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S a fine writer and I particularly enjoy his "Alo Nudger series He does build a reat deal of psychological suspense in THE NIGHT SPIDER but the book "Nudger series He does build a reat deal of psychological suspense in THE NIGHT SPIDER but the book overly long with too many victims which dilutes the thriller aspect On top of that I just could not buy the killer s modus operandi I just didn t see how the killer could tightly wrap a sleeping woman in her sheets without waking her up The book didn t work for me but might for someone who is less jaundiced about the serial killer phenomenon The Night Spider is a pretty ood serial killer thriller It s well written with some casual tag lines and inside jokes to contrast with the criminal subject matter Lutz did a clever job coming up with such a ritualistic mo for the killer Mandle The traumatic childhood stuff worked in convincingly with his spider obsession as well as his psychosisI d have liked to see of his youth background what was a messed up dude like Mandle doing in high school Well we et a limpse of a disastrous teenage date but that s about it Nonetheless the evolution of Mandle s sickness combined with his military training and experience not only The Second Cure gives a plausible explanation to his nearly superhuman skills but simultaneously enables his need to kill We might say that heot training to Essential Andhra Cookbook: With Hyderabadi and Telengana Specialities go on a private war Left unsaid though is what happened right after he left the military and before he became the Night Spider There s all sorts of situations any social situation really where a sociopath would have trouble functioning in mentally if not overtly We don tet to know him except in flashbacks or asides So we miss a lot of creepy possibilities not necessarily violent or even criminal acts but the trauma miss a lot of creepy possibilities not necessarily violent or even criminal acts but the trauma a person might face just dealing with daily lifeI agree with those reviewers who say that there s too many victims Inevitably we have to meet a host of new characters the sudden appearance of which marks them as the next victim So there s no space to really develop most of the victims as people with this or that personality I also agree with the comments pointing out how anyone could remain Mysterious stalker kills women while they sleep in their beds behind securely locked doors Like his namesake he leaves his victims wrapped in their bed sheets and stabbed repeatedly having them slowly bleed to death with their mouths frozen in a silent. Pretty mediocre thriller Kind of a chore to The Sorcerer's Apprentice get through to the end though it was mildly interesting until they caught the killer which doesn t end the story NYPD Capt Thomas Horn ret detective Has you climbing the walls It s the corn muffins thatet em every time Marla Paula Bircher Staff ice fishing Careful of the web on this read best keep your lights on RATING 325He had an abusive childhood raised by an unstable mother who headed a religious sect which had revival at their home Whenever these took place "he was locked in closet alone with the spiders that would bite "was locked in a closet alone with the spiders that would bite As an adult he became a member of a top secret military Eagle's Gate group that participated in covert operations Now that he s returned to civilian life he s combined all of the elements of his past to become a serial killer He preys on confident women who live in high rise buildings entering their apartments by cutting thelass on their bedroom windows He then wraps them tightly in sheets while they sleep and stabs them 37 times through the sheets Each individual assault is not lethal rather it s a combination of all the stabbings that lead to the victim slowly bleeding to deathThe NYPD is completely flummoxed by the case and call on retired homicide captain Thomas Horn to lead the investigation He works closely with 2 detectives Paula Rambouette and Roy Bickerstaff to try to follow the clues presented in the Night Spider s three killings Horn is approached by someone from Mr Spider s past and is finally able to create a profile of the killer with the aid of a waitress at a diner he freuents who just happens to have been a

"psychologist but not "
but not many murders occurUnfortunately for Mr Lutz serial killer books have inundated the crime fiction marketplace It takes something really extraordinary to overcome the reluctance of the crime fiction reader to face yet another serial killer who exhibits all the expected traits of these villains abusive childhood sociopathic behavior etc The means of killing do make this book uniue but on the whole it doesn t feel fresh or differentMr Lutz John Lutz is fascinated by the nighttime dangers that await women alone In THE NIGHT SPIDER he improvises a new variation on this theme with a thriller about a serial killer who preys upon women living in high rises With few visible means of entry the. The Night Spider

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Ompletely asleep while they were being manhandled not to mention being wrapped up like mummies I thought this process was World War Z. La guerra mondiale degli zombi going to be explained by Mandle somehow drugging the victims first but noThe main characters are a mixed lot Mandle himself is only partially filled in as I ve indicated Among the copsgooduys Horn is ood enough and Paula but Bickerstaff was forgettable Marla is interesting Nina is ok Anne should be built up considering
"that she s "
she s to the plot but she s in crisis mode the entire time reacting and dealing with stress For all the trauma she never really comes aliveThe uestionable types Kray and the other Special Forces "Guys Are Done With Considerable Nuance Who Didn T Think "are done with considerable nuance Who didn t think the metal sculptor wasn t involved somehow Kray s pretty much that uy s opposite apparently correct and above board but completely rotten underneath The best of the red herrings is Paula s new person of interest doubly so Harry He seemed just a little too eager with Paula to have just a romantic interest in her Oh well he s just that way On the other hand I wasn t surprised that Vine was involved The entire sue the hospital subplot involving Anne as it did had to be than a diversion The other problem with Vine is that he s a non entity Aren t serial killers even copycats supposed to be interestingIn fact the Special Forces deal Kray s unit that is despite its crucial role wasn t really played out as much as it could ve been I know that would be a different book still along with the holes in Mandle s history we just et a small serving of follow up I agree again with those who feel that the book seemingly ended with the "discovery of Mandle s corpseLutz threw us into overdrive with the KrayVine follow through which wasn "of Mandle s corpseLutz threw us into overdrive with the KrayVine follow through which wasn at all bad but I don t think killing off our main character was the best idea If Mandle is killed at another point much sooner or much later I think The Night Spider might ve been interesting Maybe if he oes down early on then there s a string of copy cat killers Kray s Don't Worry, Eat Cake: A Coloring Book to Help You Feel a Little Bit Better about Everything guys That would keep Horn huddled with Marla over those corn muffins. Scream The few clues left on the scene point to a wall crawlinglass cutting predator who easily eludes the best minds on the police force Now a determined detective must stop him–before time runs out for his next victimAn Agatha Award winning Auth.