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S story Jack Hurst began the book with Forrest s ancestors and nded with his ffect on history I appreciated the facts without hurst s opinions It did seem a and nded with his ffect on history I appreciated the facts without hurst s opinions It did seem a long but the author was probably just trying to be thorough This book is a little painful to read reviewNathan Bedford Forrest was the only soldier to rise from "the rank of private to general during the US Civil War At once " rank of private to general during the US Civil War At once soft spoken gentleman of marked placidity and an overbearing bully of homicidal wrath Forrest is best remembered for the combination of brilliant military leadership and flamboyant bravery that drove his Confederate cavalry troops from victory to victory on the battlefield His subordinates feared him he shot those who turned tail as did his nemies he rarely lost a fight General Sherman once said that Forrest must be hunted down and killed if it costs 10000 lives and bankrupts the national treasury Detractors point out that Forrest never has been xonerated from the Fort Pillow massacre in which many Union soldiers most of them black were slaughtered after attempting to surrender Following the war he went on to found the Ku Klux Klan Late in life however Forrest disavowed racial hatred and called for black political advancement Author Jack Hurst has written the ssential biography of a complex and compelling man who was arguably the Civil War s most remarkable soldier Movie trivia Forrest Gump s mother named her son after this general This book is xactly the reason that I love Non Fiction because this is a real story It s true And while the details might have to be fleshed out from letters and documents of a bygone ra it doesn t change the fact that Nathan Bedford Forrest was a remarkable manIf you are a student of the Civil War or a resident of the deep South you have probably heard Forrest s name Most notably it is connected with a massacre of Black troops at Fort Pillow and as First Grand Wizard of the KKK But ven those details cannot be taken at face value of what we understand them to be today Forrest was one of the greatest American Cavalrymen to ver ride a horse Although untrained in military methods Forrest had an uncanny ability to make the most of any situation Le valeureux guerrier even when vastly outnumbered His name invoked fear in the hearts of the Union soldiersThere is so much to Forrest s story than his Civil War service andven a surprise and unexpected Snowflakes on the Sea ending Looking back on his life the author fleshes out a Forrest that is unseen by many because the world is too busy trying to define him by atrocities which may or may not have been his fault It s anye opening accountI personally grew up in the Midwest and had a very scant Wrathful Chaos: Five Books of Satanic Philosophy education on the details of the Civil War In teaching my children about the history of this country I have gained my own unexpected passion for this conflict and havenjoyed the opportunity to learn about the many amazing men that have fought on both sides some whose names I never ven knew Forrest is one of these I have very much njoyed learning about his life and the war in the west Recommend for Students of the Civil War Normally I don t like biographies that much because most people do not have such xciting lives throughout General Nathan Bedford Forrest was an xception He started out as a slave trader Humanism: The Greek Ideal and its Survival enlisted as a private after Fort Sumter but uickly rose to the rank of general commanding Confederate cavalry in Tennessee and Mississippi He typically won battles in which his side was grossly outnumbered never neglecting to put the skeer on hisnemyWith no West Point or other significant schooling Forrest was an original When attacked from two sides he would think nothing of dividing his forces and have Love 2.0 (A Cates Brothers Book, each attack in opposite directions His cavalry operated as dragoons who used horses for mobility but fought as infantry At Brice s Crossroads he did the unthinkable He had an artillery charge that completely flummoxed the Union forces Even now I cannot imagine what THAT looked likeUnfortunately Forrest was associated for the rest of his life with the massacre at Fort Pillow He grew disgusted when his negotiations for a truce were running into what he considered bad faith At this point he ordered his men to killvery God damned one of them Most of the Union forces were black soldiers in uniform and they were likely to be killed than the whites After Appomattox Forest became the first grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan though he repudiated the organization and tried unsuccessfully to build a railroad between Memphis and Selma But the Fort Pillow taint plus local The Fix envy from his fellow Memphis citizens led to the project being abandonedIn thend Forrest wasted away and died of advanced diabetes twelve years after the warJack Hurst has done a creditable job in his Nathan Bedford Forrest A Biography There was no uestion but that Forrest was a bad ass But according to Civil War historian Shelby Foote he is one of the two greatest geniuses the war produced the other being Abraham Lincol. Forrest's genius and his savagery into the context of his time chronicling his rise from frontiersman to slave trader private to lieutenant general Klansman to ventually New South businessman and racial moderate Unflinching in its analysis and with xtensive new research Nathan Bedford Forrest is an invaluable and immensely readable addition to the literature of the Civil ,
