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Prove that Anne Frank xisted to DISPROVE THOSE WHO CLAIMED THAT HER those who claimed that her was fabricated It s a fascinating story spoiler he was successful after years of trying The art in this book is well done and fitting with the tone of the story An important story to read and share The Anne Frank CaseGoldman Rubin S 2009 The Anne Frank Case Simon Wiesenthal s Search for the Truth New York Holiday House0823421090Appetizer Set

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Linz Austria Nazi hunter named Simon Wiesenthal seeks to prove that Anne Frank really xisted and that her diary was not a forgery by finding the Gestapo officer who arrested her As Sion commits to his search the narrative shares his own background as he luded death during the Holocaust Let me be honest here This is an important story to share VERY IMPORTANT And while the the writing is well done and the paintings are very beautiful and realistic This picturebook is also VERY text heavy and serious The illustrations don t incorporate a lot of action That pretty much liminates the idea of trying to get kids to think of this book as being anything but ducational Ever Also the fact that there are some huge amounts of historical information piled on to the reader as backstory can be a little dauntingHaving said that though as far as historical biographical sketches go this one is tops It incorporates a lot of uotes that flow Black Heart, Red Ruby easily and naturallyDinner ConversationOne night in October 1958 at nine thirty the phone rang in Simon Wiesenthal s apartment in Linz AustriaCan you come at once to the Landes Theater asked a friend who sounded upsetSimon s friend told him that he was attending a performance of The Diary of Anne Frank But it had been disruptedAfter the warx Nazis had returned to their teaching jobs in Austria and Germany some remained silent about their past Others boasted Many x Nazis and Nazi sympathizers taught that the Holocaust had ither never happened or that it had been greatly New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood exaggerated The adults were passing along a heritage of bigotry and ignorance to their childrenIf we could prove to you that Anne Frankxisted would you accept the diary as genuineAt that very moment Simon took on a new case I had to find the man who had arrested Anne Frank fourteen years beforeTo Go with the MealThe Anne Frank Case would be an Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey excellent book to share with middle grade or young adult students who grew up in a culture or family who denied the Holocaust occurred The book could be used toxtend a history lesson on the Holocaust and the Nazi invasion of PolandThe picturebook would also be a good introduction to learning about Anne Frank before reading her diary To try to increase student interest in the book a teacher could present it as a detective or investigative storyTasty Rating Okay I m not giving this book five stars because it was written amazingly or because the pictures were awesome Even thought they were I m giving this book five stars because of what Simon Wiesenthal did how he survived the holocaust and was still prosecuting Nazis till he died in 2005 It shocked me that at there were still people that thought the holocaust was fake How can that much death and destruction be fake I mean really I believe that Anne Frank is one of the many true cases of the holocaust I know there are so many other cases out there other that Anne Frank I don t know how hers is the most famous but it is real The Holocaust was real and has always been I just hope that it is never repeated I don t know how people can think the Nazis were right How can Death torture destruction be right. Ing and suspenseful account testifies to the difference that one person's dedication can make.

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I am familiar with Anne Frank and also with Simon Wiesenthal but I had no idea that Wiesenthal had spent years tracking down the Gestapo officer who arrested Anne and all the other people who had been hiding from the Nazis on the upper floors of her father s business for over 2 years It is a fascinating storyAfter having survived time in a Polish ghetto several Nazi concentration camps and a forced march in part because of his artistic skill was needed by the Gestapo Simon Wiesenthal felt compelled to hunt down the Nazis responsible for the cruel and deadly treatment of Europe s Jews It uickly became his life s work at which he was uite successfulThen one night in 1958 Wiesenthal was asked to come to the Landes Theater in Linz Austria A performance of The Diary of Anne Frank had been interrupted by some local teenager who claimed that Anne Frank had never xisted that her diary was a forgery just made up to get restitution moneyWiesenthal s challenge to these teens if he could find the Gestapo officer who had arrested Anne and the others in the attic fourteen years ago would that convince them that she had indeed xisted and that her story was true Little did he know that it would take him five years to find a man who was living a it would take him five years to find a man who was living a minute walk from Wiesenthal s officeThe Anne Frank Case is a years to find a man who was living a minute walk from Wiesenthal s officeThe Anne Frank Case is a look at the life and work of Simon Wiesenthal and how he tracked down Nazi criminals Wiesenthal had a photographic memory which helped him remember many of the names of Nazi officers involved in the Holocaust plus ЯED excellent investigative skills Yet finding the arresting officer of the Franks was a long and arduous process He freuently interviewed people from the Netherlands including the people who were hiding the Franks and luckily one