(Kindle) [All the Devils Livia Lone #3]

Eight girls vanished One of which was the daughter of Homeland Security Investigations Agent Each crime bearing the same evidenceLivia Lone has been brought on for this case to search out and find this grueling predatorRevenge is the ruleMoney and power is the gameProtect at all costs is the end resultBreak the case wide open and you may subseuently ruin a career for lifeSadists rapists and dare I say the Congressman s scion of the Vice President of the United States are all feeling above the lawPerhaps now is the time to bring them all down This is my favourite series at the moment it s a crimemysteryaction series with a favourite series at the Moment It S A Crimemysteryaction it s a crimemysteryaction with a ick ass heroineI would recommend starting at the beginning with Livia Lone as you do need background to get all the feels it s harrowing but brilliant Justice was her vehicle but hate was the fuel it ran on Well drat That was over WAY too soon And I m up past my bedtime I ve been absolutely unable to do anything else ever since I hit the 70% mark Could Not Put This Book DownEven brought me to tears at the end I m officially calling it Livia Lone is the new Lisbeth Salander a splash of Dexter and she is AEONS better than the last installments of the Millennium Series by David Lagercrantz Livia wasn t remotely na ve enough to believe powerful men were incapable of such crimes If anything she believed they were especially disposed to themBarry Eisler has hit a home run with the Livia Lone series and I m so bummed that this might be the last one at least I haven t seen anything online about a possible book 5 One can always hopeThis book stretches the plausibility meter at times but what good book doesn t It was still an exceptional page turner and my only minor hang up is that I wanted Dox At least he was in it a littleBARRY MOAR LIVIA DOX PLEASE If you have not read the Liva Lone series START NOW When a new book in this series pops up there are a couple of things you can safely assume First Eisler will deliver a wild ride full of action suspense characters you ll love to hate Second Livia Lone is still a Red November: Inside the Secret U.S.-Soviet Submarine War kickass She survived being trafficked as a young girl but her sister didn t Now a detective with the Seattle PD Sex Crimes unit she s on a mission to make predators pay Dearly B D Little is an investigator with Homeland Securitynows the pain that comes with a missing child Ten years ago his daughter disappeared Using his formidable resources he searched endlessly but all he found were similar cases Then they stopped Now a young girl has disappeared under familiar circumstances It may be BD s last chance to find the perpetrator get answers And he A Silent Ocean Away: Colette's Dominion knows who to call for helpan old acuaintance who s just as obsessive about getting justice for theseidsLivia is still dealing with the fallout from her last little adventure The Killer Collective trying to eep her head down at work But BD s story strikes a chord Livia would love nothing than to catch those responsible She sees a couple of immediate problems For some reason BD s boss is blocking the investigation he s sure he s being watched And while she understands the need for answers Livia is worried BD is too emotionally involved Desperate men make mistakes she really can t afford to attract any attentionRight from the start there s an interesting dynamic as the 2 MC s have history They ve worked together before although it s always been an uneasy alliance at best BD has helped Livia in the past but he a also manipulated her for his own gain With so much at stake she has to wonder if he s willing to throw her to the wolves to find his daughter In alternate chapters we meet those wolves and when it comes to creep factor they re off the charts Not only do we hear their horrifying plans but also realize just what Livia BD are up "Against Holy Cats Find A "Holy Cats find a reading spot because you won t be moving for a few hours It s a fast paced thriller with plenty of action forks in the road The MC s provide the heart soul that will have you cheering them on while you hiss at at a slew of bad guys pro tip if your nickname is Snake you re probably not nown for your cuddly side Just sayin The author does a a great job of providing enough info to make us cringe without resorting to graphic details And if you think all the cool tech toys are science fiction peruse the notes links provided at the end Downright scaryLivia is a complex charismatic woman Intelligent highly skilled she continues to battle the emotional scars from her past Her character has been slowly evolving over the course of the series she s taking baby steps toward normal relationships Enough background is given for this A search for a pair of serial rapists leads Livia Lone down the darkest and most dangerous trail of her life Ten years ago the daughter of Homeland Security Investigations agent B D Little vanished into thin air