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M the book but it was helpful to get some didactic instruction The Book I Got I got copy that was and white for the color chapter I think it would have been helpful to have color images but the examples were pretty good that they used for the concepts You learn by doing when it comes to art but it definitely helps to have a place to start and then use this foundation to figure out what you want to do with your artOverall rating 3550 stars Read this book for my introduction to 2D design I actually enjoyed the class and the textbook The textbook gave me information examples that I needed for this class and it was also helpful This is a very good introductory text on design elements and principles for two dimensional design For non fiction books one important thing I m looking at is clarity both in terms of the structure and content This book does well in both areas It is well structured and explains concepts lucidly The visual examples accompanied the text help to further illustrate the concepts I enjoyed reading it and felt that I have gained a solid foundation for the design basics. All elements and principles of design and the diversity of illustrations also includes examples from nature and non art sources encouraging students to see these principles in the wor.

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A great general overview
design principles with plenty of While some of the descriptions are a bit lacking I think that this is a great introduction to the principles of design and a good book to keep handy if you work in the visual arts The majority of the book is full of applied examples which might be helpful for some A lot of this is ust small blocks of text About two sentences for concepts then the rest describes artwork that has been copied onto most of the pages Not a very helpful reference book The only chapter that I found useful was the one on color But that s not enough for me to want to keep the book I m glad I only rented it for my college course DONE AT LONG LAST Took me almost exactly two years to read I noteMy sister s boyfriend gave me this book after s boyfriend gave me this book after d asked him for some help learning how to improve my page layout and design skills and this is what I was handed Let it be known that this book does nothing whatever to aid in that uest it did however teach me a lot of things about art that I hadn *t known before Which isn t saying much admittedly I am extremely ign. DESIGN BASICS is a popular introduction *known before Which isn t saying much admittedly I am extremely ign. DESIGN BASICS is a popular introduction two dimensional design Each concept is presented in a full two or four page spread making the text practical and easy for students to refer. Orant about fine art Things like light perspective color balance rhythm and All Of Those Sorts of those sorts topics were covered and I am now marginally
stupid about my sister and brother in law s professionsMostly though I m ust glad I finally got this off of my currently reading shelf There s a reason I never pursued art This is the right book to start learning the real way to design it is simple but richIt is full of illustrated examples and great works of artThis book will teach you that all you need to have in order to be a designer is curiosity Introduction to design concepts This book is a treasure It s easy to understand and every page has examples If you re learning to create art and designs or if you want to learn about art this book is exactly what you hope to find Thanks to the author and everyone who worked on this This was a good basic introduction to art and design principles I took this class because I wanted to learn the basic principles of design and it was an invaluable class I think that I learned from the teacher s lectures and examples she showed in class than I did fro. To while they work The modular format also gives instructors the utmost flexibility in organizing their course Visual examples from many periods peoples and cultures are provided flexibility in organizing their course Visual examples from many periods peoples and cultures are provided ,
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Design Basics