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45 starseverything is normal when you don t know any better Isn t that the truthFirst and foremost if you have not read the previous books in this series do not attempt this one I mean this in the best possible way You seriously do not want to miss a thing The other two books set this book up perfectly plus you will be missing a mountain of back story plus two really great books Whew is all I can say after finishing this one When it comes to this book forget what you know what you think you know or where you think this book is going This is Barker s ride and he is clearly in the driver s seat He takes us down a path which continues to be dark twisted and highly addictive As with the previous books this book is extremely well thought out perfectly paced with twist and turns keeping up the suspense and tension Diary entries back stories a detective with a past he can t remember and a serial killer who is highly intelligent always a step ahead of the police He clearly has a plan but what is it Plus Bishop has a detective hot on his trail but is the detective to be trusted Are there other killers out there Who can you believe when everything and everyone you thought you could trust suddenly doesn t An Ethics of Interrogation look or seem too trustworthyAs this book continues weearn about the pivotal players their past and their connection to each other This one isn t for the faint of heart It deals with heavy and sensitive subjects thankfully without a Ancestral Voices: Religion and Nationalism in Ireland lot of detail Father forgive me but I thought this book was riveting Captivating and a real page turner this one did not disappoint There are aot of people in this book and a Animal Ecology lot going on no wonder Barker had sticky notes all over his house to keep this story straight He continues to deliver and finished this series strongly I can t wait to seeread what else he has up his sleeveAnother plus of this series is its originality Sure there areots of books out there about serial killers and cat and mouse chases but this one stands out and on its own Barker is an intelligent writer who has great character development All his characters are distinct and interesting even the unlikable ones are extremely captivating Plus I have never read one of his books and felt as if i have read this one before kwim Ever read a book and think been there read that just with different names and different ocations Not here again this book gets high marks for originalityCan I just say I am slightly jealous of the people who have not read this series as they will get the chance the read the books back to back While reading this one I was wishing I went back and re read the previous ones but I couldn t help myself I had to dive in I wonder what it must be ike to spend so much time writing a book to have people dig in and read it so fast I purposely read this one slow so I could wrap my head around everything I was surprised a couple of times and didn t see things coming which is always plusA brilliant end to a brilliant series Highly recommendThank you to JD Barker Hampton Creek Press and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own My thanks to Hampton Creek Press Mr Barker and Netgalley I have John for Everyone: Part One, Chapters 1-10 loved this trilogy from the get go The people both good and bad are all in their own way veryikable to just downright Anarchist Modernism: Art, Politics, and the First American Avant-Garde lovable The story This story is not something I ve come across in all my years of reading Barker is the real deal Funny thing is that everything I want DNF 57%You guys I can t finish itIt s so frigginong and in this case bigger isn t better Easily 200 pages could have been shaved off this book What sucks is that I LOVE THE STORY and am so curious as to how it s all going to play out but not enough to continueI ve struggled with this series from book one and it s the same issue with every book There a way too many storylines going on and it really detracts from my ability to become invested in the characters There s no sense of tension in the writing no nail biting frantic page flipping urgency to get to the truth Barker gave me what I asked for in my review of installment one and that was Anson Bishop the serial killeror is he He has remained the most fascinating aspect of this story The chapters featuring his diary entries are so compelling I could read an entire book of nothing but those I m going to skip giving this one a star rating This is absolutely a case of it s not you it s me This series is oved by all and #I don t discourage anybody from picking it upDespite my inability to #don t discourage anybody from picking it upDespite my inability to with this series I ook forward to Barker s next book I Being after Rousseau: Philosophy and Culture in Question like the way his mind works and I think the best is yet to come I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review uestion Everything The Sixth Wicked Child is the final book of the 4MK trilogy My reading Experience The first word that comes to mind when thinking about this book isong winded It is way too Berlioz and His Century: An Introduction to the Age of Romanticism long and could have been cut down significantly For the first half of the book I feltike I was being strung along just to drag things out I was getting uite frustrated and had to force myself to continue reading I oved the first two books in this series so there was no way I was going to give up but I was tempted Finally at the 60% mark I got sucked inThe Characters As always I oved reading Bishop s diaries Also shared are Clair Nash Poole and Porter s POVs The reader doesn t get to experience much of Porter until the end and this contributed to why I Was Struggling I Could Have Lived was struggling I could