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Read a moving historical book all year and if I could I would give it 10 stars A remarkable tale of loss courage the patriarch ormer ambassador to Italy is one of the main conspirators in the July 20 Plot To Assassinate Hitler Perseverance 20 Plot to assassinate Hitler perseverance and heartbreaking love story between the mother of the boys and the one survivng von Stauffenberg brother Whilst The Treatment Of The Valued Prisoners Whom Himmler Thought He treatment of the valued prisoners whom Himmler thought he use as bargaining chips in his desperation to save his own skin is pretty dire as they are carted rom one appalling concentration camp to another the description of their train ride Save the Cupcake! from East Prussia and the plight of the refugees who have to walk is especially striking but nothing compared to what is taking place elsewhere in the campthe guards who smile at them and give them special treatment are sociopathic monsters once they pass through the door to the part of the camp that houses the Jews homosexuals Roma etcthe nihilistic character of the Nazis is portrayed brilliantly as they go to the wire with no let up in their brutality even with the Allies closing in Superbly written and chapeau to the authoror coming upon this compelling story really impressive Is there a happy endingwell everything is relative given what goes before itand Tressed to Kill (Southern Beauty Shop, for you toind outno spoilers here my dears I absolutely loved this book It was both an EASY read and a HARD read EASY because it was beautifully written and in a logical order HARD because it was difficult to read about and comprehend the awfulness of the war time atrocities There were times when I thought I couldn t read any Tressed to Kill further as the brutality was described in such detail that I almostelt as though I was a bystander watching the horrors a close uarters Although it is the story of the two lost sons it mainly tells the story of their mother Frey s experiences during world war two Fey was a German married to an Italian Fey s ather was one of the instigators in the plot which ailed to kill Hitler and because of this her The Dancer Who Flew: A Memoir of Rudolf Nureyev fate as a special prisoner was almost inevitable Catherine Bailey s research of this story is to be applauded I have already read her book Black Diamonds which was also superb and I have now started her book The Secret Rooms which is proving to be an excellent read I have searched to see if she has written anything else but sadly it doesn t appear to be the case So I will be keeping an eye outor whatever she writes next and will be in the ueue to buy it when it does come ou. RMoving rom a palazzo in the heart of the Italian countryside to the horrors of Buchenwald Catherine Bailey tells an extraordinary story of resistance at the heart of the Second World War The Lost Boys is an illuminating and devastating account of great personal sacrifice of loss and above all of defiance. Two books but interesting just the same 1943 German Fey is married to an Italian co Catherine Bailey is a British historian and the author of two previous is married to an Italian co Catherine Bailey is a British historian and the author of two previous She tends to look at specific incidents and people in history and her books are always well written Her new book The Lost Boys A Family Ripped Apart by War which covers the well known Operation Valkyrie and it s aftermath There was airly strong anti Hitleranti Nazi sentiment in Germany during the war Several assassination plots against Hitler and his coterie were plannedbut basically remained plots as they were too difficult Or The Plotters Ran the plotters ran bad luck until Valkyrie on July 20 1944 Bad luck because the meeting was held in a practically open room and the bomb that did actually blow up wasn t strong enough to kill Hitler The plotters were uickly rounded up and many plotters were put to death Hitler also vowed to take the punishment to the plotters amilies and that s the basis of Bailey s book One of the plotters was Ulrich von Hassell a German diplomat and his amily was arrested by the Gestapo One of the v0n Hassell s our children was Fey Pirzio Biroli who was married to an Italian aristocrat Both amilies were active in the resistance against Hitler and Mussolini The two boys ages 3 and 4 when they are arrested with their mother by the Gestapo in their northern Italian villa Separated The Gingerbread Man and the Leprechaun Loose at School from her children Fey is put with a group of Prominentenamily of those considered important to the Gestapo This group was often held as hostages and trade bait to oreign governments Okay if I ve made The Lost Boys sound confusing it is because the book IS confusing I ve given it our stars instead of The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School five because I thought it could have been written in a clearer manner For instance the story is much about Fey Pirzio Biroli and what she endured as she was shuffledrom one holding cell to another The Cutting Room: A Novel of Suspense from one concentration camp to another as part of the Prominentenor the last 8 months of the war Her boys were lost to her and their amily but by the end of the book their story ended happily I think the book needed a strict editor to shape the story and the characters However the book is interesting and I can recommend it I was pleased to see all the photographs of the people and places the photographs of the people and places to in the text as well as some excellent maps of Germany Austria and Italy I would just advise you read the book when you have easy access to Wikipedia because there are lots of people and places to look up Hard pressed to. Von Hassell's beloved daughter Fey is discovered just when she thought she had escaped the Nazi net She is arrested and her two sons aged three and two are seized by the SS Fey has no idea of her children's ate as she is dragged away on a terrifying journey to the darkest corners of a Europe savaged by wa. In country over country there was no instituitonal response to this collective emotional crisis People had to ind their own coping mechanism instituitonal response to this collective emotional crisis People had to ind their own coping mechanism s War is one powerful read as ar as non iction goes Credit to Catherine Bailey or converting a WWII memoir into a complete novel by weaving history and acts into the contextContessa Fey Pirzio Birloi is the daughter of Ulrich Hassell integral part of the German opposition To Hitler Wife Of Count Hitler wife of Count an Italian cavalry officer who was The Essential Tantra: A Modern Guide to Sacred Sexuality fighting the reich and mother of Corrado and Roberto aged 4 and 3 When an assassination attempt of Hitlerails and her husband is underground in Rome Fey and her sons ae picked up by the SS The ordeal starts much before but 7 months through the war her lonely journey away The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies, and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success from her sons is portrayed in the backdrop of the war and the camps and prisonsSippenhaftung the German term meaning kin liability Fey along with otheramily members of various people involved in the assassination plot or political prisoners or POW are a crucial bargaining chip Hence they are kept comfortable even in concentration camps and moved The Outlandish Adventures of Liberty Aimes from one camp to other as the Russians and the Americans are knocking at their doors Historicalacts are a big plus You wonder about the mentality of a common German citizen a nation villified as a whole in the war The stigma of one man borne by the nation The books talk of the underground network of German politicalmoral orces trying to kill Hitler and put an end to the havoc That gets missed out in writings an opposition The political scenario between Italy and Germany also gets diffused and history inds two willing partners in crime at Nation level The book maybe since it took an enormous scope goes light on the emotional element Fey s struggle is here and now with some intermittent references to her children and hence natural It is actual Also towards the end of the war the chaos and confusion resonate well with a regime change In one of her observations post the war she talks about a society that was hosting dinner parties or the Allied commanders who an year ago were hosting the NazisThe reference to the horrors and the almost Jesting Pilot factual data strewn in by the author are mere details Youind multiple lucky breaks and in a sense you are hopeful that you are not reading a tragedy Liked itNoted Thanks to Penguin books UK and Netgalley or providing the ARC of this book or review The book releases on 23 Jul This was a harrowing read Not as gripping as her previous. Berlin September 1944 Ulrich von Hassell ormer ambassador to Italy and a key member of the German Resistance is executed or his part in an assassination plot against Hitler In response to the attack Himmler leader of the SS orders the arrest of all the amilies of the plottersIn a remote castle in Italy. The Lost Boys