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It s a good book for fast review of evolution A must read for anybody that will be studying evolution And worth reading over again Many books have traced the development of evolutionary ideas from the early stirrings in the late eighteenth century through the development of evolutionary ideas from the early stirrings in the late eighteenth century through triumph This books provides a nice overview of the history of biological science over the past 200 years with a focus on genetic science as it transitioned from philosophical speculation to evidence based science What I found interesting and entertaining was how various opposing theories of the mechanisms of genetic inheritance were gradually synthesized over the Decades Some Of Those Some of those dedicated their lives to oppose other s theories never knew that beyond their lifetimes their theories were synthesized with their opponents Everyone eventually was right in some way and sometimes wrong in other ways The book is a bit outdated already due to rapid ongoing discoveries in this field For example findings of recent genetic studies related to gene switches show that Darwin s basic ideas about genetic changes to DNA occurring during the lifetime of an organism were not completely wrong "As They Were Thought To "they were thought to for a long timeAs much as I enjoyed this book due to my limite Summary A history of the development of evolutionary theory including both the antecedents to Darwin and Russell and the extension of this theory the controversies both past and present that it provoked and the genetic discoveries that hav. “I often said before starting that I had no doubt I should freuently repent of the whole ndertaking” So wrote Charles Darwin aboard The Beagle bound for the Galapagos Islands and what would arguably become the greatest and most controversial discovery in scientific history But the theory of evolution did not spring full blown from the head of Darwin Since the dawn of humanity priests philosophers and scientists have debated the origin and development of life on earth and with modern science that debate shifted into high gearIn this lively deeply erudite work Pulitzer Prize–winning science historian Edward J Larson takes s on a guided tour of Darwin’s “dangerous idea” from its theoretical antecedents in the early nineteenth century to the brilliant breakthroughs of Darwin and Wallace to Watson and Crick’s stunning disco. ,

E further revealed the theory s mechanismsThe theory of evolution is perhaps one of the most contested of scientific Battlegrounds Both In Terms Of both in terms of debates about aspects of the theory and the conflict particularly in the US around this theory and at least some branches of Christian belief What Edward J Larson gives s here is not a scientific or theological treatise but rather a highly readable history that explains both key developments even those preceding Darwin and the controversies that resulted down to the time of publication 2004The tale begins with studies of both biological specimens and fossil finds by figures such as Cuvier and Lamarck that suggest both a great antiuity for life on earth that stretches the bounds of creation accounts in the Bible as they were nderstood and also suggests both continuities and discontinuities between species in a kind of tree of life Scientists before Darwin as well as OTHER THINKERS THOUGHT IN TERMS OF SOME FORM OF thinkers thought in terms of some form of But Could Not Understand How One Species Developed From Another could not nderstand how one species developed from another adaptive characteristics inherited as in Lamarck s proposals How did speciation occurLarson discusses the work of Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace who are rivals for the title of the father of evolution Each was coming to similar conclusions about natural selection and were even in touch with each other and jointly published a paper on natural selection But it was Darwin s book On the Origin of the Species that captured Very of the DNA double helix and to the triumphant neo Darwinian synthesis and rising sociobiology todayAlong the way Larson expertly places the scientific pheaval of evolution in cultural perspective the social and philosophical earthuake that was the French Revolution; the development in England of a laissez faire capitalism in tune with a Darwinian ethos of “survival of the fittest”; the emergence of Social Darwinism and the dark science of eugenics against a backdrop of industrial revolution; the American Christian backlash against evolutionism that culminated in the famous Scopes trial; and on to today’s world where religious fundamentalists litigate for the right to teach “creation science” alongside evolution in US public schools even as the theory itself continues to evolve in new and surprising directionsThroughout. ,

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Evolution The Remarkable History of a Scientific TheoryUblic attention and led to the primary association of his name with the theoryThe book also traces the history both of subseuent key findings particularly in Mendelian genetics and the critical work of Watson and Crick as well as some of the darker sides of Darwinism in social Darwinism and eugenics trials culminating in the genocide of the Holocaust While not laying these developments at the feet of the theory one does see in this history the darker tendency of humans to help natural selection along and sometimes at any costLarson also gives an even handed overview of the anti evolution controversies both of the Scopes trial era and recent efforts He profiles the principle opponents of evolution and their ideas as well as the problematic elements in what they propose He also chronicles recent controversies within the scientific communities around sociobiology as well as punctuated euilibrium that calls into estion gradualist accumulations of adaptive traitsWhat Larson does is offer s a good history that seeks to be even handed and not polemical in explaining the rise of evolution as a theory as well as the objections raised as well as why they have not gained traction with the wider scientific community Without wading deep into either science or theology he offers clear explanations of each and thus helps s nderstand the history of one of the most important ideas and thus helps s nderstand the history of one of the most important ideas the last two centuries A great piece of both history
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science writing a general audienc. Larson trains his spotlight on the lives and careers of the scientists explorers and eccentrics whose collaborations and competitions have driven the theory of evolution forward Here are portraits Of Cuvier Lamarck Darwin Cuvier Lamarck Darwin Haeckel Galton Huxley Mendel Morgan Fisher Dobzhansky Watson and Crick W D Hamilton E O Wilson and many others Celebrated as one of mankind’s crowning scientific achievements and reviled as a threat to our deepest values the theory of evolution has tterly transformed our view of life religion origins and the theory itself and remains controversial especially in the United States where 90% of adults do not subscribe to the full Darwinian vision Replete with fresh material and new insights Evolution will educate and inform while taking readers on a fascinating journey of discovery From the Hardcover edition.