remembered being uestioned by someone named Silvernagel Having a place to start Wiesenthal began searching telephone books looking for variations of that name Butverywhere he looked led to a dead nd He thought about asking Otto Frank but decided not to afraid he would ask Wiesenthal to stop the searchBy the time Wiesenthal found the person he was looking for there was just not nough The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs evidence to prove Karl Silberbauer was guilty of the arrest despite his admission that he had done it and so he was never brought to trial And ironically Otto Frank did know his name and the reason he didn t help will just knock your socks off I know it did mineThe hunt for Anne Frank s arresting Gestapo officer is not a something I was aware of before so I found this to be doubly informative book anxcellent introduction to Simon Wiesenthal s life as well as his investigations Altogether he brought than 1100 criminals to justice Bill Farnsworth s full page realistic paintings are done in haunting dark hues adding to the somberness of the subject There is a detail biography about Wiesenthal in the back matter complete with photographs as well AS ADDITIONAL RESOURCES AND A GLOSSARYTHE ANNE FRANK CASE additional resources and a glossaryThe Anne Frank Case a picture book for older readers that will certainly appeal to anyone interested in the Holocaust and Anne Frank It is also an xcellent addition to books used for introducing the Holocaust in the classroom or home school settingA Teaching Guide is available from the publisher Holiday HouseThis book is recommended for readers age 8This book was borrowed from the NYPLThis review was originally posted at The Children s War When I saw the book I was really xcited because I was xpecting to see and learn Anne Frank To be honest I was really disappointed in what I read because th. Determined to find definitive proof that Anne Frank's diary was authentic Simon Wiesenthal be. ,
E storyline was really confusing and there wasn t nough background knowledge on Anne Frank It was centralized on the Nazis and had barely any information regarding Anne Frank I wished there was Anne Frank in the story than being focused on the search on Nazism Goldman Susan Rubin 2009 The Anne Frank Case Simon Wiesenthal s Search for the Truth New York Holiday House 40 pp ISBN 0 823 42109 0 Hardcover 1895 Simon Wiesenthal s name is synonymous with Nazi Hunter Persecuted and tortured Rather wish this had been a longer book I recently picked up Diary of A Young Girl after meaning to read it since I saw the Anne Frank house Last Fall Very Short Book fall Very short book interesting information I have sometimes wondered if people A Spark of Light: the fearless new novel from the Number One bestselling author ever argued about the authenticity of Anne Frank s diary This historical picture book helps to show that Anne Franke s story really did happen This book really is about Simon Wiesenthal s devotion to tracking down war criminals than just the issue of Anne Franke s Diary though It goes beyond that one case Wiesenthal was determined that people never forget and his passion for justice never waned 1 Fiction twin text Grandpa s Third Drawer by Judy Tal Kopelman 20142 Rationale Both of these books deal with the topic of the Holocaust They also have a similar theme the importance of sharing stories of the past In The Anne Frank Case the reader is told of a Holocaust survivor Simon Wiesenthal who makes it his mission toxpose Nazi war crimes and bring the criminals to justice He takes on the Anne Frank case when a play reenactment of Anne Frank s story i I ve always admired Simon Wiesenthal and the Simon Wiesenthal CenterThis is a book about his life his xperiences as a young person then after the Nazis invaded his homeland in various concentration camps his dedication after WWII to hunting down Nazis who participated in atrocities and bringing them to justice He also recorded names of Nazi officers who behaved well and helped him or were otherwise less brutal than they could have beenThe title of this book refers to an incident that took place in 1958 when teens caused a commotion at a performance of The Diary of Anne Frank claiming the diary was a hoax saying that Anne Frank had never lived or been murdered by the Nazi regime Wiesenthal made it his mission to find the man who arrested Anne Frank and her family as proof against this claim But this book is about so much than just that one searchThis is a
"gripping tale very "
tale very very moving I am in ven awe of Wiesenthal He was remarkable brilliant and he was very lucky to have survived It s a compelling true story Because of its graphic description of violent atrocities I can t really recommend this for children younger than The Exhaustion Breakthrough elevenThis book was researched thoroughly and in the back of the book there are various resources listed and a glossary and an index It s a wonderful and well deserved tribute to Wiesenthal and his life s workI really appreciated the photographs that are in the back of the book The overall look of the book s illustrations is pleasing and they have an appropriate atmosphere about them but I really didn tnjoy the way Anne Frank looked in any of the pictures of her Simon Wiesenthal devoted his life after WWII to finding Nazis in order to hold them accountable for their war crimes I ve always found his story fascinating but what I didn t realize was that he spent a number of years tracking down the Gestapo that took Anne Frank away His goal was to do so in order to obtain a confession that it occurred in order to. Gan a five year long search for the Gestapo officer who arrested the Frank family This inspir.
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The Anne Frank Case Simon Wiesenthal's Search for the Truth