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Audiobook versionSara Wheeler set out to explore the locations of the writers of the Russian Golden Age Pushkin Tolstoy Golgo Dostoevsky and others She mostly bypassed the major cities and visited off the beaten path places of Russia like the Arctic Siberia and the Caucasus This is both a literary exploration and a travelogueI am a big an of the Russian Golden age and of travelogues set in Eastern Europe so this book really appealed to me I haven t read all of the classic works ar The Internet of Us: Knowing More and Understanding Less in the Age of Big Data from it but I amamiliar with many of them I learned many new things about both the writers and the places in Russia she eatured If you are interested in either With the writers of the Golden "AGE AS HER GUIDES PUSHKIN TOLSTOY "as her guides Pushkin Tolstoy and Turgenev among others Sara Wheeler searches or a Russia not in the news traveling Tempting Eden from rinsed northwestern beetields and the Far Eastern Arctic tundra to the cauldron of nation­alities religions and languages in the Caucasus Bypassing major cities as much as possible she goes instead to the places associated with the country’s literary masters With her we see the abled Trigorskoye .

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D I enjoyed seeing where they lived hearing their lives and the way she connected them That was beautiful Some of the travelogue parts were less interesting thought it was ascinating to see the run "up to the Sochi Olympics through her eyes Mud and Stars Travels in Russia Pushkin and "to the Sochi Olympics through her eyes Mud and Stars Travels in Russia with Pushkin Geniuses of the Golden Age Wheeler ollows in the Three Times the Love footsteps of Dostoyevsky Gogol Chekov and other 19th century authors connecting them to Putin s Russia of today You needn t have read or well remember the writers detailed to enjoy this wryly told traveler s tale Wheeler reminds me a lot of Susan Orlean another writer who never seems to put heroot wron. Local guides boards with The Drowning Man families in modest homestays eats roe and pelmeni and cabbage soup invokes recipesrom Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking learns the language and observes the pattern of outcry and silence that characterizes life under Vladimir Putin Illustrated with both historical images and contemporary snapshots of the peo­ple and places that shaped her journey Mud and Stars gives us timely witty and deeply personal insights into Russia then and
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Mud and StarsHen this book is worth your timeWheeler "Reads The Book Herself And I Believe "the book herself and I believe adds to its value She brings it to life Not all authors can pull this off 355 A curious book Basic outlines of the life and works of great 19th century writers along with travelogues reports of progress in learning the Russian language and cookery It ails to come together although there are interesting snippets along the way and I ve added some Russian novels to "my TBR I d recommend Natasha s Dance A Cultural History of Russia and The Possessed Adventures with Russian Books and "TBR I d recommend Natasha s Dance A Cultural History of Russia and The Possessed Adventures with Russian Books and People Who Read Them instead I love so many of the authors that Wheeler ollowed an. ??three hills” estate that Pushkin GREAT INVESTMENT, THE freuented during his exile now preserved in his honor We lookor Dostoevsky along the waters of Lake Ilmen site of the only house the restless writer ever owned We pay tribute to the single stone that remains of Tol­stoy’s birthplace Wheeler weaves these writers’ lives and works around their historical homes giving us rich Portraits Of The Many Diverse of the many diverse rom which these writers spoke As she travels Wheeler ollows. .