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35 StarsI LOVED RianLOVED LOVED LOVED HERShe was such an amazing character and so freaking funnyHer inner dialogue had me cry laughingHer insecurities were real and relatableHer relationship with Abel secondary character is what made this book so entertaining and funny Carlo s character was very hard for me to like and relate to He first came across as arrogant and narcissistic and then the reader learns about Carlo s own insecurities and fearsBut even reading about why he was the way he was I still didn t like him very muchThis was a good read but not one of my favourites An ARC of this book was provided by SocialButterflyPR in exchange for an honest review 35 StarsI am really grateful to have received this ARC in exchange for an honest review I have been loving the Smartypants Romance books but am sad to say this one wasn t totally for me This is my first ME Carter book and you can tell she s a really good writer I LOVED the heroine Rian She was funny and real with a lot of depth I liked reading about her and her growth I also applaud ME Carter for creating a real heroine who doesn t have the perfect body which is what you typically find in romance novels What I didn t understand in this book was the romance The development of the relationship between Rian and Carlos felt off They didn t spend that much time together in the first half of the book Carlos didn t really have any depth and was superficial and then all of the sudden he realizes he likes our morbidly obese main character It didn t feel real to me and Carlos ust wasn t likable I felt of a connection between Rian and her trainer Abel Overall the lack of connection between the romantic leads hurt the reading experience for me but I would read from this author in the future OMG you guys we are officially FOUR WEEKS AWAY I can t wait My Rating45Favorite uotesMy eyes widen both in disbelief and possible terror at what stretching might entail I ate a bean burrito for lunch Does he not understand the kind of danger stretching might put everyone in They re vultures around here she continues which does not make me feel better at all And once you get sucked in you re stuck for life I gasp and throw my hands over my mouth Ohmygod I ve stumbled into the Hotel California I ll leave the hacking into national security systems to him I don t look good in orange or Jimmy: The Terrorist jumpsuits The combination of the two would be hideousRight on cue the office essentially stops every single woman in the room staring at himaws agape Rian included Ladies He nods in greeting his British accent ringing out for everyone to hear Teresa who ust happens to be in the vicinity when the door opens #should be grateful she s walking by a chair because her legs literally give out and #be grateful she s walking by a chair because her legs literally give out and collapses into said chair as she watches him walk away I don t have a thing for Teresa but I still don t appreciate her collapsing dramatically in the office uinn needs to stop recommending attractive employees I have no room in the budget for smelling saltsI ust let them think what they want I can see now that it s been biting me in the ass behind my back Well behind your back is where your ass is located Putting her hands on my chest Rebecca uses that breathy voice that s supposed to be sexy but now it makes me wonder if she has some sort of lung dysfunctionMy ReviewHaving struggled with every fad diet verses an unbridled love of food ALL my life I totally fell into this story with a plus sized heroine ME Carter nailed the complications insecurities discomforts and frustrations of living within a curvy and amply proportioned body and she did so with sparkling wit and cleverly insightful observations I adored Rian we could be fun and kickass friends She was realistically and craftily penned as were many of the rude reactions unpleasant comments and thoughtless behaviors others directed and displayed towards her due to her size including those of family ME Carter masterfully captured all that noise and still kept me grinning The storylines were original and entertaining while the writing was crisp engaging and laced with amusing visuals clever snark and smirk worthy levity The story was character driven and developed slowly While I had an instant liking for Rian Carlos was a piece of work that reuired a lot effort for me to fully appreciate although that grew easier as he began to evolve from the shallow pool of ooze in which he started I am totally Grooving On These Smartypants Romances on these Smartypants Romances stars Weight Expectations is my first book by ME Carter and there was a lot to like about this book The main thing I liked was the heroine Rian After a physical with her doctor Rian decides she should oin a gym Though overall Rian is comfortable in the skin she s in she knows being healthy is important and now that she s in her late thirties she decides to take it seriously Rian oins Weight Expectations and after some time there really starts to come into her own She s personable and makes friends with her trainer Able and other regulars She also takes notice of Carlos the most attractive guy there Carlos is in his early forties and treats his body like a temple He works out religiously eats super clean and doesn t do relationships He s happ. Rian Thompson thought she oined the gym to get healthy Little did she know she was about to add hundred and ninety pounds of swoonworthy abdominal muscles and arrogance to her lifeEvery day in Rians’s life follows a predictable pattern and she wouldn’t have it any other way She’s got a nice ob a nice place to live and a nice family – even if they are a little wedding zilla. .

