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I am going to describe this book as satirical and possibly fan fiction I kept thinking of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez I read this book in one sitting Once I adapted to the the way the book was written I couldn t put it down The book is written by an unnamed boy man from when his video went viral at the age of 12 until now He never says how old he is at the time of the writing but I get the sense that he is probably still a teenager The freuency of the word GREAT INVESTMENT, THE like was hilarious and horrifying I wouldove to know how many times the word appears in the book Maybe 4000 or so times Too many for a drinking game The book is written without any chapters and is just one ong stream of consciousness It is as if he voice recorded himself talking and then had it typed up word for word with no editingI am not entirely sure why I oved this book so much Probably because it was so uniue And probably because I could envision a young narcissistic famous person writing this Imagine sitting down and istening for several hours to an arrogant self absorbed 15 year old ramble in a stream of consciousness jumble I had difficulty discerning a plot any real conflict or any significant character development Had this been an actual difficulty discerning a plot any real conflict or any significant character development Had this been an actual memoir I would have stopped reading 20 Pages In Since The in since the and writing were so poor being constantly sprinkled with LOL ike and profanity However since this was fiction in the guise of a memoir I was hoping that the author would give it some direction by the end Unfortunately it ends about how it starts bordering on some kind of existentialis. This fresh smart novel in the guise of a celebrity memoir probes the inner ife of a mega famous pop star Why I really decided to write this book now is ike the world seems to be spinning out of control you know People are so mad at each other People are taking ife so seriously People are osing hope And I think honestly it’s because people are so rooted in their own particular spot in the universe But something happens to you when you’re touring all around the world all the time Something happens to you when you visit some country you’ve never heard of and you see your face on the side of a bus being used to sell some soda that you didn’t even know existed and you call up your people and you’re ike Yo did we agree to this Famous PeopleE No thank you Oh my gosh I couldn t even get to 5% in this book It is ike reading a pop culture magazine The amount of ike s in the first page alone was enough to make me roll my eyes Perhaps it gets better but I m not going to wait and find out Written as a celebrity memoir Famous People is almost as if a KardashianJustin Bieberinsert any pop culture figure here wrote a memoir sans ghostwriter This will definitely not be for everyone but Kuritzes hit the nail on the head stylistically for me here So short it almost reads as a novella which is the perfect ength for this intentionally is the perfect ength for this intentionally all over the place story From skyrocketing to fame as a child to a *Detailed List Of Every Tattoo On His *list of every tattoo on his this reads ike the tell all memoir we all want from our favorite stars BEFORE their PR reps sanitize it I received an advance copy All opinions are my own This book hurt my head to much rambling about nothing ike LOL if I could remove that phrase from this book I felt that I was seeing this through a nine year old girl s View I Just Could Not I just could not get invested in the story Many thanks to Henry Holt Company for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review Goodreads Blog Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube Instagram Am I being punkd Is this a real book Did this book win one of those contest to write the worst book possible I shall now write my review in the style of this book I was ike The Leadership Gap likeike Zero to Five: 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science (and What I've Learned So Far) likeike Serenity Role Playing Game like you knowike Just Save the Cupcake! like you know super dopeol Like you know just Tressed to Kill (Southern Beauty Shop, likeike just Tressed to Kill likeike just ike ike you know The Dancer Who Flew: A Memoir of Rudolf Nureyev lol You knowThis book is hot garbage. A teen idol since he was twelve when a video of him singing the national anthem went viral his star has only risen since Now haunted by the suicide of his manager father in the wake of their painful parting unsettled by the very different paths he and his his teenageove and girl pop star counterpart “Mandy” have taken and increasingly aware that he has signed on to something he has ittle control over he begins to parse the divide that separates him from the “normal people” of the world and enlighten the rest of us along the way Sneakily philosophical earnest and funny Justin Kuritzkes's Famous People is a rollicking unforgettable ook at the clash between fame and the human condition and what it really means to be “normal?. MI also struggled since the book doesn t really succeed as either a memoir or a study of the human condition No a memoir or a study of the human condition No publisher or agent would ever et something ike this get published with all the grammatical errors personal secrets that are divulged and NDAs that are broken If you want a celebrity fix I d suggest reading an actual memoir If you want something deeply philosophical there s plenty out there that s clear and cogent and will make you feel ike you gained something intellectually I appreciate the effort to use the vehicle of the celebrity memoir to say some important things but I just didn t feel that it worked in this case It might have worked much better had this been written from the point of view of the main character at 85 years old humbled and The Gingerbread Man and the Leprechaun Loose at School looking back Trying to seriouslyisten to an uneducated teenager act ike an expert and preach about dope next evel stuff while he s making transparently terrible decisions about his The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School life is asking a bit muchI received a copy of this book for free as a Goodreads Giveaway Famous People is an okay read It s a good idea executed poorly The story is just too immature and choppy I found itacked substance and needs fleshing out It s not for me Stylistically this book is just not for me It s written as a fictionalized celebrity memoir but it s too disjointed for me The narration rambles on for me and there is no point I felt The Cutting Room: A Novel of Suspense like I could set this down and come back to it as there are absolutely NO chapters I do believe this book does have an audience but unfortunately it s not me Language stylenot for Nd they tell you Yes it was part of an overall deal with East Asia Something happens You realize how tiny you are Honestly that’s what amazes me the most with aot of the people I meet they think they’re so big They think ultimately that the universe revolves around them And I’m beginning to think that it’s only when you ive a ife ike mine it’s only when you’re in a position where you don’t even really own yourself when you can’t even really say that you’re a citizen of any particular country that you realize that we’re all just tiny pieces of cosmic dust floating through the void until we disappear forever and we’re never heard from again So begins the ife story of our uber famous twenty two year old narrator.