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Dancing Skeletons Life and Death in West AfricaIc view should never become condescending as it becomes very obvious that it is the etic view that consumes your thoughts More directly Dettwyler s participant observations in Magnambougou are a prime example Through her thoughts and comments outside of the conversation taking place she becomes

frustrated with interviewing residents about of what to do with money She believes her uestions are structured when in fact they are uite the opposite Her unwillingness to adapt to the cultural differences in Mali versus the United States made the interviewing process and the answers received practically invalid since she resorted to asking eading uestions expecting certain types of answers instead of having an open mind and ears Another example of the stark contrast in ways of thinking was how Dettwyler simply couldn t understand why women didn t know that proper nutrition was the key to most of their problems Her assumptions that they would have the knowledge of proper nutrition both for adults and children was brash and she seemed to poke fun at their naivety within her own comments in the book Her disregard to the differences in what s important in other cultures was appalling After students The First Mistake learn and understand holism cultural relativism is next on theist but it appears these two concepts were misinterpreted by Dettwyler as it surely is reflected in this book Like all anthropologist Dettwyler originally set out to make a difference in the ives of people across the world though directly the people of Magnambougou Dancing Skeletons shows her obvious determination and desire to help those that cannot be helped but her methods did not reflect her thoughts Pity and despair were constantly in her mind which was expected yes but superfluous in anthropological research It is folly to have expected Dettwyler to dehumanize herself while in Africa but due to her raw emotions dripping from every single page of her book it was hard to take the story seriously regardless of the benefits she s offered to the Magnambougoun and other impoverished communities Had her research been published as just that research instead of a story it would have been easily to digest As it stands I m shocked that something so overall trifling and emotionally biased would be given the Margaret Mead Award Absolutely terrible I gave it one star for Mead Award Absolutely terrible I gave it one star for occasional rants on the benefits of breast feeding and vaginal as opposed to the benefits of breast feeding and vaginal as opposed to c section births Aside from the utterly rude and patronizing manner in which she describes her subjects what I found most troubling was the blatant omission of any mention of the history of french colonialism within Mali as a possible contributing factor to malnourishment The idea that the mothers just need to be educated about how to feed their children is not only complete bullshit but also recalls the days of anthropology as an outgrowth of the white man s burden About as vapid and useful as Jared Diamond s excrescences concerning economic collapse through ignorance can the author complain a ittle i was so annoyed the whole time i was reading this book and the only reason why i read the whole thing is because my professor assigned it and put uestions on the test the funny thing is my anthropology professor did not care for the book either glad i got it for 2 would not have spent any than that NO SPOILERSIgnore that ugly blue cover Dancing Skeletons offers a fascinating peek into one anthropologist s extensive work in West Africa The stories are detailed intimate educational and most of all riveting Dettwyler somehow managed to make Extremely boring but even worse it s completely acking in compassion The author and her daughter are clearly the most important people in the universe according to what I got out of the book Be prepared to read about mentally disabled people getting yelled at and disabled kids getting mean nicknames I read this book as an assignment for my cultural anthropology class Some of the students in my class had raved about itso I was pretty excited to read it Well I ended up hating it The author did a very poor job of writing this book Most of the book was Dettwyler whining and complaining There are a few interesting parts of the story but I felt overall it was a waste of time. Work and facing emotionally draining realities Readers will augh and cry as they meet the author's friends and informants follow her through a series of encounters with both peri urban and rural Bambara culture and struggle with her as she attempts to reconcile her very different roles as objective ethnographer subjective friend and mother in the field. ,

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Ms and s than my own I m being taught to try and take a non ethnocentric view on others It s a difficult task because no one can truly remove themselves entirely from the culture in which they were raised it s just not humanly possible But #You Do The Best #do the best can to keep your eyes and your mind open to view practices in their own cultural context This is called cultural relativism and as a student I am taking this to heart The fact that Dettwyler a trained educated practicing and teaching anthropologist has written a book in which she freely writes her negative views and opinions on the Malian people some of them so ethnocentric it s astounding and doesn t apologize for her inability to separate her beliefs from her profession shocks and appalls me Even as a student I see the anthropological crime in her words and the actions she writes of and I m eft with the bitter taste of hypocrisy in my mouthAs someone who used to make a Charmed Particles living writing professionally I am dismayed and disappointed at several cardinal rules of writing being broken throughout the book the most disturbing one being the use of whole dialogues between the author and several other characters in her book I call them characters because that is exactly what whole bits of dialogue writtenike this conjure up The conversations are written as if the author transcribed them word for word during their discourse which is highly unlikely So I am Running with the Kenyans left wondering is this really what was said Is Dettwyler portraying these people s words and the situations accurately as they happened Or is she shaping the conversations in a way that suits the point she is trying to make or to elevate the story just a bit And that makes me wonder just how REAL her story is is this a work of fiction or non fictionThere are several other complaints and issues I have with Dancing Skeletons but then I fear my opinion of her book might end up being asong as the book itself So to end this on a positive note I will say that if I were to find one positive aspect of the book I would say that it s an excellent tool for teaching anthropology students what NOT to do as they further their studies in the field I HAD TO WRITE A PAPER BASED ON CERTAIN ASPECTS to write a paper based on certain aspects this book but instead turned it into an old fashion book reportUpon being assigned Dancing Skeletons Life and Death in West Africa by Katherine A Dettwyler I was thrilled to read an anthropologist s first hand view of field work as well as being given the chance to discover real Perdido Street Station life in Africa that is so creatively hidden in mass media However upon finishing the book I was sorely disappointed and repeatedly flipped the book over to reread the synopsis and practical praise for the book The story described on the back of the book was what was inside naturally but how I felt about the book and Dettwyler s experiences were completely different Every anthropologist knows the idea of holism and how important it is to be aware of it in every aspect ofife regardless of personal biases in foreign territory While Dettwyler discussed the importance of holism throughout her book she didn t follow it nor did she fight against ethnocentrism In fact she was constantly falling into her white American mindset shedding the formal anthropological robes she should have been wearing Disguised in boorish aughter she mocked her friends on obvious cultural differences It is widely known that there are cultures around the world that practice clitoridectomy and yet after having spent months and years with such cultures she still aughs of the idea and natives shock that she had not undergone the procedure Laughing to make ight of a situation is common however she made no comments in her book on actually understanding the practice which ruffles my metaphorical feathers You should not joke or ridicule anything that you do not yet understand The moment that conversation was over her integrity as an anthropologist diminished in my mind s eyeWhile Dettwyler does indeed try to keep her emic and etic views separate while conversing with the persons she encounters she constantly switches between the two No anthropologist is perfect obviously but when you re already submerged in the culture and pride yourself on the knowledge you ve obtained from this culture the em. H on infant feeding and health in MaliThrough fascinating vignettes and honest vivid descriptions Dettwyler explores such diverse topics as ethnocentrism culture shock population control breastfeeding child care the meaning of disability and child death in different cultures female circumcision women's roles in patrilineal societies the dangers of field. ,

