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Finding His MarkLast I am so impressed with not only the writing style of the book but the detail and knowledge it took to write this type of book I am personally blown "AWAY GREAT BOOK I CAN T WAIT TO READ "Great book I can t wait to read first book in the Stealth Ops series by Brittney Sahin Eva Sharp finds herself caught in a deadly situation Luke Scott is the leader of black ops SEAL team working off *The Books Of Course When Eva Comes Along He Has *books of course When Eva comes along he has choice but to take her with him to keep her aliveIt was a pleasant and entertaining read I think I will try this writer again Find this review and others on Carlene InspiredPre Order Luke Scott always puts his career and his nation s safety first there s no room for relationships with those outside his team His ob the operations he takes they re as classified as it gets and there is no room for error Set to play bait Luke is unprepared for the beautiful smart woman who puts a wrench in the plans and leaves him playing babysitter Eva Sharp is happy in her role as a writer and co producer on the hit TV show SEAL Security she s behind the scenes she s writing she s making it on her own She The Magic Question just needs some peace and uiet to finish her next screenplay and while she loves the action of SEAL Security she never expects to go through it in real life Stuck in the mountains with handsome stranger Luke she has to put her faith in him to protect her from whatever else may come their way Soon both realize it s than an op and thanust protection their feelings are on the line and there s secrets brewing This was a serious plot twist in her life and she was damn sure there d be no happy endingHoly moly I read this book like I binge watch television shows glued to the pages gasping at the action and swooning over every smutty moment Brittney Sahin brings this story to life with a set of characters you can t help but want to know and action that leaves you on the edge of your seat It s the best kind of romantic suspense and for longtime fans reminds us why Brittney Sahin is a one click author in the genre I could picture Luke and Eva the minute we met them in Finding His Mark their descriptions making them come to life in my mind I m always prepared for every situation I ust didn t prepare myself for meeting youLuke muscular closed off handsome a bit brokenEva brilliant beautiful a bit of a romantic and tough than she appearsThe two are drawn to one another each the owner of a temper and too much pride for their own good but set on a dangerous path once Eva is pulled into the operation The story could be easy boy protects girl and everyone ends up alright but emotions and lust are involved and a cabin in the Poconos only amps the chemistry brewing between the two It s a push and pull between the two and though disaster is imminent neither can deny the need for the other Get ahold of myself A broken attempt of laughter left his lips This is why I have rules I loved the mix of romance and suspense in Finding His Mark Through all the chemistry and lust burning between the two there is still a serious mission going on that threatens the safety of Eva and the safety of Luke s team There is a lot of ops. O’s turned his life upside downEva Sharp’s the writer and co producer for the hit TV series SEAL Security While on break from filming the last thing she expects is to end up in the middle of a real life action scene one that puts her life on the line At first she’s not sure if she can trust this stranger in the mountains even if he has military written all over him But the time she spends with him the harde. ,

Talk making Luke s role as a SEAL so believable I laughed every single time someone said classified Plus Luke s team is as SEAL as they come in a novel They re tattooed they re brash and they re willing to risk it all to succeed except when a civilian gets in the middle I loved every single secondary character and I even so loved the action packed ourney we go on with Eva Luke and his team Finding His Mark doesn t waste any time in throwing you into the action and it s a spectacular first novel in the Stealth Ops *Series From Brittney Sahin The *from Brittney Sahin The fills every single page and the romance is a cherry on top of the bullet filled sundae If you like your romantic suspense hot and steamy and amped with tension Finding His Mark is the book for you ARC provided by the author thank you RushedI don t know if it was ust me but everything seemed convoluted From the op down to the romance it was all very rushed in storytelling and explanation Did someone out a word limit on this publicationNot bad for the author s first installment but I won t be reading any of this series It s ust not good And voil another winner by Brittney Sahin Where were you all these years Seriously How come Brittney s book are not known The books she writes always hit their mark Hell they are all so good I wanna keep talking about them for days And that s when you know you have someone to follow And that s when you know there needs to be some kind of ustice because some authors are not seenknown at their worth Brittney is definitely one Her writing always got your attention after a few pages dare I say a few sentences The worlds she build is complex especially here in this Stealth op series her characters are all endearing and riveting and her plots are always engaging In Finding His Mark we have Luke and Eva both hiding from their life in their own way How they meet is certainly original and it will lead to events none of them would expect or even