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Old Earth or Evolutionary Creation?

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Ale Rana the VP of research for RTB demonstrates in the book that there are a number of things that he doesn t accept about biological evolution including the Cambrian explosion and the nature of convergence in evolution Perhaps this explains why RTB has such a problem with biological evolutionThis book provides the clearest yet description of the positions of these two organizations as well as a clarification of their differences I can recommend it to Christians who want to learn about the intersection of biological evolution and Christian Theology Edited By Kenneth Keathley Edited by Kenneth Keathley B Stump and Joe Aguirre Old Earth or Evolutionary Creation Discussing Origins with Reasons to Believe and BioLogos is a moderated Southern Baptist Convention two view presentation and discussion between two Christian organizations BioLogos and Reasons to Believe in agreement with evolutionary theory in general and an understanding of the earth as being billions of years old but they are in disagreement over what all that necessarily means and how we humans became we are in particular especially regarding what it means to be made in the image of God BioLogos members believe all life including humans have a common ancestor Reasons to Believe RTB members believe humans were created as special beings separate and apart from an evolutionary processWHO ARE THEYBioLogos is uite a diverse group with no central board of scholars dictating their beliefs and findings to others Their core commitments are relatively broad We embrace the historical Christian faith upholding the authority and inspiration of the Bible We affirm evolutionary creation recognizing God as Creator of all life over biollions of years We seek truth ever learning as we study the natural world and the Bible We strive for humility and gracious dialogue with those who hold other views We aim for excellence in all areas from science to education to business practicesWhen an author writes from the perspective of BioLogos he or she often includes a caveat that not all within the organization may agree on the specifics or even in general as the case may be The organization s focus is primarily on educating Christians in the both and of science and Scripture in hopes of ending or smoothing controversies surrounding both and the fear andor disdain many have for evolutionary theoryReasons to Believe is rather exclusive with only a small team of four scientists Fazale Rana Anjeanette Roberts Hugh Ross Jeff Zweerink and one theologian Kenneth Samples leading the pack Reuirements for participation include signing a four page doctrinal statement explicitly Protestant and evangelical patterned after Reformation creeds but allows for diversity of views on eschatology spiritual gifts and the paradox of human free will and divine predestination with a view of biblical inerrancy as articulated by the International Council on Biblical Inerrancy a Christian behavior contract and RTB s mission statement When an author writes from the perspective of RTB it is assumed all are in agreement The organization s focus is evangelizing non Christians into a saving relationship with JesusCONTRIBUTING AUTHORS Southern Baptist Convention Ted Cabal James Dew Ken Keathley John Laing Steve Lemke Robert Stewart BioLogos Darrel Falk Deborah Haarsma Loren Haarsma Jeff Schloss Ralph Stearley Ken Keathley John Laing Steve Lemke Robert Stewart BioLogos Darrel Falk Deborah Haarsma Loren Haarsma Jeff Schloss Ralph Stearley B Stump John Walton Reasons to Believe Fazale Fuz Rana Hugh Ross Kenneth Samples Jeff ZweerinkABOUT THE BOOKThough not likely to convince and swing young earth and literal six day creationists to an old earth perspecti. In science and theology This book is the result of those meetings Moderated by Southern Baptist seminary professors the discussion between Reasons to Believe and BioLogos touches on many of the pressing debates in science and faith including biblical authority the historicity of Adam and Eve human genetics and common descent the problem of natural evil and methodological naturalism While both organizations agre. Ve it proves helpful in better understanding the two provided views in general and in pointing to much needed further detailed and precise information see footnotes and bibliography for sources The format of each chapter includes an SBC moderator introduction with uestions a response from a BioLogos author followed by the RTB response a redirect with clarifications and uestions from SBC a response from BioLogos and RTB in the same order and a conclusion from SBC While authors BioLogos appear to be much specific detailed and thorough than those from and a conclusion from SBC While authors BioLogos appear to be much specific detailed and thorough than those from there simply isn t enough time or space for fully articulated arguments and responses and I wonder if the discussion would have been any different if the order had alternated between BioLogos and RTB responses It would also have been helpful had the authors been able to edit their responses to better suit the moderator s uestions as intended rather than some moderator conclusions ending with something akin to I must have been misunderstood or my uestions weren t really answered It definitely reads as an ongoing conversation which it is than a thoroughly prepared articulation of two views which it isn tSTARTING WITH THE ENDSome read the endconclusion of a book before reading the A good two views book on Old Earth and Evolutionary Creationism As someone who adhered to the two views book on Old Earth and Evolutionary Creationism As someone who adhered to the Old Earth Creation model for several years and who slowly transitioned into an evolutionary creationist I freuently mused throughout my reading that this is what a debate would look like if I time traveled and debated myself from 4 years ago on the doctrine of creation The Evan from 2018 would make arguments like Darrel Falk and the me from 4 years ago would make arguments like Fasale Rana for examples Maybe I thought of this because I ve been watching a lot of Doctor Who Anyway for those who disenchanted with a young