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Her It s not often that I come across a book where I fall in love almost instantly not just with the characters but also with the setting the story the writing basically verything about the book from the first page to the very last It s also increasingly rare nowadays for me to get so swept up in a book that I lose track of time and next thing I know I ve finished the book in practically one sitting and at 480 pages this was certainly no small feat In her newest release The Summer Country author Lauren Willig delivers a beautifully written sweeping historical saga that felt pic in scope and magnitude yet did not feel at all like a chore to readSet in 19th century Barbados this family saga spans 4 decades and revolves around two neighboring sugar plantations on the island Peverills and the adjacent Beckles Told in a dual timeline format that alternates between 1854 where we are introduced to Emily Dawson a vicar s daughter who unexpectedly inherits Peverills when her grandfather dies and 1812 with the story of the original owner of Peverills Charles Davenant and his relationship with Jenny a slave in the household of the neighboring plantation Beckles These two separate narratives involving two different sets of characters who live under completely different circumstances don t appear to correlate at first glance but as the story progresses the two narratives converge into a seamless brilliantly woven story that absolutely blew me away It is usually the case with these dual timeline stories that one narrative is stronger than the other but with this book both narratives were ually strong and were so well done that I honestly can t say that I preferred one over the other Another aspect of this book that made it so French Daguerreotypes endearing to me was the strong character developmentspecially when it came to the female characters in the story With historical fiction covering a time and place where society s conventions weren t necessarily favorable to women I love how Willig was able to make From Notes to Narrative: Writing Ethnographies That Everyone Can Read every single female character in this story strong yet realistic balancingach character s distinct personality with the historical limitations of that time period For me one

"of the things "
the things set this book apart from other works of historical fiction was its amazing use of language to convey a time and place that felt so authentic I found myself completely immersed in the time period and setting The prose specifically the uality of the writing levated this book beyond just being great historical fiction this was written so well in the language of the time that it actually read like a classic novel which is something rarely seen with books published in modern day The fact that Willig was able to render a time and place Barbados in the 19th century so far removed from the current time period 21st century Europe or the United States in a manner that made it come to life so realistically speaks to her tremendous skill as a writer The amount of research that went into this book was astounding prior to reading this book I had no idea about the historical significance of Barbados and the slave trade that was so prevalent there during the arly nineteenth century nor did I know much about the cholera pidemic that occurred in that part of the world back in the 1850s One of the things I love most about reading historical fiction is learning about time periods people vents that I knew nothing about previously this book not only taught me a lot it did so with masterful storytelling that was captivating and had me 100% motionally invested in THE STORY AS WELL AS IN story as well as in characters to the point that I didn t want this unforgettable story to nd I m a picky reader and I don t give 5 stars very often but this one absolutely deserved it All in all this is a perfect summer read one that is immersive captivating and will definitely make you feel as though you ve been transported to another world Highly recommended Received ARC from William Morrow HarperCollins via NetGalley. Ants so ager to acuire Peverills so ager that they invite Emily and her cousins to stay with them indefinitely Emily finds herself bewitched by the beauty of the island Gustave Caillebotte: The Painter's Eye even as she’s drawn into the personalities and politics of forty years before a tangled history of clandestine love heartbreaking betrayal and a bold bid for freedomWhen family secrets begin to unravel and the harsh truth of history becomes and plain Emily must challengeverything she thought she knew about her family their legacy and herself. This is my first Willig a gorgeous narrative set in Grand Illusion: The Third Reich, the Paris Exposition, and the Cultural Seduction of France exotic Barbados in 1812 and 1854 Emily Dawson inherits Pever Lauren Willig s attention to historical detail really shines in The Summer Country Barbados seen through theyes of Emily Dawson in 1854 unspools like the opening petals of the frangipani Arriving as heiress to Peverills one of the oldest plantations on the island Emily delves into the mystery surrounding why her Grandfather Fenty left her an state no one was aware he owned The Slavery Abolition Act of 1833 and its timeline of ffect informs the narrative Traveling with her cousin Adam and his new bride Emily s best friend Laura one of Their First Connections Is With first connections is with Turner according to Adam the richest man in the West Indies However no one told them Mr Turner was a free black man so when they are met by Dr Nathaniel Braithwaite Mr Turner s nephew they make the mistake of thinking him a servantThe second timeline is 1812 and in this timeline there is an arrival as well The arrival of Charles Davenant who was sent to England for his Great Plains: America's Lingering Wild education at ageight Now after the death of his father he s home as heir to Peverills There wasn t Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets enough money to send the younger son Robert away for schooling so already there s a bone of contention between these two brothers We find a very lewd character in 1812 the Colonel who is willing to prostitute his daughter to his guest Charles Davenant to whatnds It seems just so he can show that he may do as he wishes with her because she is half black born into slavery Jenny was given to Mary Ann when Mary Ann was two and Jenny was five Mary Ann is the Colonel s niece As her guardian the Colonel rules the roost and seems to have scared off suitors with a rumor that Mary Ann is mad Mary Ann is desperate to get out from under his thumb At age nineteen she is going to make a play for Charles Davenant Willig s writing is uite good The pacing is unhurried it suited me just fine but for those who Electromyography for Experimentalists enjoy thrillers be prepared tonjoy a rich historical setting and a slowly unfolding narrative about complex characters Willig creates tension around the mystery of Emily s inheritance Add in the slave uprising Bussa s Rebellion in 1816 and the cholera Forgetful of Their Sex: Female Sanctity and Society, ca. 500-1100 epidemic of 1854 and tragedy and suffering speak loudly from Willig s