think about I loved both characters because they had similarities and that s what brought them close You don t see them at first and once again that s the magic with Brittney s writing Two characters who doesn t seem to share much ust click in ways than one to be this couple you know you will support all along Luke as a SEAL is living a lonely life Dedicated focus and in charge he has to decide what his next move living a lonely life Dedicated focus and in charge he has to decide what his next move be How far he s willing to go for feelings he wasn t prepare to have Eva found herself in a dangerous position which will bring her to think about the decisions she made in her life Strong fierce stubborn she isn t a naive heroine you can easily manipulate She has a mind of her own and she is not afraid to stand for herself The series starts with a boom Finding His Mark is full of actions and revelations Once you start you won t want to stop *Grab A Seat Take Some Popcorns Start Reading And Let *a seat take some popcorns start reading and let embarks you on this An Audience of Artists: Dada, Neo-Dada, and the Emergence of Abstract Expressionism journey like you would watch your favorite tv show The best part is without a doubt the fact there will be books in the series and I m already anticipating some characters Asher to name only one I voluntary read a copy provided by the author. R it is to fight the pull of attraction without alsoeopardizing his opThey’ll soon realize not everything is as it seems and Luke will be forced to discover how far he’s willing to go to find his mark Find out what happens when fiction and reality collide in the first book of the new STEALTH OPS romantic suspense seriesUpcoming Stealth Ops Series Bravo TeamBooks #1 55 Stealth Ops Series Echo TeamBooks #6 10. How long will we be holed up togetherHopefully only a few days I m not looking forward to thisYeah me either Captain CommandoIf you did your research you d know SEALs don t like that termShe lifted a brow What makes you think I don t know that Eva LukeLoved this one It was filled with surprising heart action snark sexy alpha heroes and worthy females that all blended together seamlessly and kept me reading Eva is a writer for a Hollywood show about Navy SEALs when she happens upon a kept me reading Eva is a writer for a Hollywood show about Navy SEALs when she happens upon a life op on US soil Luke one of the leaders for the undercover team is then forced to hole up with Eva to ensure her safety as her identity is now entangled in their risky operation I loved that Eva was able to hold her own against Luke and the rest of the gang as he struggles against his *own mandate that his team stay away from any serious relationships Luke was *mandate that his team stay away from any serious relationships Luke was as stuck as Eva in his old ways but their love was hard to deny and changed them both for the better Can t wait to see who the other SEALs fall for especially Jessica and Asher The sexual tension between them is off the chartsMy Luke the badass gorgeous and protective former SEAL DNF at 40% The writing was OK I m a big fan of military romance and I don t mind suspending some believability for a good story but I m putting this book down because after less than 48 hours this super SEALBlack OpsBestOfTheBest Operator is spilling mission secrets Not to mention the fact that it took 40% of the book to get us through 48 hours of action Really there was about 5% action and the rest wasHer Tell MeHim NoHer internal monologue about how hot he isHer Tell MeHim NoHis internal monologue about how she makes him hardHer Tell MeHim NoHer internal monologue about how hot he isHer Tell MeHim NoHis internal monologue about how she makes him hardHer Tell MeHim OK fine I "ll tell you Eva is the daughter of a famous Hollywood movie directorproducer she wants to prove to herself that she "tell you Eva is the daughter of a famous Hollywood movie directorproducer she wants to prove to herself that she make it in Hollywood on her own so she changes her name and works on a TV show about SEALs When her show wraps four days early so she can start her three week break right away she decides to ignore the conditions on the rental contract she agreed to for five times her normal asking price and go to her property and stay in her cabin because the renter indicated he was only going to use one but wanted both empty for the duration of his rental And so she goes only to be caught in the clash of a dangerous mission The man who rented the property Luke is a member of an off the books government strike team who works domestically and internationally and they ve used her property as a base for a trap of their own When Eva is exposed and kidnapped Luke must abandon the mission to save her and because she is now compromised continue to keep her with him f ACTION ACTION ACTIONI loved the whole story and the action AND the suspense I loved the romance as well and the banter of Luke Eva was funny Really recommend this book has the right balance If I could give this book 6 stars I would I am so impressedThis is my first SEAL book and first book written by Brittney Sahin but it won t be my. She’s crashed the biggest party of her life and she’s about to pay the priceAs the leader of an off the books black ops SEAL team Luke Scott can’t afford for anyone to discover the truth about who he is or what he does But when a critical mission gets botched by a member of an iconic Hollywood family he’ll have to fight to protect his team’s identity as well as keep himself from falling for the woman wh.

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