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ueen Takes Knights Their Vampire ueen #1Buy this book now Erotic iveting and tension filled this newest series from Ms Burkhart is Fantastic It Is All I It is all I for and I am breathless with desire and excitement The story starts out a little confusing as Shara is on the Ejercito y Milicias En El Mundo Colonial Americano run from monsters no one can see but her She is an average woman who has lost her beloved parents and staying just one step ahead of monsters who killed them She missteps this last time and didn tun soon enough This is a problem as it looks to be the end for her To her surprise two gorgeous men appear out of no where to Power Engineering: Advances and Challenges Part B: Electrical Power rescue her and insist she is theirs Foreaders who enjoyed The Black Jewels Trilogy Daughter of the Blood Heir to the Shadows ueen of the Darkness by Anne Bishop this is the erotic adult version for you It contains a similar theme with a woman WHO NEEDS BLOOD KNIGHTS TO HELP PROTECT HER FOR needs blood knights to help protect her For who enjoyed the unfinished Mon e Children of the Moon who enjoyed the unfinished Mon e Children of the Moon Sunny this is a series not to be missed Because Ms Burkhart s uniue writing voice brings to life a new mythos of how vampire ueens come into existence and how they create their ueendomsThis first one book is non stop action as it sets up an incredible new world where Shara is not only a ueen vampire but a descendent from a mythical line What I liked most about this book is how Shara is on a self discovery journey Everything she s ever known about her life seen through a different perspective makes sense Her new world frightens her and yet it excites her as her instincts kick inFrom a character perspective I love Shara She is a down to earth female who is hard working and independent She handles pressure well and she inspires loyalty Her two knights in shining armour Daire and Rik are so lovable Their horror of how Shara lives and does without is a constan. A lost virgin vampire ueen Two vampire knights sworn to protect herIt's about to get very hot and bloodyEver since her mother was murdered by monsters five years ago Shara Isador has been on the un Alone scared and exhausted she's finally cornered in Eureka Springs Arkansas Out of hope with now.

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T source of amusement for me Their love for each other is a nice touch which makes this story even hawter for me Speaking of hot the sex in this story is blazing hawt The sexual chemistry between the three is so good The erotic scenes are vivid sensual and filled with yearning Lest a eader thing this is just one sex scene after another it is not There are fighting scenes From Muslim to Christian Granada: Inventing a City's Past in Early Modern Spain reveals intrigue and character growthAnothereason why this series is promising is because it is a progressive one This is my favourite kind of story because of the series is promising is because it is a progressive one This is my favourite kind of story because of the growth I m invested in Shara and I want to
See Where She Goes 
where she goes her powers grow It will be interesting to see how she handles knights coming to her aid Right now it is a tight circle of three Does it need to be complicated It appears that it might due to vampire politics Politics is the bane of every societyI can t wait to see what happens next bane of every societyI can t wait to see what happens next is not a series to be missed Highly Bright Montana Sky recommended to urban fantasyeaders who enjoy an erotic spice to their stories I voluntarily Pancreatic Cancer: A Patient and His Doctor Balance Hope and Truth read an arc Good Gross and WTF moments ueen Takes Knights was interesting Gross but interesting Yes at one point I threw up in my mouth IN MY MOUTH PEOPLE I totally get that vampires love blood and shit but ew PERIOD BLOOD no neverAlso comparing blood to wine or vice versa NONONONONONONONONONO That will never be a thing don t make that a thingOther than that yuckfest the smut was good The story was interesting and kept me engaged I just did not like all the blood talk Oh and the My ueen shit That needs to stop because it was getting annoying as fuckeading that If I wanted to waste my day away I could ve counted the amount of times that phrase was used but since I don t want to do that ever Idgaf I just don t want to see the words My. Here else to turn she's Ein Makelloser Abstieg: Roman ready to end it all when two men come to herescueThey say she's a lost ueen descended from Isis and they're her Blood vampire knights sworn to protect her It all seems like a crazy nightmare until the alpha offers his blood Then she ealizes she's never wanted anything.
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Ueen ever againHer name is S 2019Still eally enjoyed it2018I liked it a lot Lots of blood some good vampire A and nice bit of sexy timeI will be eading book 2 You ll all be elieved to know that swords were crossed Oddly enough though I found myself not all that tingled by the crossing of said swords It was kind of perfunctory ather than erotic sadRik and Daire by the crossing of said swords It was kind of perfunctory ather than erotic sadRik and Daire eally into their newly rather than erotic sadRik and Daire eally into their newly vampire ueen who is also a virgin for about 25 milliseconds which I Guess Makes Sense Since She S The New Component guess makes sense since she s the new component their Men of Empire: Power and Negotiation in Venice's Maritime State relationship but still Nevertheless Burkhart did a good jobepresenting them as bisexual They live to serve their ueen love her and would do anything to protect her but they also love each other and all three are into it so kudos on that front As much as they are all horned up for one an You A Gift of Time: Continuing Your Pregnancy When Your Baby's Life Is Expected to Be Brief re my ueen Youe so far beyond alpha that if you ordered me to cease breathing I d die trying This is a Reverse Harem book ie One girl many guys Why should you have one if you can have them allSo I have Bazaars, Conversations Freedom read my fair share of MMF MFM and generally m nage books because you know love is love and passion is passion no matter the numbers and the combinations etc I basically canead anything that it is written well and it can defend what it states BUT I honestly don t understand what is the difference between m nage books and Reverse Harem books besides the cuter and catchier titleAnyway Shara is a simple nice girl who keeps To Russia with Love: An Alaskan's Journey running away from the monsters in the dark who possibly want to kill her like they killed her mother and father She changes towns jobsooms She is very careful not to bleed and always uses salt to seal her Punk Pedagogies in Practice room when she tries to be protected and a bitelaxedUnfortunately one night the monsters manage to find her and two go. Except maybe his body and his friend's tooBut they're not the only ones searching for a lost ueen Shara must learn how to wield her new powers uickly and conuer her fears if she intends to keep them all aliveThis is a MMFFM polyam series and Shara will never be forced to choose just one #whychoo.