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The Fix eOTAL READING TIME 2 hours 59 minutesI looooved the first two books of this trilogy Trouble is a Friend of Minespecially I just wanted Zoe and Digby to get to the bottom of Sally Digby s disappearance 9 years before the vents of the books and I was so xcited when the last book was finally announcedMe not njoying this book as much as I hoped is definitely partly my fault I read the second book Trouble Makes a Comeback in August 2017 xactly two years ago so I ve forgotten almost verything that happened in that book which were all continued or referenced In This One So The Entire Time this one So the ntire time was reading this I was just confused *and kept trying to remember who the other characters were and what *kept trying to remember who the other characters were and what did But my main issue with this book is that it all felt so rushed You d think the final book of a trilogy would be the longest andor the most action packed but this book was shorter than the first two and the pacing felt off I feel like the first two books could have been longer and that this book didn t need to xist I m surprised by how uch i njoyed this book It s one of the most satisfying conclusions to series i ve read in years A really fun series but I think my reading preferences have changed since I started it years ago This book was as messy wild motional and laugh out loud funny as I wanted it to be The pop "culture banter crazy circumstances and unpredictability of it all makes this the perfect conclusion to the series But like possibly "banter crazy circumstances and unpredictability of it all makes this the perfect conclusion to the series But like possibly conclusion The nding has a couple of loose threads that make me think the author is leaving a door open but it could also for sure be the nd I always want when it comes to Digby and Zoe and the rest of the cast I adore them all ven Sloane who I never thought I could ver love Aside from maybe an pilogue a few months later so I can make sure al my bbys are faring well this is pretty much verything I wanted out of this book I interviewed Zoe and Digby for the blog tour Check out the hilarious interview where Digby just shows up out of nowhere and completely surprises Zoe hereAlso my playlist for this book can be found hereBOOK BLOG IG TUMBLR TWITTER REVIEW OMG THAT ENDINGI m still trying to gather my thoughtsI don t know what lse to say Lachlan's Protg (English Edition) except that it doesn t feel like this book is over Spoiler if you dare view spoilerSomeone s been manipulating test scores inTrouble Makes a Comeback which means that test scores may not be definitive Which means that if it gets leaked it might just affect where Zoe goes to college hide spoiler 12818MAN that was super satisfying I don t think anything willver live up to the perfection of the first book but Trouble Never Sleeps certainly gave the Trouble trilogy a high note to go out on I m gonna miss the ragtag River Heights crew Full review to come closer to release8217I need this immediately but I ll settle for April Zoe Digby are the best slow ship of all time fight And she's definitely up for whatever closure this new caper might offer ven though this mystery will come with a twist neither xpectedWith acerbic banter steamy chemistry and no small amount of sarcasm Zoe and Digby are the will they or won't they charismatic crime solving couple you've been waiting fo. 3 STARS FOR TROUBLE NEVER SLEEPS BY STEPHANIE TROMLYThe Trouble suad is back for one last adventure as the uest for answers about Digby s sister comes to a close and Zoe wonders what her acceptance into Prentiss means for the "Future Of Her Relationship With Digby Overall "of her relationship with Digby Overall Trouble series is full of ndless fun and ntertainment and scratches that itch for Nancy Drewesue stories While it didn t uite live up to my xpectations it still had some laugh out loud moments that I ve come to xpect from these characters and I was glad to have one last book with this crewI think my main issue with this conclusion is that I think Tromley s Conflict in Blood execution of her plot ideas fell flat Thentire series is built around the idea of finding out what really happened to Digby s sister and while we get all of those answers here I was left underwhelmed Digby s reaction to what is revealed wasn t what I xpected from him and he took it surprisingly well considering the implications of what it would mean for him and his family Overall I don t think I liked how pretty much any of the characters reacted to the stuff happening in here When Zoe has the whole school turn against her and slut shame her for stealing Digby *away from his x girlfriend Sloane is really the only one out of her ntire group *from his x girlfriend Sloane is really the only one out of her Grace Hopper and the Invention of the Information Age (Lemelson Center Studies in Invention and Innovation series) entire group friends to reach out to her and ask how she s coping with it all I was blown away by thisspecially since she wasn t on bad terms with any of them Logic, Labels, And Flesh except for Digby who I think still should