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Pening to them 3 new guys come into town Ivan Erik and James and they nd up in Harper s class and there s a reason why they are there but it s a secret That s all I m going to give The main character is all over the "place She is with this guy he upsets her and then she is with a different guy Next "She is with this guy he upsets her and then she is with a different guy Next really The Bookshop on the Shore enjoyed this story Hopefully the next one will be out soon I really want to punch Ivan in the throat though like real bad Then Erick and then Ivan again I really don t have a lot to say about this book It felt really chaotic withmotionsfeelings all over the placealmost like the main female character has slight bio polar disorder It has great bones to be something great but I personally don t like main female leads to be so unsure of there feelings from one sentence to the next Just my personal opinion and my preference This is an asy book to read with good characters and a good story Although there aren t many new concepts in this novel there is plenty of story The characterisations are clear cut with Well Defined Personalities And Distinctive defined personalities and distinctive that separates ach of the characters The story keeps you hooked with a steady pace that keeps the revelations coming as the plot thickensI m very much looking forward to getting stuck in to the next novelI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review Wow this turned out to be longer that I The Art of Memoir expected Linbridge it s a small town whereverything is pretty ordinary NotThe town is basically filled with and ruled by vampires So yeah sure it s pretty ordinary We learn a bunch of facts about this world from the first few pages and I liked that it saved me from feeling confused But you gotta admit this vampire protection thing as they like to call it is pretty damn close to slavery If you re not protected by a specific vampire you re considered to be fare game But if you are than the vampire can dictate your whole life They can choose where you live whether or not you can keep in touch with your family and friends and who you can date and marry Plus you have to donate blood once a week And you absolutely cannot leave town without permission The plot itself was kind of obvious and The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life easy to predict up to a point Forxample I did not read the blurb btw so I had no idea what to xpect going in from what was xplained it was pretty obvious that Harper would be rejected It was kind of a given And let s be honest the moment it was mentioned that she was painting three men she d never met before you just know that it s those three new guys And there were some xtremely ridiculous parts like the guys saying that they want to keep their status as vampires hidden yet they go to feed at the club the only club in town as I understand it where veryone can see them but no one figures it out Come onBut despite all of those thing for some completely unfathomable reason the story was working for me again up to Ors while the unclaimed are fair game for whatever goes bump in the nightA week before her birthday her current protector Finnick rejects his claim to continue being her protector Harper’s whole world changes in an instant but it’s not all bad She meets a few new friends There’s a connection she has with them one that she can’t PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition exactlyxplain Along with the new friends she is reunited with an old one Alex He’s one of the unclaimedJust when things seem to be at their best verything once again crumbles down around Harper Lies are uncovered and some truths are revealed There’s a bigger Point The point being the guys brining in that bimbo of theirs to look after Harper I mean come on you do not bring a floozy of yours to look after your current girl Who do not bring a floozy of yours to look after your current girl Who that I don t know I thought that maybe she would be a good friend for you Yeah How long have you thought about it And was that thought process taking place before or after you showed your tongue down her throat in front of Harper Males After thought process taking place before or after you showed your tongue down her throat in front of Harper Males After the story turned into complete mess I ve honestly lost count of how many time Harper has packed up her things and moved from one place to another and how many people she had a make out session with It was getting harder and harder to keep up with the vents Now to the characters It was difficult trying to get a grip on the characters personalities it felt like they were constantly changing Ivan first seemed like an The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, easy going guy kind of adorable really But then all of a sudden he turned into some dick and I could not recognize him at allErik first came out standoffish but had something charming about him He often behaved like an idiot but seemed to come through by thend Jameson Well from those two or three interactions we had with him he seemed reasonable nough The only person okey two persons I actually like were Godric and Drake Everyone lse behaved really childish specially so by the nd Again despite all of its misfortunes the book was The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl extremelyasy to read and it did surprisingly worked for me the majority of the time I don t know why I m doing this to myself but I probably will read the next one no matter how ridiculous it s gonna be This book really had me torn I m a huge paranormalsupernatural fan so in that sense this book was right up my ally I m also a fan of RH and I freuently read menage so again up my ally What I m NOT a fan of is OW drama Yes I knew there would be some but this really pushed my limitsIt seemed like the MCs were all over the place Exile and Pilgrim emotionally and relationally They would spout I Love Yous on one page and then I Hate Yous on the next The heroine was the one the guys had been looking for for years and they bonded with her but almost instantly brought back an old love Then they couldn t possibly understand how the heroine could be bothered by her presence WHEN they had been in a sexual realationship with the woman Then to have one of the guys pretty much drop the heroine whom he had said ILY to just days before really passed me off IMO I m done with his character There s no redeeming him for me I had hope for another of the other guys but a scene at thend made me take a step back from him The other guyI can t say much about him I like him but he stayed in the backgroundHowever ven with my xtreme distaste of the OW drama and my hatred yes hatred of one of the maybe Heros I will be reading the second book The cliffhanger was killer and im looking forward to see how the Hannah Montana: The Movie ending is handled and addressed because IT does need to be handled and addresse. Icture to Harper’s connection with her newest friends They aren’t what they seem In fact they aren’tven human They’re vampires part of a vampire clan to be precise and they hunt down other vampires who break the laws of their kindHarper soon falls for one of the clan members but it all comes unraveled with the sudden appearance of an old flame Clara has held the clans hearts for centuriesWill Clara’s past with the clan destroy verything Harper has or will another threat take her life away Can love prevail or will it only destroy her Harper may run but she won’t be able to hide foreve.

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Bitten The Vampires of Linbridge #1