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Weight ExpectationsAlistic about her health concerns and though she s self deprecating about her weight it s never mean spirited or unnecessarily harsh She s been around long enough to know how the world treats overweight people but while she s skeptical about the interest Carlos shows in her at first she never doubts her value or puts herself down After being a little leery of his character at first Carlos grew on me Once I got past that seeing through people thing he does at the gym it became obvious Carlos has his own set of insecurities His lack of past relationships has him scrambling a little when it comes to Rian which helped to humanize him and endeared him to me even He took the time to really get to know her with all the snarky uips and insecurities included and I appreciate the fact he realized the awesomeness that is Rian Pregnant uinn is a kick Knitting in the City series fans this one s for you This alpha husband is on a mission to procure some of the most exotic yarns in the world for his treasured pregnant wife Janie and god help anyone that stands in his way The writing flow of the story and added snarky fun bits of dialogue means I had a fabulous time reading Weight Expectations and I ll most definitely be checking out this author s backlogNow on to the stuff that didn t work so well And it s a biggie To put it bluntly I wasn t feeling the romance between Carlos and Rian Friendship Yes A deep respect and appreciation for what the other brought to the relationship Sure But attraction and heat Not so much It wasn t Heads of the Colored People just Carlos coming to terms with his attraction to a type of woman he s not normally attracted to though there was a little of that I wasn t feeling Rian s attraction to Carlos either unless it was in a gee he s pretty kind of way It s almost like they both appreciated the hell out of each other as people but were in no particular hurry to get down to the naked stuff Though this book may not have pushed all of my romance buttons once I started reading Weight Expectations I was hooked The dialogue and overall snarky attitude kept me reading until the end and I can t wait for the next entry in this series Janie s pregnancy can only last so long ARC provided by Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest voluntary review I hate to be theerk that leaves a terrible review on an ARC I really do so I preface this by saying that I had high hopes for this book The main character is morbidly obese and her love interest is a sexy Latino this is right up my alley as a chubby latina but this missed the mark in almost every wayFirst and foremost the pacing was terrible 35% into the book the MCs have met once at a dinner and instead of fleshing out the scene the author cuts out and shows us only a snippet of this apparently life changing encounter in a flashback It isn t until than half way through the book that the MCs even Interact Again For Any again for any time yet the sexy Latin Lover stereotype Carlos is already head over heels for her despite spending most of his time reiterating that he doesn t want a relationship and she is not his type in any way shape or formThe first half of the book is literally ust the protagonist building a strong relationship with her trainer and detailing her workouts which by the way after months of doing her body doesn t change I would have believed a romance with Her Trainer Abel Than Carlos There Was Never A Moment trainer Abel than Carlos There was never a moment I saw why he was falling for her He went on and on about her not being his type but he couldn t stop thinking about her yet he never really explained and I as a reader never really felt the connection other than what I was being told Let me tell you it is very apparent that the author has never been morbidly obese or if she has she didn t want to dig deep enough to deal with the real and varied baggage that comes with that Rian was given a few moments of insecurity about hotter women and the sagginess of her boobs but a life of being overweight is far complex than that and if you are morbidly obese having sex with a super hot fit guy for the first time the sagginess of your boobs would mostly likely not be in the top 10 of your multitude of worriesAlso why did Rian want Carlos That isn t really fleshed out either and there are plenty of reasons not to like him I mean he s hot so there s that He has a good ob so also a plus but why He was very vain and not particularly interesting to talk toAnother issue I have is changing characteristics that were already established in the source material Carlos is described as being tall with brown eyes in the Knitting in the City series for some reason the author decided to give him unrealistic blue eyes and make him short Makes no sense Another thing about pacing I m so down for a slow burn I have read 600 page books where they don t have sex until the last 3 chapters pretty much all Mariana Zapata books but if we are going to wait for it there should be a pay off First the tension should build and second we should actually get some action Carlos goes on an on about his
Sexual Prowess And Yet There 
prowess and yet there no sex scene We get yet another scene cut So two of the most vital points in the relationship their first meeting and their first time we don t se. Ind his life is damn near perfect He’s got a great ob a great place to live and a great stash of pick up lines that always work It has occurred to him that maybe no one actually takes him all that seriously But with these bulging biceps and thick dark hair does that even matter since he’s never sleeping aloneWelcome to Weight Expectations where great and unexpected things happe. ,
