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Inimizes any revision to our semantic concepts; it respects as far possible Tarski's intuition natural languages are universal; responds adeuately to the threat of revenge paradoxes; and it preserves classical logic semantics Simmons draws out the conseuences of the singularity theory for deflationary views of Our Semantic Concepts And Concludes That If semantic concepts and concludes that if accept the singularity theory we must reject deflationi. This book aims to provide Solution To The solution the paradoxes It argues for a unified solution to the paradoxes generated by our concepts of denotation predicate xtension and truth The solution makes two main claims The first is that our semantic Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography expressions 'denotes' 'extension' and 'true' are context sensitive The second inspired by a brief tantalizing remark of Godel's is that thesexpressions are significant verywhere.

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Except for certain singularities in analogy with division by zero A formal theory of singularities is presented and applied to a wide variety
of versions of 
versions of definability paradoxes Russell's paradox and the Liar paradox Keith Simmons argues that the singularity theory Satisfies The Following Desiderata the following desiderata recognizes that the proper setting of the semantic paradoxes is natural language not regimented formal languages; it ,

Semantic Singularities