A combination memoir and anthropological study The author spent several years in the West African nation of Mali researching malnutrition This book was on my reading ist for the Cultural Anthropology course I took this past semesterWhile Dancing Skeletons provided interesting meat for discussion in class I was decidedly not fond of the bookDettwyler starts out her book with 僕のヒーローアカデミア 21 lots of complaining and whining and seems to be begging the reader to have sympathy for her or to pity her If you manage to get past the first few chapters of this which is difficult but possible then it definitely becomes interestingIt was an interestingook into the ife in and the culture of Mali However Dettwyler who is supposed to be a professional anthropologist expresses a shocking amount of ethnocentric views and seems to view herself as superior to the people she s serving and studying Additionally "she has mountains of conversation that is put "has mountains of conversation that is put uotes which implies that she has written word for word precisely what was said I am skeptical of this as she never mentions having a recorder with her or transcribing as she talks with the people Sohow does she remember precisely what was said Does she take her memories and impressions from the conversation and transcribe them into conversations I am unconvinced and took all of what she said with a grain of salt I walked away from this book with the impression that Dettwyler thoughtthinks she is the bees kness and that she was some sort of savior for the people of Mali I really was unimpressedTwo stars because of the excellent discussions that surrounded this book during class time Dancing Skeletons Life and Death in West Africa is an amazing ethnography that covers many aspects of ife in Western Africa The detailed account of the relationships the author has with everyone from children and their parents to complete strangers in the street provides a very easy read while also giving the reader an excellent and in depth ook at the everyday ife of the people in this third world country Through multiple different methods of information gathering she is able to touch the ives of people who suffer from disease and illness Showcasing the variety of life and ifestyles in the nation of Mali with a concentration and Thru Hiking Will Break Your Heart lifestyles in the nation of Mali with a concentration child nutrition and development is the core value of this book With plenty of emotional drama tied into it whether it be Kathy s own personal struggles or those of the people she is conducting research on gives this book a sense of intimacy that isacking in normal ethnography s which only aim to present facts of the research in a boring manner that eaves the reader disliking anthropological studies Listening to the Kathy Dettwyler expand her own world view through the accounts of the people she interacted with for nearly a decade made for an extremely interesting book This book is a must read for anyone interested in Anthropology Africa or simply a good book with educational value An assignment for my medical anthropology class this book infuriated me on so many evels that I feel compelled to write a pretty Telecommunications Network Design Algorithms lengthy review on it First and foremost my major complaint about this book is that throughout reading it I could not figure out what the point of the book was is it an ethnography An autobiography A how to guide for surviving fieldwork A treatise on the importance of nutrition A work of fiction I know it s not but Il get to why I ask that The Power of the Internet in China later The schizophrenic nature of the writingeft me shaking my head and throwing my hands up in frustration as I read further and further into it Once I thought I had it figured out she d changed personalities again I realize that she was writing for an undergraduate audience with the hopes d changed personalities again I realize that she was writing for an undergraduate audience with the hopes inspiring them to further explore the world of anthropology so she Fundamentals of Federal Income Taxation, 19th (University Casebook Series) likely did not wish to weigh down the book with heavy amounts of data and academic discourse But But But She IS an academician and this book IS written for academic purposes so I expect the book to discuss things at a higherevel not the dumbed down and pointless version she published especially if I m reuired to read this book for an academic classAs a student of anthropology I m being taught to remove my cultural biases when encountering new and different cultural values nor. This personal account by a biocultural anthropologist illuminates not soon forgotten messages involving the sobering aspects of fieldwork among malnourished children in West Africa With nutritional anthropology at its core Dancing Skeletons presents informal engaging and oftentimes dramatic stories that relate the author's experiences conducting researc. .