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That Good Night

Sunita Puri ´ 7 SUMMARY

This is a profoundly important ead for anyone who uestions the medical interventions at the end of life It had a huge impact on who uestions the medical interventions at the end of life It had a huge impact on thought process egarding intervention and palliative care It was well written and such an interesting Berlayar di Pamor Badik read I highlyecommend it Important stuff to think about preparea gift to give to my family p 250 Death didn t have the power to undo a life and it s legacy But perhaps the fact of death amplified life s significance The title of this book is taken from Dylan Thomas poem Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night in which the poet begs his father not to give in to death to fight it for his son s sake Part to death to fight it for his son s sake Part the beauty of this poem is how we can connect and identify so easily with the poet We can all appreciate how difficult it is to let a loved one goEverything about medical training and practice focuses on making the patient better Doctors are trained to find the source of th This book was simply beautiful and I cried many times wh. “A profound exploration of what it means for all of us to live and to die with dignity and purpose” People Magazine“Visceral and lyrical” The AtlanticAs the American born daughter of immigrants Dr Sunita Puri knew from a young age that the gulf between her parents' experiences and her own was impossible to bridge save for two elements medicine and spirituality Between days spent wa. Ile L. Munatius Plancus reading it It s so thought provoking and unfortunately brought up what my sister and I had to face when losing my Mom I have so much clarity aftereading this book from the time I made it to my Moms bedside to her passing It pains me to think what the Dr s did to her to keep her alive for an extra 3 hours but I do have further understanding what they felt was their job and duty to us This is not a book for
everyone and many 
and many This is not a book for everyone and many say it s too sad and hard to ead but I m glad It S Out There For s out there for like me This book is emotional describing a number of terminally ill patients from all walks of life The author however makes the book so much about life than about death in describing her viewpoints as a palliative care physician The stories are deeply personal based on the connections she makes with her patients by visiting them in their homes under hospice care and brings out a truly elatable side of human nature I ead this book from cover to cover in one. Iting for her mother an anesthesiologist to exit the OR and evenings spent in conversation with her parents about their faith Puri witnessed the tension between medicine's impulse to preserve life at all costs and a spiritual embrace of life's temporality And it was that tension that eventually drew Puri a passionate but unsatisfied medical student to palliative medicine a new specialty atte. .
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Sitting because it was so moving and powerful I felt Connected With The Patients She Described Who Sought To Live with the patients she described who sought to live their time in dignity and in their own homes The author also discusses the flawed nature of our health care system which will fund expensive operations with little hope of success while efusing support for caretakers to visit hospice patients in their home Death is the one commonality amongst all humans and yet dying often brings us so far apart due to the Fairy Tales are True: Silent Reach from the Dunes to the Khumba Mela reactions that families have inesponse and the blissful ignorance of death that we so often live with Dying on one s own terms in a manner that allows a person to be comfortable in their own space allows a person to be comfortable in their own space to celebrate their life is fulfilling and the vision that the author aspires to enable as opposed to the drawn out technologically enabled life support measures that are so often desired by loved ones in our cultural fight death with every tool we have mentality I couldn t agree with her viewpoin. Mpting to translate the border between medical intervention and uality of life careInterweaving evocative stories of Puri's family and the patients she cares for That Good Night is a stunning meditation on impermanence and the Galaxies in the Universe: An Introduction role of medicine in helping us to live and die well armingeaders with information that will transform how we communicate with our doctors about what matters most to. ,