pages What I like most is themotional life she gives to Jenny In her historical notes at the nd of the book Willig writes that knowing the internal life of an nslaved woman provided her biggest challenge With Jenny Willig creates a strong woman determined to have some control over her destiny one willing to make a great sacrifice giving voice to the unimaginable Emily s challenge in our story is to discover what lies within her own heart to discover the direction she intends her life to go With powerful themes of identity and character Willig ngages me in this multigenerational saga I will definitely read this author again Lauren Willig will completely captivate you with this sweeping family saga A beautiful story that spans over four decades Steeped in family history family secrets and family ties The story is set in Barbados and introduces you to two sets of characters living 40 years apart 1850to Emily s beloved grandfather has passed away and left her a sugar plantation on the island of Barbados So Emily travels from England to Barbados with her cousin Adam and his wife to check out this plantation to Barbados with her cousin Adam and his wife to check out this plantation nobody had any idea This was a perfect summer HF read for me xotic setting a mystery and wonderful narration THE SUMMER COUNTRY had me invested from the start with its story of a young English vicar s daughter who goes off to Barbados and finds out about her roots Descriptions of the life on a plantation are vivid and the pre and post abolition a plantation are vivid and the pre and post abolition and relations interestingly presentedI Wicked Loving Lies enjoyed this novel and many thanks to my GR Friend Barbara who discreetly steered me towards a bit lighter read for summer I read a lot of historical fiction and noticed the genr. The New York Times bestselling historical novelist delivers her biggest boldest and most ambitious novel yet a sweeping dramatic Victorianpic of lost love lies jealousy and rebellion set in colonial Barbados1854 From Bristol to Barbados Emily Dawson has always been the poor cousin in a prosperous merchant clan merely a vicar’s daughter and a reform minded vicar’s daughter at that Everyone knows that the family’s lucrative shipping business will go to her cousin Adam one day But when her grandfather dies

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E seems to be WW2 heavy I just finished The Summer Country and absolutely loved it Yes it s historical fiction but a subject not widely known Lauren Willig s research shines through as she
"expertly blends fact "
blends fact fiction One of my favorite books is The Thorn Birds and The Summer Country has that same pull for mesweeping family saga that I don t want to put down and characters that stick with me long after I finish The Summer Country is my favorite book of 2019 Lauren Willig s THE SUMMER COUNTRY is a after I finish The Summer Country is my favorite book of 2019 Lauren Willig s THE SUMMER COUNTRY is a read La heredera del mar evoking MM Kaye s lush and sweeping tales of nineteenth century colonial life Set in the island location of Barbados Willig attains the ideal aim of the historical fiction genreducating the reader about a little known part of history while thoroughly ngaging them in the stories of the characters I read THE SUMMER COUNTRY slowly doling out xuisite chapters one at a time because there are too few books written today that harken back to that delicious way of storytelling that doesn t rush things just to keep up with modern trends I would count this one as a new classic and ncourage very reader who cares about uality writing to uickly add this one to their list of to be favorites A run down sugar plantation was the last thing Emily thought her uncle would leave to her but Emily was thrilled about it ven though her cousin wasn tEmily her cousin and his wife traveled to Barbados to meet a few people and to see the plantation We meet the family from 1812 and the opulence of their home food and life style and then turn to 1845 and meet friends of the family The connection between the time periods was smoothly done I really liked how Ms Willig nded one chapter with a comment and started the next chapter with that comment but in a different time periodSome of the characters were uite devious and as the pages turned we find out there was to the family than what was known or heard and something about the plantation and about the Davenant family that someone wanted to keep a secretMs Willig definitely knows how to use adjectives for describing the characters and settings with her beautiful prose The characters are described and perfectly portrayed for the time periodsIt was as though I were right there immersed in the lives of the characters whether they were the wealthy or the indentured I became attached to a few of the charactersIf you Aramaic Bowl Spells: Jewish Babylonian Aramaic Bowls Volume One enjoy learning about past cultures delving into life in another country and century and finding out family secrets that were kept for years THE SUMMER COUNTRY should be on your summer reading list You will definitely get a vocabulary work out THE SUMMER COUNTRY is another beautifulnjoyable well researched read by Lauren Willig 55This book was given to me as an ARC by the publisher in Xenophon And His World (Historia Einzelschriften) exchange for an honest review I want to thank Haper Collins for this ARC I do love Historical novels but did find this one a little slow in the beginning Trying to go back and forth from the year 1812 to the year 1854 Barbados and keep the characters straight was a tad tricky But to Lauren Willig s writing skills I did become totallyngrossed in this wonderful story I would definitely recommend this book Going back and forth between a 1812 and a 1854 storyline The Summer Country is a well researched and cleverly plotted piece of historical fiction with a touch of romance and bringing the best out of the setting I would have liked a little Geography of the Gaze: Urban and Rural Vision in Early Modern Europe era accurate sounding dialogues and the parts taking place in thearly 19th C definitely surpassed the later years ones making for a not completely Groove: An Aesthetic of Measured Time even and balanced read As a whole though the lushly rendered atmosphere the tense racial and social divides of colonial Barbados the familial intrigues spanning two generations and the forbidden love between Charles and Jenny starting in 1812ventually drew me inThis was the first book by Lauren Willig I ve One Wild Weekend ever read and despite these minor uibbles it was a worthwhile read and I ll most likely be checking out other titles by. Mily receives an unexpected inheiritance Peverills a sugar plantation in Barbados a plantation her grandfather never told anyone he ownedWhen Emily accompanies her cousin and his new wife to Barbados she finds Peverills a burnt out shell reduced to ruins in 1816 when a rising ofnslaved people sent the island up in flames Rumors swirl around the derelict plantation; people whisper of ghostsWhy would her practical minded grandfather leave her a property in ruins Why are the neighboring plantation owners the Daven.
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