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Ures but nothing could compare to entering the Forbidden City She was fluent in the various dialects spoken in Tibet and was well informed about cultural s in Tibet alsoSince no woman let alone a Western woman would be allowed to enter she used yak hair to make hair extensions and took on the attire of a beggar man It would have been nearly impossible to take this journey successfully alone considering the rugged terrain and rough weather conditions that can occur in and around Tibet It was with her loyal companion Youngden that she succeeded She endured many hardships along the way not the least of which was a constant fear of being turned back at border control stops She is now lauded as the first woman who was in the resence of the Holy Dali Lhama In her lifetime she traveled all over Asia and wrote books detailing all of her discoveries She was an amazing woman and her name should be well known A little hard to get into at first but what this woman did is truly amazing And the coolest thing about it is she "seems totally unfazed by having to hike through chest deep snow and "totally unfazed by having to hike through chest deep snow and on butter tea for long stretches of time to reach Lhasa not to mention being disguised as a Tibetan easant the whole time I ve read a lot of travel books and this woman is the real deal. Etermination and sheer hysical fortitude it took for this woman delicately reared in Paris and Brussels is inspiration for men and women alikeDavid–Neel is famous for being the first Western woman to Paris and Brussels is inspiration for men and women alikeDavid–Neel is famous for being the first Western woman to been received by any Dalai Lama and as a assionate scholar and explorer of Asia hers is one of the most remarkable of all travellers tale. Voyage d'une Parisienne à LhassaUt I wouldn t like to travel there I d rather "be born in Tibet than go there knowing of other ways "born in Tibet than go there knowing of other ways life I wonder how Mme Alexandra came to love "it and yearn for it so much when it s obvious it was a horrible lace Back then it was "and yearn for it so much when it s obvious it was a horrible StoryBranding: Creating Stand-Out Brands Through The Power of Story place Back then it was backward feudal theocracy where mosteople were nothing and had nothing It s evident from her account Now it s a communist wasteland where most It's A Wonderfully Sexy Life people are nothing and have nothingThe descriptions of the nature houseseople and especially New Year festivities in Lhasa are amazing Wild story of walking out of China into Tibet at age 55 around 1920 She was extraordinary and went on to write 30 books bringing Tibetan Buddhism to the West She learned Tibetan and became a nun The details are unbelievable and that s why some Lignin Biodegradation people wonder how she did it but there is ahoto of her sitting in front of the Potala with her face covered with soot from a cooking Pure Chance pot so her white skin would not give her away Foreigners were forbidden at the time This is an incredible story of the first Western woman to enter the Forbidden City known as Lhasa in Tibet In 1923 Alexandra David Neel successfully met her goal but not without a lot oflanning Having been rasied in Paris and Brussels Alexandra had set many lofty goals for herself and went on many advent. Sguised herself as a beggar with yak hair extensions and inked skin and tackled some of the roughest terrain and climate in the World With the help of her young companion Yongden she willingly suffered the rimitive travel conditions freuent outbreaks of disease the ever–present danger of border control and the military to reach her goalThe

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I think I was traveling in Mexico when we read this book and I always thought how easy my new life was in comparison I still love the book and think anyone who likes to travel should read it Didn t want it to end Even if only half of what this lady endured and did to get this lady endured and did to get Lhasa in disguise of a beggar Tibetan woman were true it would still be a story made of win That "was by the way in the time white eople in "by the way in the time when white in traveled with tables chairs bread ovens and gramophonesShe and her companion traveled on foot thinly clad living mostly on buttered tea and from time to time stuff so horrible it would burn a hole in my Goodreads age through snow and ice and mud They encountered crafty and stingy easants bandits wild animals knights and officials but also ilgrims and lamas from faraway lands They slept in caves under a blanket or flat tent covered with snow rarely on dirt floor by the fire I wonder if the story of Mme Alexandra making fire using the techniue of tumo is real They tried to do good by the eople they met by the way but mostly could do very little to alleviate Schilder's Struggle for the Unity of the Church poverty and need And the feeling of love and sense of wonder never left her no matter the difficultiesI don t know I think I m sort of morbidly fascinated by Tibet I never tire reading about it An exemplary travelogue of danger and achievement by the Frenchwoman Madame Alexandra David–Neel of her 1923 expedition to Tibet the fifth in her series of Asian travels and herersonal recounting of her journey to Lhasa Tibet's forbidden city In order to A (kinda) Country Christmas penetrate Tibet and reach Lhasa she used her fluency of Tibetan dialects and culture di.