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GAH YOU GUYS Spring has arrived with a BANG and I am here for it Trouble at Brayshaw High TABH was AMAZINGGGG This story picked up right from that crazy cliffhanger from book one where we now see how far Raven would go to protect her man and her brothers I loved this story so much as Meagan Brandy successfully wrote a follow up story that had me on the edge of my seat where I did nothing but consume every tiny and delicious breadcrumb looking for This story was of my seat where I did nothing but consume every tiny and delicious breadcrumb looking for This story was a gripping masterpieceWithout giving away any spoilers TABH was such an exhilarating angsty adrenaline rush Being back in the fold with Raven an exhilarating angsty adrenaline rush Being back in the fold with Raven Royce and Captain was absolutely fantastic Good Lord my heart was in my throat half the time as the suspense angst and shocking af bombs almost killed me I loved that in this story Brandy was able to allow us to see to the heart of not only Raven but also Maddoc as he dealt with the fallout and repercussions of Raven s actions Being in his head was such a pivotal part of this story as it shed some light on his feelings and the mountains he would move in order to do To Protect His Girl protect his girl his family Overall I FLOVED this story as the secrets and lies slowly unraveled and the true reason and purpose of everything came to light We were able to see to the heart of Raven Carver and her Brayshaw Boys and what it really meant to be a BrayGirl I am now left on pins and needles waiting for the third book in this phenomenal series Bravo 5 stars Ratula This book sucked me right in and I can t wait for 1am aannd DONE EEEKKKK THIS BOOK The last page has just been turned and I raced here to discuss ALL Ok that is a lie I WANT to tell ALL but ou need to experience this book on our own So mums the word on all the juicy details DANG IT Ugh sigh deep breath My mind is spinning and I I can t even Eek this book turned me into a stuttering fool I will try again SoooRaven MY GIRL is back with even story to tell OMG I LOVE her and all her contradictions As of this story unravels there are so many WTH moments Rae is such a fighter battling her need for self preservation with her love for her guy and his brothers INTENSE I did feel as the story progressed she starts coming into her own even so than the first book Yes life has beat her down and it is hard for her to trust but I am rooting for herThe Guys these boys have wormed their way into my heart Maddoc and his steamy naughty ways with Rae know how to heat up the page Cap and Royce only increase their dedication to the girl that rules the. “You don’t belong”No words whispered in anger have ever rung trueThey’re the Kings of Brayshaw with the world at their feet destined for greatness and in need of control I’m the girl from the ghetto with nothing ,

Trouble at Brayshaw High Brayshaw #2

read Trouble at Brayshaw High Brayshaw #2

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Ir world They all can be ferocious when protecting Rae which is almost funny considering what a scrapper she is These boys did provide several laugh out loud moments clears throat but it often involved something on the naughty side Wink I warn ou pay close attention cause this author is brilliantly evil and intertwines clues that lead us to understand the mysteries of this story I think I might have found some insight Yikes What will happen next Who are the good guys Who is friend foe or even family What aren t I being told I need to know all the secrets This story is a roller coaster ride of emotions Between that and the need for answers well it fed my desire to read faster Haha Holy heck plan to weave in and out of high octane moments This book is SO FLIPPING GOOD The end has left me craving Did I mention I NEED TO KNOW ALL I know I did but I had to repeat myself Happy Reading Everyone We weren t ready for Riders of the Sea you Raven CarverWe weren t fucking readyWell let me tellou that I wasn t ready either Trouble at Brayshaw High completely blew my mind and I don t know what to do with myself I stayed up all night because I couldn t put this book down I was so engrossed with Raven Carver is mine Whether she wants to be now or not Period TROUBLE AT BRAYSHAW is the second book in Meagan Brandy s Brayshaw series It picks up where the previous book left off With how it all ended in the previous book I was beyond desperate to see what went down I couldn t wait to get my hands on it seeing it land on my kindle even though I tried to prolong that excitement I caved like the others before me and dived in All we knew at that excitement I Caved Like The Others like the others me and dived in All we knew at that was Trouble was coming And whoa did it ever More trouble lands in these boys laps than they know what to do with Sh t got real Nothing can prepare Jewish Women Speak About Jewish Matters you for the clusterf ck that goes downOne word that was screamed throughout was Maddoc This guy right here is what all us bookwhores chasewantcravelust over in our books This guy hit me in the feels Go on playour games baby I ve got moves than ou can handle right from the get go with his possessive alpha antics Sexy bossy bastard When he Loves He Drops All His Barriers He he drops all his barriers he fully he protects he fights he adores he s set the bar very high for other boybookfriends to follow This bigman right here has claimed me Think ou loved the first book This was wayyyyyyyy better More angst feels drama twists and turns swoony moments sighs lust heatJust More These people piss Armoni and puke fucking prada This series is going from st. O offer and as defiant as they come They say it doesn’t matter that I’m one of them now and nothing could ever change that Not even me should I dare tryBut they’re wrongThey underestimate how far I’ll go to protect. Rength to strength And I for one can t get enough of it I never want this series to endI inhaled this in record time seconds minutes my outside world ceased series to endI inhaled this in record time seconds minutes my outside world ceased exist I was locked
the confines of these pages them loving them never wanting to finish that last page Teasers used are off the authors facebook page freaking nazingThis book was wild all kinds of s going on in this book I loved it Now give me please She wants to fuck with my head It s worked She wants to prove a point She s done it She thinks I ll back down She s fucking wrong Trouble at Brayshaw and Meagan Brandy have just claimed my soul Ive literally just sat and read for 8 hours straight no eating no adulting nothing Because Meagan has just delivered one of my favourite books of the The TV Writer's Workbook: A Creative Approach To Television Scripts year These boys and their story own my soul Everythingou think NV Level 3 Health and Social Care you ve guessed all of the theories throw them right out of the window becauseou are so so wrong Maddoc Captain And Royce are back along with their ueen Raven and I can t even begin to describe what I am feeling Go on Play Writing in the Dust: After September 11 your games baby I ve got moves thanou can handle The secrets lies and betrayal had my stomach twisted in knots that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach the whole way through the book Just as one secret comes to light Meagan slams Engine Performance Diagnostics you onour ass with another Ma Meagan brandy is in my opinion a very good story teller which makes a great author because through the whole book I was enthralled by the character s story I doesn t matter what age ou are if ou enjoy a good story that will keep Erebus you from page 1 all the way through This is LIVE AMZ US AMZ UK LIVE AMZ US AMZ UK Books in Brayshaw High trilogy should be read in orderBook 1 Boys of Brayshaw HighBook 2 Trouble at BrayshawBook 3 Untitled Coming May 28 FULL REVIEW5 BRAYGirl CROWNSOmg I didn t think it was possible to love these boys and Raven but I did If it is possible Trouble at Brayshaw High IS HOTTER and filled with twists and turns Lord I have a massive book hangover Maddoc Royce and Captain have my heart Even though we met and fell in love with these boys in book one we get to see behind what internally motivates these men and I found myself falling deeper for them Maddoc with his protective and dominant ways is vocal with his feelings and need for Raven INSERT ALL THE SWOONING Royce shows his softer side as well as his playboy nature and Captain shows his stoic and thoughtful personality as the voice of reason I relished every single moment with them together as a family an. ThemTrouble is comingand they have no idea Trouble At Brayshaw High is the the highly anticipated follow up to Boys of Brayshaw High and should be read only after having read book one Find book one Boys of Brayshaw High her.