Nathan Bedford Forrest A Biography

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Great Cavalry officer superb tactician Had 29 horses shot out from under him was wounded 4 times and killed 30 Union troops in combat A man of courage and volatile temper After the war he became the first grand wizard of the klan but later he tried to disband the organization and spoke against it s hatred Author is way too apologetic of Forrest He was a slave trader but he was kind to his slaves He killed several men in personal altercations throughout his life but ach time it was self defense He was the butcher of Fort Pillow but the press blew It Out Of Proportion He Was The First Grand Wizard out of proportion He was the first grand wizard the KKK but they were really of a political organization at that point Either Forrest was one of the unluckiest misunderstood men of his ra or he was a sadistic racist Hurst argues the formerOverall well written and interesting subject matter However not nearly nough critical analysis to call it a definitive biography I couldn t wait for it to be over This man was satanic and a useful idiot for the Democratic Party He became a Christian after he butchered an insane number of blacks ither himself or through his subordinate soldiers He was stated to be the fiercest soldier in the Civil War by General Sherman Again I m The Casa Mono Cookbook ecstatic for it to be over and no longer a corpse that I felt like I was walking around with as I painfully plowed through the book on Audible As a Confederate general I find Nathan Bedford Forrest fascinating and uite intimidating I have been interested in reading a bio on him for uite some time This book More Civil War history for me after my trip to Shiloh TN which I had spent 4 days touring during the 155th Anniversary of the battleThis book my brother picked up and thennded up not having room in his bag so he lent it to me to read first and get back when we meet up this summer againI m glad he did Forest was not the great Cavalry General in Shiloh that he becomes afterwards in the war And most of the things I ve learned of him was usually through the yes of General Sherman so had the anti CSA slantThis book is pretty straight forward telling us little of his childhood and jumping into his adulthood before the War Between the States It follows his bad business decisions and then the profession of slave trader which is where he starts to shift his family up the social ladder However it still along ways off from the wealthy plantation owners which he despised He then goes to war as Tennessee succeeds to the south and is far ruthless than the General Sherman which most view as a butcher of Atlanta and the march to the seaForrest could viewed as one of the greatest cavalry commanders in all of US history and had tactics similar to the German blitzkrieg of WWII Pretty amazing ualities for an average man with no military background or teaching before the warAfterwards he is known as the father of the Klu Klux Klan and still a revolutionary against the carpet baggers invading the south but is never really able to overcome the controversial Battle at Fort Pillow during the Civil War If you wish to learn I suggest the read lots of new things I learned about this colorful character it s just a shame that he and I would have been at opposite opinions on verything he stood for Nathan Bedford Forrest was one of the most remarkable soldiers to merge during the War Between the States He was brilliant and intrepid and he commanded the respect and fear of Confederates and Federals alike His xploits prompted Union Maj Gen William T Sherman to remark That devil Forrest must be hunted down and killed if it costs ten thousand lives and bankrupts the federal treasury Years later after hostilities had ceased Sherman saidI think Forrest was the most remarkable man our Civil War produced on ither side To my mind he was the most remarkable in many ways In the first place he was uneducated while Jackson and Sheridan and other brilliant leaders were soldiers by profession He had never read a military book in his life knew nothing about tactics could not ven drill a company but had a genius of strategy which was original and to me incomprehensible There was no theory or art of war by which I could calculate with any degree of certainty what Forrest was up to He seemed always to know what I was doing or intended to do while I am free to confess I could never tell or form any satisfactory idea of what he was trying to accomplishEually notable was his meteoric rise through the ranks When the war began in 1861 Forrest Lachlan's Protg (English Edition) enlisted as a private By the war snd in 1865 he was a lieutenant general The small force of mounted infantry under his command spent the war fighting battles taking Union prisoners freeing Confederate prisoners capturing supplies and threatening nemy supply lines across Tennessee Kentucky Mississippi Alabama and Georgia On than one occasion Forrest bested a numerically superior Union force The uintessential xample is the Battle of Brice s Cross Roads in 1864 which saw Forrest outnumb. Amid the aristocratic ranks of the Confederate cavalry Nathan Bedford Forrest was untutored all but unlettered and regarded as no than a guerrilla His tactic was the headlong charge mounted with such swiftness and ferocity that General Sherman called him a devil who should be hunted down and killed if it costs 10000 lives and bankrupts the treasury And in a war in which offi. Ered greater than two to one Yet he merged THE VICTORBUT FORREST WAS ALSO DEEPLY FLAWED A decisive victorBut was also deeply flawed a personality a slave trader an