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The Road to Hell In this chronicle of a man s fall

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grace our protagonist is not so much a hapless victim of circumstance but his own worse enemy As a non white outsider in the justice "System He Feels Pressured By Expectations His " he feels pressured by expectations his to the bench being seen as a case of positive discrimination This pressure and his Catholics, Anglicans, and Puritans guilt over past indiscretions help to send him on a self destructive path to ruin Parks convincingly depicts the conflict of setting a moral compass in private life and public domain when like Caesar s wife a Judge must be seen to be above suspicionI would haveiven this 4 stars but the lack of uotation marks plus a convoluted narrative style switchin This novel began well A newly elevated judge has just purchased a country house with his estranged wife to try and make up for his straying with numerous women only one of which she concretely knows about Yet one of his former flings keeps contacting him claiming to be in danger Then he proceeds to do innumerable stupid things that predictably result in the end of his marriage and possibly his suicide Also he presides over some complicated cases I love this author s style and the novel begins promisingly But it bogs down in details and malaise halfway through and never recovers The judge s interior monologues become tiresome and repetitive It s a novel that won t commit to the necessity of imposing narrative structure on imagined experience that successful novels reuire This book was a Consumed: Food for a Finite Planet gift from a friend not paperback hard copy StoryPrivileged adopted child becomes a prominent Judge He is black his adopted brother is white Their relationship has never beenood Judge Savage has been blessed with a ood career moving up the ranks fast with help from friends He has the trophy wife and family and is building a new home However not all friends He has the trophy wife and family and is building a new home However not all ood on the home front This pillar of the community is not sueaky clean In fact he is a cheating husband Not once not twice but constantly having affairs his world is about to come tumbling down Instead of Conversations with Nelson Algren getting on the right path he digs deeper and starts visiting prostitutes He looses his family he reunites with a brother he finds his best friend and wife have been back stubbing him but what can he expect whe. Now in paperback comes theripping suspenseful novel about Daniel Savage a man who's lived a double life for far too long Recent. Judge SavageMakes the reading certainly not easier the sentences are in all directions each related to a different aspect of Savage s life Parks each related to a aspect of Savage s life Parks devotes considerable attention to the different juridical cases Savage presides over in court sometimes with so many details that the thread is lost The Parks system here has reached its limitsYet with Judge Savage Parks once again has written a clever and elaborate novel which ingeniously combines very diverse themes such as uilt and personal responsibility the shakiness of our existence the difference between appearance and reality and the increasing inability to really judge things It still is nice to stroll through Parks world even though this is not his best work The author drew me in with an immediate feeling that something bad was about to happen But it took way too long to reach the point By the time I was etting close to the mystery the protagonist had become so annoying that anything could have happened to him and it wouldn t have bothered meWhy does someone want to read about a character that enerally deserves anything negative that happens to him And why would you want to write about it The pace is too slow the plot is not particularly interesting and the other characters are caricatures I have read and enjoyed Tim Parks non fiction particularly his excellent book about football fans in Verona but this is the first of his novels I have readAfter 100 pages I was so fed up with the writing style that I almost broke my untreatable rule of finishing every book I start The style was a mixture of stream of consciousness and the rambling of an untidy mind and uite hard to followStill I persisted and the rest of the book had some interesting thoughts on the justice system in the UK as the lead character a judge BECAME AND ENMESHED IN A SPIDER S WEB ESSENTIALLY and enmeshed in a spider s web essentially his own weavingI think I may stick to Tim Parks non fiction in future Successful adulterous colored judge sinks ever deeper in personal problems ending up loosing his family but finds that society will not let him fall Stopped reading after asking myself if I was really interested in the problems of judge Savage after an adulterious lifeGuess what the answer wasIt s a pity because I normally love Tim Parks book. From his past who holds a secret the could ruin his marriage and career sends his existence into a mess of violence and confusio. .

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N he lusted over his friends wife and there is a murder and a body missing The book ends with the reader none the wiser on the Judges fate except he is oing to continuously spiral down The novel opens with the sentence There is no life without a double life I don t necessarily agree with the sentence There is no life without a double life I don t necessarily agree this certainly applies to a number of characters in Park s book Dan Savage is a black British man ironically adopted into the English upper middle class by a Colonel Savage He is a man who wants above all to fit in to be seen as a just and fair man and lawyer but he has a fatal flaw he is an inveterate womaniser This is a story about justice about marriage about friendship Although overlong I enjoyed it much Three and a half stars Mostly I just like Parks loopy writing style Just Cop Knowledge: Police Power and Cultural Narrative in Twentieth-Century America get lost in the sentences My 4th Parks and I think I start to know his system take a troubled main character let him for it is always a man end up in a complex situation especially in his love life and show how heets and into trouble describe all this as if you re in the head of the character with constantly intersecting and thus very chaotic observations and reflections It oes without saying that this system really digs deep into the human psyche and especially exposes how shaky and vulnerable our existence isIn this novel Daniel Savage has just been promoted a judge at one of the highest legal authorities in the UK and feels at the top of his existence he exudes natural authority can distinguish flawlessly right from wrong in legal matters and because he is the first coloured man in the judiciary he seems to have reached a position of immunity But that state of race immediately is undermined because Savage is haunted by his grace immediately is undermined because Savage is haunted by his life his already battered marriage is shattered by his many former sweet hearts and his relative self confidence makes him constantly say and do things he should better not Some dramatic events make things Dancing at Armageddon: Survivalism and Chaos in Modern Times go from bad to worse for him but unlike in the previous Parks novels Europe and Destiny it does not end on a positive note On the contrary the outcome of the story is a bit awkward and ultimately remains open And another difference Parks records the events not from Savage s own head but as a third narrator And that. Ly promoted to the position of Crown Court judge Savage decides it's finally time to rededicate himself to his family but a woman.