have Atlantic Double-Cross: American Literature and British Influence in the Age of Emerson lived just reading Porter and Bishop s narratives and done without all of the others The plot Long Sometimes boring Sometimes frustrating Complex with many threads many POV s and many characters The plot is supposed to make the reader uestion everything about what they thought they knew about a certain character but I always knew the truth I never wavered All of the threads andoose ends come together too easily and neatly However there is a payoff that makes this book worth reading Overall The Sixth Wicked Child offers a satisfying conclusion to the 4MK series I will miss these characters and Awakening Spaces: French Caribbean Popular Songs, Music, and Culture look forward to reading by Barker in the future I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review An Explosive and Fitting End to the 4MK TrilogyFirstet me start off by saying that this book was engthy and at times I certainly felt it BUT I am so glad I stuck with it in the end it was worth the time I dedicated to not only this book but the whole trilogy Suspense builds and tension is at an all time high as we are forced to uestion what we know and what we think we know about ALL the key players in this series Barker masterfully connects dots here that were put into play beginning with Book 1 This is not a standalone book you MUST read the first 2 books to fully appreciate all the elements at play in this finale I wholeheartedly appreciated that everything was wrapped up and all uestions were answered especially after all the mind play going on in this book Anson Bishop and Sam Porter were well developed formidable adversaries I enjoyed how Barker took us on a journey that upended everything we thought we knew and made us ultimately not only feel for the bad guy but uestion who was really the good guy in it all So although this one isn t as fast moving as Books 1 2 it proved to be a satisfying end to a series that I really enjoyed Thank you to JD Barker Hampton Creek Press and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review an arc of this book Cut me openand you l finda brain heart Alliance Rising: The Hinder Stars I (Alliance-Union Universe) liverungsand a knife in the spineFRAGILE MINDS by Silent TheoryAbsolute complete and utter brillianceThis is the conclusion of the 4MK trilogy and there are some things I need to sayThese books need to be read in order because this is basically one big ass story I don t agree with the page. In the riveting conclusion of the 4MK trilogy Barker takes the thriller to an entirely new evel Hear No Evil For Detective Sam Porter the words “Father forgive me” conjure memories ong forgotten; a past intentionally buried For Anson Bishop these three words connect a childhood to the present as he unleashes a truth concealed for decades See No EvilFound written on cardboard near. .

The Sixth Wicked ChildMyself in a uiet ittle room and put pen to paper for hours at a time than throw around a baseball or simply watch television Don t get me wrong sometimes I want to do just that sometimes I wish for it but even then the need to write is always there in the back of my mind the characters are impatiently tapping their feet waiting their turn wanting to be heard I wake in the middle of the night and reach for the pad beside my bed sometimes scrawling page after page of their words their Blue Guide lives Then they re uiet if only for aittle while To stop would mean madness or even worse the calm numbing sanity I see in others as they slip through the day without purpose They don t know what it s ike they don t understand Something as simple as a pencil can open the door to a new world can create ife or experience death Writing can take you to places you ve never been introduce you to people you ve never met take you back to when you first saw those shadows in your room when you first heard the sounds mumbling ever so softly from your closet and it can show you what uttered them It can scare the hell out of you and that s when you know it s goodDISCLOSURE Thank you to Hampton Creek Press IBPA via Netgalley for providing a digital ARC of The Sixth Wicked Child by JD Barker for review All opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own personal opinions For an explanation of my rating system please refer to profile page on Goodreadscom or the about page on sandysbookadaywordpresscomThis review and others are also published on Twitter and my webpage I never realised that JD Barker was writing a 4MK trilogy based around a prolific master serial killer Ansen Bishop and that this is the final rip roaring finale to this series On balance I think that is a good decision after reading the second book I felt that the premise driving this series was beginning to reach its Birth and Fortune: The Impact of Numbers on Personal Welfare limits This is a thrilling firecracker of a conclusion pulse pounding a nervously biting fingernails affair twisted in every which way and then some with red herrings galore and with adrenaline fuelled fast paced frenetic action There is a continuing monstrous body count a hospital inockdown with fears of a deadly virus and those confined are far from happy and there appears to be than one killer on the Island Girls (and Boys) l First and foremost aarge thank you to NetGalley JD Barker and Hampton Creek Press for providing me with a copy of this publication which allows me to provide you with an unbiased reviewAs the riveting 4MK trilogy comes to an end JD Barker offers the most explosive novel to date Chilling in its delivery and full of unexpected twists fans of the series should brace themselves as all the pieces finally come together As the 4MK cases continues to gain momentum the obvious suspect remains Anson Bishop who turns himself in to the authorities However there are victims that