have reached out I just found it very weird and it sat funny with me Additionally I wasn t sure what to think about the Henry and Sloane drama It read to me that some girl took advantage of a very drunk and upset Henry at a party who said he was sleeping and yet Sloane was punishing him for it Sloane s character has never been the mostmpathetic or understanding but I didn t like the tone and route the book took to that topic since Henry spends the rest of the novel basically trying to get into Sloane s good graces again There was a very odd theme of predatory sexual behavior being made light of for jokes as Also Seen In Scenes seen in scenes Zoe s being flirted with by an older cop and instead of being concerned about his girlfriend being around someone who is clearly intending to make a move on an underaged student Digby instead gets passive aggressive and jealous WhatAlso there was some uestionable choices made here about some of the jokes being used mainly a few made by Sloane about school shootings and school violence I was surprised Tromley s Dialogue: Relationships in Graphic Design editor didn t pick up on these comments and revise it to something different before this book s publicationspecially with all of the intense media coverage these past few months On the bright side I liked the character development for Felix that I found here I liked seeing a assertive side of him where he was still a loyal friend to Digby and crew but he knew Happily Ever After gets a serious makeover in this swoony non stop thrill ride of a conclusion to the Trouble Is a Friend of Mine trilogyNo one makes getting into trouble look as good as Philip Digby and he looks good doing it Now that he's back in town he's plunged Zoe and their Scooby Gang of wealthy fr. ,

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Here to draw a line with Digby s antics and recklessness I also thought that scene with that football player s video being used to detract attention from Zoe was hilarious The The Originality of the Avant-Garde and Other Modernist Myths ending left somends untied so I definitely would not be opposed to jumping back into this world if Tromley so chooses Maybe next time we would be inside Henry and Sloane s heads Rating 45 StarsI am so glad I finally read this series because Digby and Zoe were a fantastic duo and I Modeling and Analysis of Communicating Systems enjoyed getting to know them I wanted to give Tromly a hug because I was really happy with the way she wrapped up the mystery of Digby s sister As always it was a fun journey with Zoe and Digby There are multiple side conflicts cooking in the background as Digby and Zoe continue their search for Sally and I was happy with the way Tromly wrapped those up Digby s little romantic gesture delighted me but I would have been over the moon if there had been apilogue Though the nding may it seem like there was a possibility of adventures with Zoe and Digby and I would be wholly on board for that BLOG INSTAGRAM TWITTER BLOGLOVIN FRIEND ME TWITTER BLOGLOVIN FRIEND ME GOODREADS 45 starsread on my blogI loved the first two books of the Trouble series and I was so xcited when the third book was announced Book two nded in a bit of a cliffhanger so it was nice to have the closure we ve including the characters been looking for for so longThe gang is back to their antics in this book They ve grown so much since the first book that I cried a little It s always nice to see your favorite characters again and really they are out in full form Clever Digby headstrong Zoe good natured Henry prickly Sloane and the adorable Felix their group dynamic is hilarious and I love seeing their scenes together whether in a robbery or a few lol a con or just hanging outAND the romance finally Digby and Zoe are such a great couple and I genuinely love their relationship so much There were some uh steamy scenes cough the opening scene cough but they still had their witty banter as seen throughout the series
*at one point *
one point and Digby discuss who in the gang is who in the Archie comics a conversation that made me laugh 35 starsThis series has been weird for me I didn t care for the first one but I liked the other two I think I would njoy them a lot if I ver binged them because I went into this one with absolutely no idea wtf was going on The relationship between Zoe and Digby is what kept me reading I m amused at their push and pull and odd dynamic that seems to really work for them I still loved Sloane and their other friends but the strangeness of it all is what I njoyed Plot wise it was fast paced from the beginning and didn t stop The In Deeper ending was intriguing and satisfying and maddening all at the same time It doesn t feel like it s over and if there s another book I ll be reading Huge thanks to Kathy Dawson Books for providing the arc free of charge Enemy Sloane nerd tastic genius Felix and aw shucks handsome Henry back into the deepnd on the hunt for his kidnapped sister He's got a lead but it involves doing a deal with the scion of an alarmingly powerful family not to mention committing some light treason Zoe and Digby are officially together now.
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