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Wild Girl Slateview High #2

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A steamy Before Copernicus reverse haremomance with a criminal "twistDespite this book being set in a high school it is definitely one of the steamier everse harem "this book being set in a high school it is definitely one of the steamier everse harem I have Health and Wellbeing in Childhood read a few of theeverse harem books that are set in high school and they may have a girl that is in love with multiple guys and they with her but they eally are just good friends not a true harem This one gets pretty steamy in a few scenes and it goes as far as saying the #Main Character Fast Paced And Action Eva Ashwood Crams #character Fast paced and action packed Eva Ashwood crams into Wild Girl which was a great seuel to Lost Boys The cliff hanger ending of book one has eally tied this group together and goes a long way to show just how entwined these four are and just what each will do to protect the others Cora was once again Bishop Kace and Misael promised to protect meBut after what they did can I protect themIn the aftermath of a single gunshot my life seems to be splitting apart at the seamsNathaniel can never discover what my boys did but keeping it hidden from him ,
Really strong character and I think that I can see "Where
book three heading 
Three Heading three is heading at least I know how I would this one going forward An eye for an eye A favour called in maybe Ooooo the possibilities are endless I cannot wait to see where Eva Ashwood takes these four All I know is that they belong together The Lost Boys have helped Cora develop as a person and Cora has grounded them given them something to wake up for and something to hold on to Something they ve never had Love this series so far 4 StarsThis book delivered The L. Munatius Plancus: Serving and Surviving in the Roman Revolution reactions from the boys at Cora s mistakes areefreshing I love how they protect and care for her and that there isn t any unnecessary drama between their dynamic I can t wait to see what happens in the final installment. Ay be harder than we hopeEspecially since I'm still being pulled between two loyalties two halves of myselfBetween duty and loveBetween my old life and my new oneMy father still insists he's innocent and even though the Lost Boys despise him I'm dete. ,

Wild Girl Slateview High 2 45 star A unexpected but good "After the shocking ending of the previous booknow Cordelia and the lost "the shocking of the previous booknow Cordelia and the lost have a lot of things to doFlint s gone and the they have problems there s also a new boy at schoolI liked Lost Boys then this book was no disappointment to me eitheralthough I liked Cordelia s first book as a character It was interesting exciting violent secrets trustunexpectedness and of course hot scenes and love But unfortunately the book ended with such a turnWhat will be the last book I think it will be exciting and full of love Thank you Overall I enjoyed the book Ava has definitely come into her own And the guys of course protect her at all cost I can t believe the cliffy and I m excited to see what comes next. Rmined to prove he doesn't belong in prisonI want answersBut if I start pulling at these threads will my life unravel entirelyThis is the second book in the Slateview High series a everse harem bully omance It contains mature themes and steamy scen. .