keep emerging a single message binding them all together in his sick and twisted web While this would seem to be a slam dunk case the fact that the bodies appear almost simultaneously on opposite sides of the country is an issue denoting that this could not be the work of a single man While minds stir about this a hospital becomes the scene of a Calvinists Incorporated: Welsh Immigrants on Ohio's Industrial Frontier lockdown as a virus makes its way through the air and chooses even victims to add to the horror While trying to shed someight on the entire situation Chicago PD and FBI investigators Stretching Lessons: The Daring that Starts from Within listen to Bishop tell a complex story from his past one that could reveal about the real killer than first suspected All comes toight in a set of diary entries which could prove to be the best piece of evidence on offer If he is to be believed Bishop can finger a rogue cop as the real killer and the one with the greatest motive to shut the investigation down Trouble is everything is marred in a fog and what is on paper seems too outrageous to accept Truths will be revealed and a killer s identity shall be unmasked but it may be too much for some to accept as they attempt to wrap their minds around what s gone undetected and how many other Call the Next Witness lives have been cut short A troubling novel though one that fits right into the series and allows Barker to show just how sadistic things can get with a serial killer given the opportunity Recommended to series fans and those who want out of their comfort zoneThe concept for this series caught my attention when it was released and I knew I would have to find the time to add this to my ever growingist of books to read From the outset the story pulled me in and kept me wanting to know especially since the serial killer stood out as being highly uniue in their actions and the thrill of the chase Returning as a uasi protagonist again Sam Porter offers the reader some insight into his personality and desire to get this killer off the streets While there is no time for backstory the reader does Building for the Arts: The Strategic Design of Cultural Facilities learn some interesting aspects about hisife as well as how he is seen by his colleagues Porter has Bulletproof Feathers: How Science Uses Nature's Secrets to Design Cutting-Edge Technology little time for banter wanting to get to the root of the matter but fearful of tripping up and costing the investigation its bestead He will have to remain Casuistry and Modern Ethics: A Poetics of Practical Reasoning level headed and stay the course or risk it all Anson Bishop remains the other character to share the spotlight though Barker seems to want to share the glory all around Depicted as the mastermind killer Bishop has aot to say and won t Charlestown Blues let himself face all the blame without opening up one can of worms What he reveals is both troubling and shocking proof that may turn the case on its head should anyone want toisten In a story packed with interesting characters Barker Charlestown Blues: Selected Poems, a Bilingual Edition leaves no stone unturned in an attempt to flesh out the truth chilling the reader as the plunge deeper The story remained strong throughout climbing in its intensity through short chapters that tease just enough to keep the reader wanting to know Iove this techniue as I find myself devouring things without being able to stop promising myself and those around me that one chapter will do Matched with that use of a diary to tell a captivating backstory Building the South Side leaves nothing to the imagination In trilogy set over six days any reader wishing to binge the series can do so and feel the full impact of the story allowing Barker to take over control andeave the #READER AT HIS MERCY I THOROUGHLY #at his mercy I thoroughly this novel and the series which brings together some great writing strong narrative guidance and a plot that has twists than it does answers Not to be missed for those who have the stomach for the adventureKudos Mr Barker on another great book I have oved everything of yours to date and cannot wait to discover Lovehate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons a different sort of Book Challenge The Wicked Sixth Child picks up where The Fifth to The Wicked Sixth Child picks up where The Fifth to ends off and brings this exciting series to a conclusion I started off grooving to pace of the story and intrigued by the turn the story started to take The pace slowed and started to dally along for me and felt a ittle bit Chicagos Urban Nature like I was being strung along instead of feeling the suspense to the story At 628 pages I could have done with a few fewer words at the beginning of the story I became a bit frustrated with the jigging and jagging going on Well JD Barker tightened those strings and the pace picked and things started zigging and zagging along and I couldn t turn the pages fast enough to see what s next The unrelenting tension and suspense rise as those shocking reveals are revealed and secrets start to come out The body counts rise and at times it feltike I was on a merry go around and spinning around so fast my head started to get dizzy but I just couldn t jump off till the motives behind the Four Monkey Killer are revealed Once I jump off I was running around cheering for how everything comes together so well I highly recommend this series I received a copy from the publisher on Netgalley. 4MK serial murders turns himself in he reveals a story completely unexpected one that not only upends the current investigation but one that will change the ives of all involved Do No Evil With unrelenting tension and pulse pounding suspense the past unravels at breakneck speed as the truth behind the Four Monkey Killer’s motive is finally revealed in this masterfully crafted finale. .

