imaginative mind sure puts her through her paces and brings the spice our girl has been missing in her lifeA lot of women will relate to Maisy and her struggle with self esteem and will hopefully find some inspiration in her character She goes through a great deal of change after her painful break up developing from an insecure scared woman ashamed of her weight into a confident lady fully comfortable and proud of both her body and sexuality I m also sure that plenty of women me included would love their own personal gym Dom like Carter He was the ideal man to bring both Maisy s inner submissive to the surface as well as help her overcome her doubts and find a healthier way of viewing herself The fact that he is smoking hot and master of teasing didn t hurt as well He had some issues and flaws but in general I really enjoyed his character Their romance was very believable and sweet the emotions felt genuineIf ou are looking for a sweet love story with a side of kink and span. Pot a woman with a deep need for total submission from a mile a way And the beautiful but broken Maisy is just begging for it Now it's Carter. ,
DNF I anticipated some tomfoolery skipped *to the end and I was right Maisy should have made Carter work harder view spoiler *the end and I was right Maisy should have made Carter work harder view spoiler have been working out hooking up Maisy says ILY He replies that he is not that guy he doesn t love her he is sorry and then let s her walk TWO MONTHS LATER he is at a bar and realizes he doesn t just miss her he loves her he called for a while finally got her on the phone but had nothing to say so he stopped calling He sees her moments later and after a run in with her ex she cries they kiss he says he loves her and he won t screw up again She takes him back She s been celibate no word on him They were never exclusive so who knows hide spoiler This is my first story by this author and I certainly enjoyed it will be looking into her backlist Maisy is coming out of a bad relationship it was so bad that it damaged her self esteem She signs up at a gym to get in shape and to gain An enjoyable read about a woman who is trying to find herself again after a messy break up Maisey was a very likeable heroine who any woman who ever struggled with her weight could relate to To help her get over her ex Maisy moves town and decides to join a gym Enter Carter the hot as hades gym instructor who pushes Maisy past all her boundaries and then someI liked Carter a lot I can t say I ever fell in love with him and some of his actions made me raise my eyebrows a bit Only in so far as if he had been my personal trainer I d have thumped him for acting inappropriately Putting that to one side he did grow on me Seeing Maisy blossom under his care was great What I really loved however was Maisy s reaction to Carter doing the inevitable must not commit move blokes like to do No spoilers but it showed how far she had come in herself and I was cheering her onOf course we have our HEA with Maisy and Carter and he does redeem himself in the endAll in all a great read I have never read this author before so I thought I would give it a go Let me say that I really enjoyed this book It is well written and done with a good pace It feels raw and real with *a great plot I loved Maisy She to me felt real *great plot I loved Maisy She to me felt real struggles were real It s what woman fell and think At least I know I do Maisy has just left a bad relationship where she was teased and made fun of about her weight by her then boyfriend She has confidence issues but is determined to start over and live her life for her and enjoy it She joins a gym and wants to reach her goal weight She does it. Personal trainer Carter Lewis knows his way around the gym and around a woman's body No stranger to the wild world of domination Carter can Gaining Maisy