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BirdwatchingwatchingI loved this book Very entertaining but also very touching at the Time Such A time Such a guy Impossible to read this and not be tempted to join in with your own Big Year All in all an enjoyable book if you re into birds and British comedians At times edantic and belabored and the footnotes were almost entirely unnecessary which bogged the read down a bit Fun to read as a novice birdwatcher myself An entertaining read bit slow at times Was a nice way to get to know some English names of the most common birds Was reading at times Was a nice way to get to know some English names of the most common birds Was reading book with a birdguide Right at the intersection of my interests and lo. Alex Horne's dad has always been a 'birder' a birdwatcher constantly on the look out for his next bird sighting Alex wasn't so sure But determined to get to know his father better Alex challenged him to a competitive Big Year from January 1st to December 31st 2006 they would each attempt to see as many species of bird as Code Name: Silence possible governed by the basic rules of birdwatchinglus a couple of th. ,
Ts of fun Alex Horne investigates father son relationships and The Meaning Of Being A Grown Up Through The Medium meaning of being a grown up through the medium a year s competitive birdwatching against his dad This was a very entertaining read A comedic look at the world of birdwatching football anini stickers and stand up comedy A heartening view of family bonds friendship and what other fluff fills the gaps in life A very English book What a wonderful book Charming heartwarming informative If half stars were an option this would get 45 because i option this would get 45 because I t say it was life changing I don t think it belongs in the antheon of great literature but. Eir own the birds had to be wild free and alive; they had to actually see the birds; and they could travel anywhere in the world to do it The one who saw the most birds over the course of 365 days would be declared the winner Along the way Alex would try to finally understand why his dad did what he did and erhaps even 'get into' birdwatching himselfFollowing their year long uest from Alex's.

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I loved it It was the erfect reading for me at this moment everyday the world me at this moment Everyday the world to be troubled and depressing and unpredictable than the day before This light funny and occasionally moving book which is all about curiosity the joy of family and the little joys the natural world has to offer is the erfect antidote for that anxiety If you find yourself falling down an Alex Horne based rabbit hole as I have recently I highly recommend reading this book after Wordwatching That way you get to enjoy all the little Easter eggs hidden throughout this book that would be easy to overlook without any context. First bird sighting at home to birding breaks in Romania a stag weekend spent twitching in Wales and a enguin spotting to South Africa this is The Charming And Hilarious Story Of charming and hilarious story of a and son of manliness obsessive behaviour families and friendship It's also the story of birdwatching told from the outsider's oint of view celebrating the eccentricities of two very different species.