earth creation view but find the evidence for Christianity to compelling to embrace atheistic evolution this book presents two other in between viable options for you to choose from Each chapter presents a representative from two of the world s biggest sciencefaith ministries BioLogos and Reasons To Believe and each chapter deals with a specific topic such as how much if any of a role methodological naturalism should play in examining scientific evidence the historicity of Adam and Eve in light of each organization s respective view of origins and whether the scientific evidence validates undermines or at least is indeterminative of whether large scale evolution took place over the course of this planet s history Of course this book doesn t exhaustively cover all of these details It is only an introduction into the conversation For an in depth examination of BioLogos perspective I recommend the following booksOrigins Christian Perspectives On Creation Evolution and Intelligent Design by Deborah and Loren HaarsmaThe Language Of God A Scientist Presents Evidence For Belief by Francis CollinsDeliver Us From Evolution A Christian Biologist s Indepth look At The Evidence Reveals A Surprising Harmony Between Science and God by Aron R YilmazThe Lost World Of Genesis One by John WaltonThe Lost World Of Adam and Eve by John WaltonHow I Changed My Mind About Evolution Evangelicals Discuss Faith and Science Edited by Kathryn Applegate and JB Stump For an in depth examination of Reasons To Believe s positionThe Creator and The Cosmos by Hugh RossMore Than A Theory by Hugh RossA Matter Of Days by Hugh RossWho Was Adam by Fasale Rana and Hugh RossNavigating Genesis by Hugh Ros. E that God created the universe billions of years ago their differences reveal that far is at stake here than just the age of the earthOld Earth or Evolutionary Creation invites readers to listen in as Christian scholars weigh the evidence explore the options and challenge each other on the uestions of creation and evolution In a culture of increasing polarization this is a model for charitable Christian dialogu. This book details the friendly debate by two groups who believe in evolutionary creation moderated by a group of conservative Southern Baptists They touch on all the hot topics creation Adam Eve theodicy etcWhile this is a valiant effort I have a few issues with the book I don t really n This book is the result of a series of meetings between representatives of BioLogos advocates of evolutionary creation and Reasons to Believe RTB advocates of old earth creation I liked the structure of this book Each chapter begins with an introduction and uestions by a Southern Baptist Convention SBC moderator followed by responses from a representative of each organization Then there is a redirect by the moderator with specific follow up uestions for each respondent followed by their responses and a conclusion by the chapter moderator Topics covered include biblical interpretation and authority the range of viable positions concerning Adam and Eve natural evil divine action the scientific method biological evolution the geological evidence the fossil evidence the biological evidence and the anthropological evidenceThe purpose of the book is to help lay readers identify science faith issues comprehend what the two organizations stand for understand the nature of their dialogue and what the two organizations hope to achieve through it and appreciate how they and the church at large can benefit from the conversation p 6BioLogos is committed to the following core doctrines 1 and the church at large can benefit from the conversation p 6BioLogos is committed to the following core doctrines 1 are created in the image of God with a special relationship to God and a role to play in God s creation 2 All humans who have ever lived have sinned by rebelling against God s revealed will and 3 God has dealt with sin through Christ s incarnation death resurrection ascension and promised return p 50Within that commitment BioLogos suggests four potentially viable scenarios for interpreting Genesis 2 3 that could be consistent with both biological evolution and their core doctrines In response Ken Samples of RTB concisely states the traditional case for a historical Adam and Eve as the progenitors of all humanity RTB s objections to the creation of mankind via biological evolution focus on both the theological difficulties and the biological evidenceLoren Haarsma of BioLogos presents a good discussion of the interaction of science and biblical interpretation including the observation that BioLogos does not believe that science trumps theology or biblical interpretation but we do believe interpretation including the observation that BioLogos does not believe that science trumps theology or biblical interpretation but we do believe theology and biblical interpretation can draw useful insights from scientific discoveries p 50Darrel Falk of BioLogos points out that many of us who subscribe to evolutionary creation do believe in a historical Adam and Eve It is important to emphasize that mainstream science does not imply that Adam and Eve did not exist just that they could not have been the only two progenitors of the human race p 136The most interesting chapters are the two where BioLogos and RTB disagree the most namely interpreting the evidence for biological evolution Chap 7 and interpreting the anthropological evidence for the uniueness of humans Chap 11The brief final chapter What is the Next Step has a very promising title but contains very little meat to chew onIt is no surprise that the SBC moderators tend to side with the RTB position whenever it differs from the BioLogos position It is also no surprise that I tend to side with the BioLogos position RTB is very good in the areas of cosmological evolution but leaves a bit to be desired in the area of biological evolution Faz. Christians confess that God created the heavens and the earth But they are divided over how God created and whether the Bible gives us a scientifically accurate account of the process of creationRepresentatives of two prominent positions―old earth creation Reasons to Believe and evolutionary creation BioLogos―have been in dialogue over the past decade to understand where they agree and disagree on ey issues.