(E–pub/Pdf) [Judy Blume Boxed Set Fudge a Mania Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Superfudge] by Judy Blume

Judy Blume Boxed Set Fudge a Mania Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing SuperfudgeFamily that could ossibly exist I Saw Many Parallels Between saw many arallels between Hatcher Family And My Family So The Series Definitely Hatcher family and my family so the series definitely the realistic fiction genre This is a fantastic series to ignite the love of reading a chapter book at the 2nd and 3rd grade reading level Students are able to identify with the characters and family dynamics which makes the books simply a fun read I would make sure this book was included in my classroom library and use the stories to allow students to find connections with the text I would use the book to introduce the subject of My Family and ask students if they have similar funny stories to share about their family I would read this book aloud to my 1st or 2nd grade students and allow the class to all laugh along with the textStudents would definitely laugh along with the text if they were able to act out any of the scenes as well I laughed a lo. Fudge Now all ackaged together for the very first time this collection of Fudge books will lease lifelong fans and entice a whole new generation of Blume reade. Group which means that Joe isn t home for dinner so we read aloud don t know how we got started on that tradition but it stuck We read them out of order so this one falls somewhere in the middle of th Oh Judy Blume how I have missed you I can t figure out if these stories are funnier as a kid or an adult who has children I laughed because the stories of Fudge and all the trouble he gets into reminds me of raising two Young Girls Who Still Keep girls who still keep on my toes My family and I share similar stories with the Hatcher family my daughter chipped her front teeth when she was two and we have had dinnertime battles where I have used the hrase Eat it or wear it times than I can remember The stories are hilarious because they happen to all of us regular families and kids can see that it s ok to laugh at their own family chaos tooThis is a realistic fiction book as it tells the story of It all Sheila Tubman in Judy Blume’s five Fudge books Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great Superfudge Fudge A Mania And Fudge a Mania and ,