Y to be single and successful Then he meets Rian who is not his type at all but immediately draws him in Rian and Carlos have some great banter and become friendly They even end up working together I guess my only real issue with this one and it s a pretty important one is that I didn t care for the hero and I didn t believe their romance If I m being honest once I found out Able was single I shipped him and Rian hard I thought they had way chemistry than Carols and Rian had Some big positives I love being able to see myself in characters and I can definitely see myself in Rian I loved her as a character Honestly there wasn t anything I didn t like about her I wish would have been resolved with her family and I wish she would have ended up with someone better but I adored her And I loved getting uinn cameos I ll definitely be reading from ME Carter especially now that I see Able has his own story As a morbidly obese person I ust could not suspend belief with this story The heroine Rian is fat and trying to get healthy at her new gym I like Rian She is smart sassy and sarcastic But Carlos the hot Latin ugh He has his own body image issues but he s ust a erk There s no meet cute or mutual respect or like I ust didn t get it What I do appreciate is how Smartpants Romance is bring inclusivity and diversity to the romance genre This is part of the Penny Reid Smartypants romance seriesThis story is Carlos who works with uinnThis one didn t work for meObviously the main topic is weight and the setting is a gymCarlos is not interested in relationships and is happy singleHe has a few thoughts about attempting to pick up a couple of women before noticing the heroine who starts going to the gym and needs to loose weight on advice from her doctorCarlos meets the heroine looks right through her He seemed so shallow not at all how I saw him in Neathdathal seeks human uinn and Janie s bookHe goes on a date with another woman after officially meeting the heroineShe s no Rian but those heels will still look fabulous wrapped around my waist tonight Although I m not sure why Rian ust popped into my head I ve only met the woman once and while I enjoyed talking to her she s not my type at allFocus Carlos Your date is here and she s a knockoutHis intention is to wine dine then have sex with this other womanIt doesnt work out that way but not because of himMore important I m not the kind of guy she wants That s really what it boils down to honesty There is no reason to make her think I m looking for a relationship I m not and I don t want to disappoint anyone by pretending otherwise My interests in women are three foldHolidays and visits with my motherAcuaintanceship and fun conversation with co workersOne night of pleasure with anyone else who may catch my eyeHe s such a peachI honestly thought she was going to end up with the trainer Abel they spent so much time together esp at the startI did like the author didn t label the heroine with a size esp as dress sizing varies from to country but it was for health reasons from her doctor that she was trying to get fitAlso there a skinny person with deadly high cholesterol which showed you are not automatically healthy ust because you are thinnerNo intimate scenes with anyone other than the Hero and heroineEx drama HEA We are incredibly excited to announce the lovely and ultra fabulous ME Carter s book for Smartypants Romance Weight Expectations is the first book in the Cipher Office Series is a full length contemporary romantic comedy and can be read as a standalone RELEASE DATE October 15th 2019Add to your shelf on Goodreads This book will have no pre order and will release directly into Kindle Unlimited Blurb Rian Thompson thought she oined the gym to get healthy Little did she know she was about to add hundred and ninety pounds of swoonworthy abdominal muscles and arrogance to her lifeEvery day in Rians s life follows a predictable pattern and she wouldn t have it any other way She s got a nice ob a nice place to live and a nice family even if they are a little wedding zilla ish at the momentShe doesn t need anything 325 Stars I don t know what s happening to me but I don t want the shallow surface level relationship with you I want you to know me And I want to know you And I don t know What To Do With to do with feelings Rian Thompson s always had issues with her weight Though she d like to change that she s also always been comfortable enough in her own skin to deal with the extra pounds When her doctor tells her she needs to get healthy she knows she has to pull up her britches and oin a gym She expected to be surrounded by beautiful fit people What she didn t expect wasCarlos ueue bigtime swoon and tingly feelings in special placesCarlos Davies has worked hard to ensure his body is a gorgeous supremely fit temple Nearing forty Carlos has no intention of settling down or even entertaining the idea of a Ms Right So why does he find himself constantly thinking about Rian after only one casual group dinner togetherThere s a whole lot to love about Weight Expectations so let s start with the good stuff Rian is a loveable witty and totally relatable character and I Longevity, Senescence, and the Genome just loved her She s re. Ish at the momentShe doesn’t need anything spectacular to be happy Sheust needs to get healthy – mentally physically and maybe spiritually if that happens But she’ll settle for two out of three until her sister finally gets hitchedCarlos Davies thought his life was perfect Little did he know it was about to be turned upside down by a woman who is not his typeIn Carlos’s
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