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Counts on GR because on my Kindle the first book was over 400 pages the second over 500 pages and the third over 600 pages which makes this story a 1500 page monster and every single one of them was necessary for this storyI also read that this series was being developed as a TV series but I Chicago's Urban Nature: A Guide to the City's Architecture + Landscape ll say aittle about that aterWow when I read the first book it was because of all the great reviews and I enjoyed it very much Barker is a great great writer And this story with all its intricacies and characters was brilliantly plotted and pacedWhen I was halfway through this third book ie about 1200 pages into this story I had to take a break and consider whether every single thing I believed up to then was completely wrong Yes this book was a mind fuck galore in the best possible wayWhile I did figure out some things others were extremely well hidden until the very endAs far as a thriller series goes this one was utter geniusSo and this is a bit of irony I can t explain about the same time I started reading THE SIXTH WICKED CHILD I discovered the song FRAGILE MINDS by Silent Theory Luckily the first time I saw it on YouTube it was the yric video because I don t think I would have given this song a fair chanceWhy you askThe music piano guitar and drums was brilliant But the Collections of Nothing lead singer s voice sounded so well weak I mean it took my while to figure out why it bothered me so much and it came to me about a weekater His voice made me think of The Lightning SeedsHowever the Communism lyrics were so dark and for reasons we won t discuss spoke to me Iistened to that song every single day since and it has grown on me sooooo muchWell with How to Read the American City Close Up lyricsikeDoes it hurt I don t know and where do we goWe don t tease fragile minds with such thingsSomebody save me or end meI haven t yet made up my mindWill I be an end to someone s destinyWho s to knowWell while it is being developed as a TV series I want to throw in my two cents here and say that this will make a GREAT theme songJust sayin Ladies and gentlemen if you are a thriller fan get these three books and read them in order they will blow your mind EXCERPT Tray didn t see her at first the girl kneeling at the water s edge facing away Long blonde hair trailing down her back She Catholics, Anglicans, and Puritans lookedike one of the statues unmoving facing the pond Consumed: Food for a Finite Planet like that Her skin was so pale nearly white almost as colourless as her white dress She wore no shoes on her bare feet no coat only the white dress made of a material so thin it was nearly translucent Her hands were clasped together near her breasts as ifost in prayer her head tilted to one side Tray didn t speak but drew closer Close enough to realise the thin ayer of snow that covered everything else covered this girl too And when she circled around to her side she realised it wasn t a girl at all but a woman The stark whiteness of her every inch of her was broken by the thin ine of red stretching from under her hair down the side of her face There was another Conversations with Nelson Algren line from the side of hereft eye a stream of red tears and yet a third from the corner of her mouth this one painting her ips the brightest rose Something was written on her forehead Wait not written At her knees sitting in the snow was a silver serving tray The kind you might find at a fancy dinner party a high priced restaurant the sort of place Tray already knew even at fourteen she d never see outside of television or the movies On that tray were three small white boxes Each sealed tight with black string Behind the boxes propped up against the woman s chest was a cardboard sign not unlike the ones Tray had held to raise money for food Only she had never used these three particular words before The sign simply readFATHER FORGIVE ME ABOUT THIS BOOK In the riveting conclusion of the 4MK trilogy Barker takes the thriller to an entirely new evel Don t miss a single word of the series James Patterson called ingenious Hear No Evil For Detective Sam Porter the words Father forgive me conjure memories Contested Reproduction: Genetic Technologies, Religion, and Public Debate long forgotten a past intentionally buried For Anson Bishop these three words connect a childhood to the present as he unleashes a truth concealed for decades See No Evil Found written on cardboard near each body these wordsink multiple victims