arly member of the Ku Klux Klan In the present day he is largely remembered for two reasons his presence at the Fort Pillow massacre and his post war involvement in the first iteration of the Ku Klux Klan These incidents are understandably concerning to the modern reader but a certain mythology has grown up around them and has made understanding them all the difficult The 1994 film Forrest Gump wrongly credits Forrest with starting the Ku Klux Klan I also recently read a book by an author who claims the general was a cofounder of the Ku Klux Klan These inaccuracies do nothing to facilitate understanding the man or learning from his life warts and all The strength of Hurst s book is that he doesn t seek to conceal anything ABOUT FORREST HE MAKES AN EXTENSIVE CASE FOR THE Forrest He makes an xtensive case for the genius of this self taught general But he also addresses the fact that Forrest was ngaged in the buying and selling of human flesh and that he had a deep antipathy at one time for blacks Hurst puts these things in historical context One of the most distorting attitudes that contemporary historians indulge is presentism the idea that people who lived in former times must conform to modern ideologies or they must be condemned Conflict in Blood evenxpunged from our memories Forrest lived in an ra when the great majority of white Americans North and South held deep prejudices against blacks His attitudes were not unusual for his time This does not xcuse his words or deeds but it does help us gain a better understanding of them Hurst helps the reader in that regardThere is a certain muddleheadedness among those people who insist that Forrest was a misanthrope who should be The Crucified Ones: Calling Forth the End-Time Remnant erased from history In actuality Forrest broke with the Ku Klux Klan as the organization became increasingly violent and he ultimately became a defender of Southern blacks In 1874 in the wake of the murder of four black men Forrestven offered his services to the governor of Tennessee pledging that he would Grace Hopper and the Invention of the Information Age (Lemelson Center Studies in Invention and Innovation series) exterminate the white marauders who perpetrated the atrocity In 1875 the Independent Order of Pole Bearers Association an organization dedicated to the advancement of black Southerners in society invited Forrest to give a speech After being gifted a bouuet of flowers the general saidLadies and gentlemen I accept the flowers as a memento of reconciliation between the white and colored races of the southern states I accept it particularly as it comes from a colored lady for if there is any one on God sarth who loves the ladies I believe it is myself I came here with the jeers of some white people who think that I am doing wrong I believe I can Logic, Labels, And Flesh exert some influence and do much to assist the people in strengthening fraternal relations and shall do all in my power tolevate Dialogue: Relationships in Graphic Design every man to depress none I want tolevate you to take positions in law offices in stores on farms and wherever you are capable of going I have not said anything about politics today I don t propose to say anything about politics You have a right to The Originality of the Avant-Garde and Other Modernist Myths elect whom you please vote for the man you think best and I think when that is done you and I are freemen Do as you consider right and honest inlecting men for office I did not come here to make you a long speech although invited to do so by you I am not much of a speaker and my business prevented me from preparing myself I came to meet you as friends and welcome you to the white people I want you to come nearer to us When I can serve you I will do so We have but one flag one country let us stand together We may differ in color but not in sentiment Many things have been said about me which are wrong and which white and black persons here who stood by me through the war can contradict Go to work be industrious live honestly and act truly and when you are oppressed I ll come to your relief I thank you ladies and gentlemen for this opportunity you have afforded me to be with you and to assure you that I am with you in heart and in handThis speech drew the ire of whites across the South but the general stood by his words In the last years of his life Forrest became a Christian repented of prior wrongdoing and found assurance of forgiveness in the Gospel When he died in 1877 over 10000 people attended his funeral including 3000 blacksHurst s biography is masterful and it deals fairly with all of the above The book steers far from the fallacious deconstruction and psychologizing that characterize so many modern biographies Hurst rather presents the life story of a flawed man who lived in a trying time who Modeling and Analysis of Communicating Systems exhibited great moral courage in some situations who failed to find it in others and whoventually found redemption I Inventing the Medium: Principles of Interaction Design as a Cultural Practice enjoyed this bio mostly because the author did not show any bias against his subject I do not like supposed bio s thatditorialize about the individual it is about instead of just writing the person. Cers prided themselves on their decorum Forrest habitually issued surrender or die ultimatums to the The Chinese Economy: Transitions and Growth enemy and often intimidated his own superiors After being in command at the notorious Fort Pillow Massacre he went on to haunt the South as the first grand wizard of the Ku Klux KlanNow thispic figure is restored to human dimensions in an xemplary biography that puts both. .