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Eing them come together It was also interesting to see them both find their place on their new home with both the original characters from IPB and the newbiesA great book in the series as I now come to expect from Dixon it was super hot and super sweet with a few laughs chucked in Now gimme the next bookReviewed by Suzanne Don t want to miss any of our posts Subscribe to our blog by email Cute as always We have a golden dragon here instead of a big blue barbarian YeahHe s a little different than our usual hero in these stories He s still all mate but he s also very alpha and he has difficulties understanding why he need the tribe when he s big strong and has his mate "With Him He S A Little Confused But Veronica Very "him He s a little confused but Veronica very explain the why to himAs I said very cute Yup this series is still Ruby has really perfected this wonderfully creative world to absolute superbness I now that I am always singing her praises but she juggles so many characters across this intertwined series that I am always left baffled by her talent You can t tell me that it s not impressive Now she brought a little Fireblood to the mix with Ashtar sighs dreamilyDon t fret if you haven t dabbled into the Fireblood series Ashtar may be a Drakoni but he definitely isn t wrapped up in the happenings of his home planet He was taken as a slave when he was young and forced to be a warrior just like the other males that have been introduced previously So when he discovers that he is free and able to claim a mate that becomes his number one goal And yes hilarity ensuesAnd while I thought that Ashtar would be my favorite part of this story it actually turned out to be Veronica She is a clumsy ordinary human that feels to be a bit of outsider She couldn t understand why the golden hunk was trying so hard for her attention Her character for me was just very relatable I love how she really came into her calling after she received her hui and how protective Ashtar is about her ability Like I said this series is just absolutely brilliant I can t wait to see. Ance to happen when twenty newcomers are dropped onto the frosty world I doubt anyone expects the gorgeous golden god named Ashtar to resonate to someone like me though He’s fierce Flirty Powerful Disgustingly handsome I’m not any of those things I’m bland Boring Clumsy But resonance seems to think we’d be great together And As. No matter what the primitive mesakkah say about resonance Ashtar nows that Veronica is his mate He has been a slave all his life and has Ashtar nows that Veronica is his mate He has been a slave all his life and has been allowed a female but now he has Veronica in his sights he plans on making her his He does not need any help especially from interfering blue aliens he is a champion of the arena and a mighty golden dragon he can survive and protect his mate all by himself Veronica can feel the beautiful golden man "S Gaze On Hershe "gaze on hershe t uite understand why Not only is she plain she has a well earned reputation for being dangerously clumsy as well However he insists she s his and resonance seems to agreeI have been so excited for this book Not only are we back to the ice planet we also have a little bit of a cross over with the Fireblood Dragons series as well You don t need to read the Fireblood Dragons series to understand the book though Ashtar just happens to be the same species as the heroes in that series only his life has taken a vastly different path Instead he was captured by slavers as a child and has been fighting for his life in the arena ever since and when he reaches the ice planet and told he is free he doesn t uite believe itI loved Ashtar although he has been raised in a fairly technological advanced society years of fighting has given him a primitive edge He s also stubborn and suspicious testing the boundaries with the sa hui to see if they aren t lying about his freedom It s cute but also a little heart rending to read He instantly hones in on Veronica and much like the heroes in Dixon s Ice Planet "Barbarian Books He Makes "books he makes interest adorably and at times hilariously obviousVeronica was a plain jane type heroine something that I like She isn t as pretty as some of the other girls and she is definitely the least graceful so Ashtar s interest baffles her However Ashtar is hard to resist So although she does have her insecure moments she like any sensible girl with a sexy golden god who s as adorable as he is hot gets down to it They made a great couple and I loved se. Resonance It’s a given on the ice planet forced upon you by the parasitic symbiont called the ‘khui’ With resonance a guy and a girl are paired up because they’ll make great babies It’s a survival mechanism necessary for this sparsely populated world we’re stranded on and romantic in a weird alien way Everyone expects reson. .

What Ruby comes up with next 5 stars Ashtar what a cool name and Veronica This is another book that I enjoyed very very much from this series Actually this book may be considered a crossover very very much from this series Actually this book may be considered a crossover the Fireblood Dragon series The main character Ashtar is a dragoni Unlike the fierce dragons in the Fireblood series that have conuered Earth Ashtar is very reserved and not that crazy He was stolen when he was 8 years old his wings had been clipped and thus he cannot fly when he transforms into a dragon and the slavers made him a gladiator Ashtar had changed a lot of masters until he ended up at the ice planetVeronica is the most plain girl Plain looks a plain job back in Earth plain personality And she is a lutz So when this golden alien guy starts courting her she does not understand whether he is making fun of her or if he is seriousI was glad with the events of this book as Veronica realises that she is not as plain as she thinks She is important and special and she will help many people in this book and I imagine in the next booksAshtar is not friendly "At All In The Beginning "all in the beginning does not trust easily and "he cannot stand other males Maybe by the end of the book he will make "cannot stand other males Maybe by the end of the book he will make friends and he will be able to fly again Veronica will do her best to help himSince Ashtar is a virgin he does not really now how to approach his woman and he is very hesitant in the beginning This causes many many funny scenes and dialogues What if the females invite us to mate themThen you may mate them He rubs his browWhat if one of the a ani begins sitting up straighter What if one trips and falls and lands upon my cock Can I mate her if she is on meThis seems like a valid uestion I look at the leaderFor some reason he has both of his hands over his face No he says flatly No one will trip and fall upon your cockThey might I add You never now Hahahahahahahahahahaonce the humorous scenes are incredibleWell Ashtar may lack in experience but he is overenthusiastic Veronica soon will be enthralled by himOne of my favourite books in the series. Htar does too The Icehome series features all of the adventure humor and community you’ve come to expect in the Ice Planet Barbarians series but it stands on its own You do not need to read the other series or be caught up in order to read VERONICA’S DRAGON I do recommend reading LAUREN’S BARBARIAN to get the full experience Enjo. Veronicas Dragon Icehome #2