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Dogs of God: Columbus, the Inquisition, and the Defeat of the Moors

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By and large a fine treatment of a broad theater of activity Reston gives adeuate treatment the Reconuista the growth the Spanish Inuisition and the Columbus voyage of discovery the Reconuista the growth of the Spanish Inuisition and the Columbus voyage of discovery are often treated separately for purposes of achieving depth but the author manages to develop each and weave them together effectively His glaring weakness is falling back to almost stereotypical characterizations the virtuous Isabella the heroic Columbus the scheming Ferdinand the malevolent Toruemada and so on This is not historically sustainable and does mars the work There s solid history to be found here but also uite a bit of melodrama Reston s good AT MAKING ME THINK ABOUT TIME making me think about time in ways I never would have otherwise Somehow it never occurred to me that the Inuisition was happening at the same time as Columbus journeying to the New WorldI was also intrigued by Ferdinand and Isabella s apocalyptic mindset Ferdinand seeing himself as the Bat who would conuer Jerusalem before the secon. From the acclaimed author of Warriors of God comes a iveting account of the pivotal events of 1492 when towering political ambitions horrific eligious excesses and a drive toward international conuest changed the world foreverJames Reston Jr brings to life the epic story of Spain’s .
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may have thought herself to the eincarnation of the Virgin Mary or at the very least the apocalyptic woman clothed in the sunVery good food for thought but the presentation of the info found within could use a bit of polishing I found Dogs of God to be cohesive than The Last Apocalypse so we e getting there Pretty interesting contextual history of Columbus and the Inuisition Worth the ead Previously when I thought of 1492 I thought of Columbus eaching the western hemisphere But so much happened in Spain in that year The book makes a good case for separation of church and Here was a Country Where Christians Jews And where Christians and had lived side by side peacefully and by the end of 1492 most of the Jews and Muslims in Catholic Ferdinand and Isabella s Spain were either dead baptized or scattered to the winds The horror of the Spanish Inuisition is detailed and Christopher Columbus becomes than just the guy who discovered America A good look at Ffort to consolidate its own burgeoning power by throwing off the yoke of the Vatican By waging war on the emaining Moors in Granada and unleashing the Inuisitor Toruemada on Spain’s Jewish and converso population King Ferdinand and ueen Isabella attained enough power and wealth to fu. ,
Ome Spanish history that doesn t make it into American history books This is a book about something I know next to nothing about and which I was eading as peripheral The March Up: Taking Baghdad with the 1st Marine Division research I m writing a novel set in Florence between 1492 and 1498 what s going on in Spain is useful to know I thoroughly enjoyedeading this book it s lively well shaped and full of telling incident But every single thing it said about Savonarola and Florence was wrong or at least the most sensational possible eading of the facts and the same goes for Rome and the Borgia papacy So that casts doubt for me on the authenticity of the stuff I didn t know and wanted this book to find out about Spain didn t know and wanted this book to find out about Spain Moors the expulsion of the Sephardim Toruemada and Columbus If this is expulsion of the Sephardim Toruemada and Columbus If this is prejudiced partial Protestant eading of Savonarola how on earth can I trust him on Toruemada Before I Das kurze Leben der Sophie Scholl read this book I knew I knew nothing Now I don t know what I know I cannot in good conscienceecommend this book to anyone which is a great pit. Nd Columbus’ expedition to America and to chart a Spanish destiny separate from that of Italy With Défendre Jacob rich characterizations of the central players this engrossing narrative captures all the political andeligious ferment of this crucial moment on the eve of the discovery of the New Worl. ,