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Wash her clothes is a scary thought Learning to interact with the people who are sure to die when the apocalypse comes is another But Romy is a survivor and she is sure that her child will be The One She will do whatever it takes to protect her babyRomy has a 13 year old sister Eden and an 11 year old brother Ilo who both survived the camp and were put in oster care Eden is one of the special children of the Factory Girls: From Village to City in a Changing China founder of the ARK Romy will have toind themAlthough they ve never met Romy has an aunt Sarah was only ten when her sister Alison was kicked out of the house when she got pregnant Shortly after Alison joined the cult and Sarah never saw her again "After her divorce Sarah moved back into the home of her deceased "her divorce Sarah moved back into the home of her deceased who were religious anatics She never thought she would return to this house She Also Never Thought She Would Be Considering Taking In also never thought she would be considering taking in sisters children eitherThe uestion iswill Sarah s new amily adapt to life on the outside or will Sarah Chicken, Chicken, Duck! follow Romy s leadMy Opinions WOW This was different and I really enjoyed it Definitely Alex Marwood s best yetThe book was about the cult but it was also aboutamily and the deep roots that both have It is about the things you learn as a child staying with you no matter the circumstances It is about survival and the lengths people will go to keep themselves safeThe story was told Inspirations from different timelines and different points of view and itlowed smoothly allowing the plot to unfold without confusionThe characters were deep and ascinating and all of them elt very genuine The plot although a little creepy and a lot dark also Move Over, Victoria--I Know the Real Secret: Surrendering the Lies That Bind You to the God Who Frees You felt real and was very intense It was sometimes a little uncomfortable and scary reading about how easily people willollow a charismatic leader Even when they sometimes uestioned decisions and directives they didn t speak up I often elt on edge worrying about a character s reactions
*and outcomeoverall the *
outcomeOverall the was a very well written vividly descriptive narrative with characters that you could relate to although you didn t necessarily want to and a plot that could be taken out of the newspaperA haunting read you won t want to put down I loved it For a complete review of this book and others including author information and uotations please visit my blog. Ome people you can trust and some you must ear And about who her Poor Mrs. Rigsby family really is and why her mother ran awayrom them all those years agoAnd that you can't walk away rom a dark past without expecting it to catch up with you. Py endings rainbows and kittens Are Your Thing Then This your thing then this not be or you however if you like your reading to push the boundaries of your usual thinking if you like to see the world rom a different perspective and most of all if "You Want Those Characters And "want those characters and that take you out of your comfort zone then The Poison Garden will no doubt be one of your books of the yearHighly Recommended All the way This is the ourth novel by Alex Marwood that I ve read I loved The Wicked Girls The Killer Next Door and the Darkest Secret and The Wicked Girls The Killer Next Door and the Darkest Secret and The Garden does not disappoint It War Made New: Technology, Warfare, and the Course of History: 1500 to Today fascinates each of Marwood s books is distinctive and different all excellent but if you didn t know you d swear they are by different authors This one is a story about a cult that very I really like Alex Marwood s style of writing and this had me hookedrom the A Boy in Winter first chapter a young pregnant woman isound alive inside the grounds of a sprawling rural property owned by a cult where everyone else appears to be dead I became totally engrossed in this thought provoking character driven story I Frost at Midnight found it dark and gripping and not uite what I was expecting The characters wereascinating the differing time lines really helped to get to know them and perhaps to understand just a little why they made the choices they did The depiction of the cult Princess Baby, Night-Night felt very believable and so well written Ielt as if I was there and the The Pentagon Papers: Making History at the Washington Post fact that it was a cult with no religion involved made it even interesting I ve read all of Alex Marwood s books but I think this one is myavourite so Improbable Destinies: Fate, Chance, and the Future of Evolution far 4 stars rounded up to 5 The Poison Garden by Alex Marwood is a psychological thriller First let me thank Edelweiss the publisher Penguin Books and of course the authoror providing me with a copy of this book in exchange or an honest review All opinions are my ownMy Synopsis No major reveals but if concerned skip to My OpinionsAfter growing up in a survivalist commune 21 year old Romy is the lone adult survivor of the cult She is alone and pregnant Although out in the real world among people who she still deems as the Dead she inds herself ill euipped to handle certain things She grew up being told that one of the ways the world would end would be through chemicals so simple things like using detergent to. Recently escaped the toxic confines of the cult she was raised in But Romy is young pregnant and completely alone and if she is to keep herself safe in this new world she has some important lessons to learnLike how there are Alex Marwood takes the reader into the toxic tragic and unwaveringly bleak territory of the dangerous world of cults and communes as she immerses the reader into the horrors of their ways of living A multilayered narrative provides us with insights and observations of life before during and the repercussions that ollow in the aftermath of the cult with its different timelines AND CHARACTERS A YOUNG VULNERABLE AND PREGNANT ROMY HAS characters A young vulnerable and pregnant Romy has shaped by the cult and has to negotiate life after the cult isolated and alone with trust issues acing an unfamiliar world and with uestions about her amily only to ind the past is not that easy to leave behindIt is truly terrifying how so many will blindingly ollow a charismatic leader irrespective of they may be although brainwashing does explain lot This is a hugely unsettling shocking and uncomfortable read one which uite rankly I could not wait to shake off but this is a story that managed to get to me I did not I Love My Dad (Disney Princess) find myself emotionally investing in any of the characters but here s the thing it isrighteningly scary just how realistic it Flight, Vol. 7 felt mirroring and grounded in real life cults and their twisted dynamics It proves to be thought provoking and eye opening about a world I have no experience of and no desireor any it outlines with skill just how difficult cults are to walk away rom This is a relentlessly haunting and monstrous read one that gave me the shudders and in my view not or the aint hearted Many thanks to Little Brown or an ARC This is a novel I ve been waiting Camp Rex for and it was worth every second of that wait nobody engages me with thought provoking characters and stories like Alex Marwood and The Poison Garden is tense beautiful and utterly grippingThe thing about this book is it isull of layers Romy is unforgettable and her life experience and how it defines her sets the anchor or the wider story This is a dark dark tale indeed edgy and unpredictable the cult theme expanded upon in hugely compelling ways The author manages every aspect of the drama pitch perfectly leaving you the reader eeling off kilter and concerned Touch of Enchantment for the outcome as if these were real people She absorbs you into their world immediately and unrelentingly less a read a life experienceIf hap. Shocking tense and sharply written The Poison Garden is the gripping new novelrom the international bestseller and Edgar award winning Alex MarwoodWhere Romy grew up if someone died you never spoke of them againNow 22 she has. ,