All the Devils Livia Lone #3Pearance by tying it to Many Others Via VICAP Meanwhile others via VICAP Meanwhile Bradley Kane III Boomer is running for reelection when his BFF from Special Forces Snake is released from Leavenworth Snake decides to help Boomer permanently resolve high school Rape Allegations And Continue The Fun They allegations and continue the fun they while serving in Ira Boomer s father is Vice President and wants these problems to simply disappear using his substantial powers Because of her own family history Livia is a determined force of nature and won t stop despite the odds against her external and within the Seattle PD High octane thriller but there is substantial references to things that happened in the past so don t read this one first All the Devils is the fourth book in the Livia Lone series about a Seattle Detective with an unusual past which is now firmly on my favourites listWhile you could read this as a stand alone I strongly recommend starting at the beginning for the full impact not only of Livia s history and evolving character arc but also for all the cameos to make sense This one is probably the best yetSet a few weeks after The Killer Collective Livia is back at work and trying to eep a low profile to appease Chief Best who is rightly suspicious of her so the last thing she needs "is renegade Homeland Security Investigator BD Little asking for her help on another covert mission Obsessed "renegade Homeland Security Investigator BD Little asking for her help on another covert mission Obsessed the disappearance of his teenage daughter ten years earlier he has been tracking similar cases and realises that after a seven year gap they have started up again We learn that the illers are two former Special Forces soldiers one an ex convict called Snake and Boomer now a congressman and the son of the Vice President who will do anything to cover up his son s indiscretions How will Livia stop these evil predators with all the forces ranged against her With a little help from her friendsThis was another fast paced violent but not gratuitous action thriller from an author whose background as a CIA spy and meticulous research evidenced by the references and links in the afterword guarantee a scarily compulsive read I adore bad ass female heroines and Livia s background as the victim of child sex trafficking from Thailand makes her a fascinating protagonist The fight scenes are superbly described but so is her deductive reasoning as she pieces together the clues to identify and go after the devils The ending was brilliant with the reappearance of one of my favourite Eisler characters Hopefully this is not the end of Livia s adventures thoughI ve read all four of the series plus a novella within a couple of months and definitely plan to read the Rain series too For fe Note I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewI think that this book has been the best in the series yet It was fast action packed thrilling and fun read It was highly engaging and I finished the entire book in a single sitting This book was of a thriller than a mystery and still it was intriguing enough to America Lost and Found: An English Boy's Wartime Adventure in the New World keep me on the edge of my seat The book is exceptionally written and highly enjoyable It was interesting real and thrilling What I really liked about this book specifically this book in the series was Livia Lone Livia was at her best in this book While the earlier installments in this series read like report this book had feeling Livia was portrayed as human and than a broken woman full of anger and hate She has grown as a character and I enjoyed the book far because of herI usually don t enjoy multiple points of view especially those of the bad guys But in this book Barry Eisler makes it work They gave me another perspective and went well with the flow of the story In conclusion I would recommend this book to all those who enjoy crime shows and books A hard hitting fast action suspense thriller The main character is not a woman you want to mess with she is strong trained and intelligent When she is thrown into a situation that does not have a backdoor clause her only way out is to go straight through the middle Unfortunately the pieces on the opposite side of the chess board are all Kings and Knights Good story great characters and a suspenseful buddy read with my reading partner Mary Beth Book 4 of Eisler s Livia Lone series finds the Seattle PD sex crimes detective searching for a gruesome pair of rapists Livia has been approached by Homeland Security Investigations agent BD Little whose daughter mysteriously vanished ten years ago Little has been obsessed with finding out what happened to his daughter ever since and he now thinks he s stumbled across a pattern of disappearances that might just throw Ade Desperate he turns to Seattle sex crimes detective Livia Lone the most obsessive hunter of predators LittlenowsLivia will need that obsessiveness and a lot Because the two men Little is pursuing