to a single killer discovered within minutes of each other in both Chicago and South Carolina clearly connected yet separated by impossible miles Speak No Evil Chicago Metro and the FBI find themselves caught in chaos a hospital on Cop Knowledge: Police Power and Cultural Narrative in Twentieth-Century America lockdown a rogue officer and corruption at the highestevels When Anson Bishop the prime suspect in the notorious 4MK serial murders turns himself in he reveals a story completely unexpected one that not only upends the current investigation but one that will change the Dealing with Risk: Why the Public and the Experts Disagree on Environmental Issues lives of all involved Do No Evil MY THOUGHTS My head is still spinning than twenty four hours after finishing this book Barkered me down the garden path chewed me up and spat me out And not just onceWarning if you haven t read the first two books in this series The Fourth Monkey and Fifth to Die don t start with this the final part of the trilogy You need to read all of them in order And if it is some time since you read the first two I recommend a refresherwhich is what I should have done and didn t I struggled at times to remember who was who and whom had done what from the earlier books And although I oved this book it would have been a far easier read had I done that recap This is not a simple story It is riveting compelling and convoluted I was sure of no one There is much conflicting evidence and stories The twists and turns are masterful I vaguely recall a story from my childhood about a snake that ate itself by swallowing its own tail There are parallels This is a series that deserves a binge read I plan on taking it on my next holiday and doing it justice And I am uite sure that once I have finished I will be rerating The Sixth Wicked Child to the full five or stars it richly deserves The fault is all mine 5 TheSixthWickedChild NetGalley THE AUTHOR JD Barker is the international best selling author of numerous novels including FORSAKEN and THE FOURTH MONKEY His Latest Novel DRACUL Co latest novel DRACUL co with Dacre Stoker released October 2018 #His next novel THE SIXTH WICKED CHILD releases in August He is currently collaborating with #next novel THE SIXTH WICKED CHILD releases in August He is currently collaborating with Patterson His novels have been translated into two dozen anguages and optioned for both film and television Barker resides in coastal New Hampshire with his wife Dayna and their daughter EmberA note from JDAs a child I was always told the dark could not hurt me that the shadows creeping in the corners of my room were nothing than just that shadows The sounds nothing than the settling of our old home creaking as it found comfort in the earth only to move again when it became restless if ever so slightly I would never sleep without closing the closet door oh no the door had to be shut tight The darkness Dark Voices: W. E. B. Du Bois and American Thought, 1888-1903 lurking inside needed to be held at bay the whispers silenced Rest would only come after I checked under the bed ateast twice and uickly wrapped myself in the safety of the sheets which no monster could penetrate pulling them tight over my headI would never go down to the basementNeverI had seen enough movies to know better I had read enough stories to know what happens to Deceptive Beauties: The World of Wild Orchids little boys who wandered off into dark dismal places alone And there were stories so many storiesReading was my sanctuary a place where I could disappear for hours at a timeost in the pages of a good book It didn t take Culture Wars: School and Society in the Conservative Restoration long before I felt the urge to create my ownI first began to write as a child spinning tales of ghosts and gremlins mystical places and people For most of us that s where it begins as children we have such wonderful imaginations some of us have simply found it hard to grow up I ve spent countless hours trying to explain to friends and family why I enjoy it why I would ratherock. Each body these words Daguerreotypes: Fugitive Subjects, Contemporary Objects link multiple victims to a single killer discovered within minutes of each other in both Chicago and South Carolina clearly connected yet separated by impossible milesSpeak No Evil Chicago Metro and the FBI find themselves caught in chaos a hospital onockdown a rogue officer and corruption at the highest evels When Anson Bishop the prime suspect in the notorious.
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