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Untitled Horizon #5Eries I imagined a Hunger Games #x Maze Runner plot with these characters going through an experiment of some sort However with #Maze Runner plot with these characters going through an experiment of some sort However with introduction of the alien I was shocked and a little doubtful I had a difficult time accepting the explanation of the rift Supposedly the biomes were created due to an alien crash landing in the artic Only one extraterrestrial survived but the intelligent technology of the ship created a copy of the alien s home planet all around the ship Over hundreds of years this environment flourished and protected the ship from any threat or danger in the form of robots However the ship also seeks intelligent life to repair itself So that is why the kids were chosen and survived But since the aircraft was meant to seek help but also protect itself from intruders the TWO VARIABLES OPPOSED ONE ANOTHER CREATING A DEADLY COMBINATION variables opposed one another creating a deadly combination alien technology All of these explanations given to the reader make coherent sense even though it is not exactly the resolution I wanted or expected The wrap p seemed hasty I wish the book was lengthened or another was written describing the alien its home its intent and a fuller detailed explanation of the rift itself I can t seem to nderstand why all of the characters were chosen The ship seemed fairly easy to repair considering the robots and mites could have done it all along The only thing the kids really did was wake p the alien I think another book describing the technology of the ship and having the kids repair it would be much satisfactory Even so I feel like so much was condensed and Glazed Over I Understand over I Simpsons Comics understand author trying to cut outnnecessary detail to fit all the new information into one book but if you do not have the intent to write another book at the very least you can give a sufficient explanation of the rift which answers all the reader s estions from the previous books I do not want to seem like I have so many bad things to say about this book I did love the amount of Anna chapters seeing she is my favorite character and I felt she did not get enough time in the rest of the series I really do enjoy the series as a whole but I wish time was spent on the explanation and resolution of the story All in all these books will always be a part of my childhood and youth that I spent much time on Taking all of this into account I would in fact recommend this series I avidly enjoyed the first four. AndscapesAfter weeks of terror and heartbreak Molly and her friends have reached the eerie structure they spotted at the start of their journey all in a desperate bid that it will provide That felt a bit rushed

the end and I guess should have seen certain things coming but all in all it feels like a bit of a let down I m glad that I read this series and I will recommend it but all in all #I wonder if I would have liked it even if there hadn t been such a huge gap #wonder if I would have liked it even if there hadn t been such a huge gap when I read the 4th book and this one Boo When I started this series it was so promising In my review of 1 I said I hoped it wouldn t tank like the TV show Lost with which it shares some thematic elementsIt tanked This short abrupt end to the series is almost comical in it s simplicity and lack of suspense lack of story development lack of character development It seems like whoever was in charge said wrap it p we have to move on So she didThrow in a few words that no middle schooler will ever know nictitating really and some social justice commentary which seemed totally out of place but maybe met some publishing reuirement would they even be accepted back in their country when people already suffered for being different for their religious beliefs or the color of their skin for being immigrants for their gender for loving who they loved and the whole thing Discovering Your Heart with the Flag Page unfortunately just falls completely flat Considering this is the last book in the series I believe a full review is in order I started this series when I was a middle schooler in seventh grade and had to patiently wait for each book release Now that I am a freshman in high school I can see how I have outgrown the target audience Even so I can t say I was ever disappointed with the series This series is for young adults but safe for younger kids as well Unlike most YA novels there is nonsuitable themes or elements making the books appropriate for younger middle school kids along with the Prom Kings and Drama Queens usual YA audience The first four books and authors were enjoyable in my first read Now that time has passed and I have reread all of them they are still as enjoyable now as they were then When reading the last book in the series Liferaft I was not disappointed with the writing I can imagine it was difficult as a new author of the story to wrapp an entire five book series that she had no hand in writing previously With this being said the end was not what I was expecting In my theories I thought the kids were somehow chosen by a team of scientists or higher beings to be put through a series of rigorous testing Through the whole The spiresThey've been looming in the distance the whole time watching silently as the young survivors of the crash landed Aero Horizon Flight 16 crossed a gauntlet of dangerous nnatural Books in this series despite being rather older than the target demographic The vivid characterization exciting action seuences and sharp writing kept me interested as the characters adapted and overcame their ever increasing list of challenges in the mysterious landscape Until this book it never bothered me that the author changed each time The transitions if not ite seamless blended together well Unfortunately Aditi Khorana did not seem interested in pursuing any of the interesting dynamics or plot threads that earlier writers had established The search for Oliver and Hank s determination to nseat Molly as leader were *dropped entirely On the other hand the conflicts that remained were resolved in * entirely On the other hand the conflicts that remained were resolved in almost nsatisfying than even being handwaved away For example the tension between Molly and Yoshi that has ebbed and flowed since the first book was finally resolved in a chapter narrated by another character entirely who told them both how they felt and got them to hug it out The reader is never allowed to hear either Yoshi or Molly s own perspective on their sudden reconciliationThe other issue with this book was the insistence on not showing but telling and telling and telling A certain amount of Kimberly decided this or Yoshi felt that is fine but when that information is repeated three or times #in a 150 page book it becomes gratingI can only conclude that Aditi Khorana was either ninterested in #a 150 page book it becomes gratingI can only conclude that Aditi Khorana was either ninterested in a book for this series and churned it out as Slade (Walk of Shame, uickly as possible or has simply not had much practice writing for the middle grade demographic and worried that she needed to keep things much simpler and clearer than she does in her writing for older teens Either way it s sad to see such a lackluster finale to a truly clever exciting series This book was the conclusion to the Horizon series I didn t mind the author s writing style She kept all the details from the other books and made sense of everything I thought it lacked depth into the characters I guess by book 7 the characters are established but their thoughts and feelings wereite superficial I liked the events in Life Raft There just weren t a lot of events that took place The climax felt kind of anti climatic They ve been going to this destination for 6 books and now that they made it and it was kind of not disappointing but just Sexual X-Perimentation (Cyborg Gigolos, uneventful This book wasn t a huge page turner All the other book. Nswers to their ordeal and perhaps a way homeHere the survivors will finally learn the truth behind the rift And here they'll encounter a monster far deadlier than anything they've faced ye.