are fearsome. O be read as a stand alone but as "WITH ALL SERIES YOU LL GET FROM IT IF "all series you ll get from it if ve read previous books Kudos to those responsible for the cover art I think even Snake would agree it s gorgeous My *review of all the devils can be found * of ALL THE DEVILS can be found High Fever BooksLivia Lone returns in All the Devils for her fourth grueling investigation and third series proper novel after The Killer Collective saw her joining forces with Barry Eisler s other series character John Rain And it just might be her biggest and most challenging case to date after Homeland Security agent BD Little finds new information surrounding his daughter s disappearance that compels Livia to investigateCongressman Bradley Boomer Kane III is up for reelection when Snake his old buddy from their Special Forces days makes his way out of Leavenworth The two reunite so that Snake can help Boomer deal with some pesky rape allegations being made by Kane s old high school classmates and reignite the bonds they forged in Ira Both men are serial rapists and the seven women they ve disappeared all share a common signature a fact that draws Livia into their orbit while hunting for Little s missing daughter Complicating things even further is Kane s father the vice president of the United States who is seeking to protect his own political career while saving Boomer from himself by any means necessaryEisler as usual does a terrific job establishing credible and multifaceted threats and situations brimming with tension It makes All the Devils a high strung pressure cooker read one that grows increasingly tense the Livia is backed into a corner And fans of this series will American Pronghorn: Social Adaptations and the Ghosts of Predators Past know damn well that Livia is not the type of woman you want to back into a corner She s as complex fierce determined and motivated as ever here not to mention tough as hell In addition to facing increasing scrutiny from the Seattle PD s top brass over some unanswered uestions from her involvement in The Killer Collective Livia is forced to contend with an array of threats from a number of different directions each seeking to take her down in their own various ways either politically or through direct use of force Thanks to her history and psychological make up there are times too where Livia may be her own greatest adversary All this makes for a complex and very timely story given the recent Jeffrey Epstein news and the MeToo movement interestingly Livia was first introduced in 2016 nearly a full year before the hashtag s popularity grew into a global phenomenon to speak out against and raise awareness of the prevalence of rape and sexual harassment and assault but Eisler has anack for delivering the plot in a straight forward easy to follow way There s a good amount of moving pieces here and a good number of thriller layers but it s never overly complicated All the Devils though does rely pretty heavily on being familiar with Livia s past exploits particularly Eisler s series crossover novel The Killer Collective Eisler brings readers up to speed capably explaining the backstory for new readers but you ll have an easier time with it all if you re at least familiar with his last release from earlier this year All the Devils also closes the loop on several story threads introduced over the course of the last two Livia Lone novels Livia Lone and The Night TradeEmotionally Livia s a tough nut to crack and for good reason The author s exploration of her as both a An Audience of Artists: Dada, Neo-Dada, and the Emergence of Abstract Expressionism killer a cop and a brutally damaged survivor is ridiculously compelling stuff Eisler does a wonderful job exploring the human condition of this fractured soul and her attempts at not only making peace with herself but with her attempts to heal and find her place in the world as something other than a revenge driveniller There s a purpose to her mission and even as she leaves a trail of bodies in her wake it s honestly touching to see her realize she s not alone She s a vital heroine particularly given the times we live in and frankly I wish there were like her out thereAll the Devils offers up plenty of closure for fans who have stuck with this trilogy and opens up some possible new avenues for Eisler to explore in future novels should we be lucky enough to encounter Livia again There s still plenty devils out there for Livia to contend with in her own special ways and I m eeping my fingers crossed this is not the last time we see herNote I received an advance readers copy of this title from the publisher via NetGalley 375 stars rounded up Homeland Security agent BD Little manipulates Seattle detective Livia Lone to help his many year investigation into his daughter s mysterious disap. O did seven other girls the crimes all bearing the same signature characteristicsNow the disappearances have begun again And Agent Little’s efforts to investigate are being blocked by forces far above his pay gr.