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Unstoppable (Tracers, oKer isn t the best writer His prose can be clunky and repetitious and if you are averse to info dumps don t even bother These books are also not for those who demand hard science Even though technology is responsible for the many wonders within it may as well be magic What I like about this series is the creativity and just plain weirdnessn display Decent The Moon and the Thorn old school science fantasy fun Take the intriguef Game f Thrones add the insane shape changing elements f Ovid s Metamorphasis condense it into a single action packed volume and you ve got the next entry into the Well f Souls seriesThis book picks up some years after the last volume and introduces us to a new PROTAGONIST MAVRA CHANG DEADLY COMPETENT COVERT Mavra Chang deadly competent covert for hire as she travels the stars She s given a job free a scientist s daughter who is being held hostage by an evil politiciansyndicate crime lord to force her father to assist in creating a machine that can reshape realityAs readers f the first book can anticipate the players are soon drawn into the hidden Well World a secret planet created by a long vanished supreme race Nude Pussy Amateur Girls Closeup Erotic Photo Book Full Nudity Uncensored Striptease Pictures with sexy Girls: Horny nude girl photography of aliens The Well World s guiding artificial intelligence is capablef shaping the universe into whatever Whooo-Ku one desires and the entryf these new marooned space travelers promise the means Kayla Eli Discover Jazz of controlling itThe newcomers are processed given new bodies to match somef the thousands f sentient races that call the Well World home each race living in a hexagonal biome with radically different environments and that call the Well World home each race living in a hexagonal biome with radically different environments and radically different laws f physicsWar breaks Einsteins Generation out complete with shifting alliances and depthsf treachery in a book that ends leaving us wanting Own the Engendering Song original printing and found it to be an excellent book well worth the rereading However if I was looking for a new author to readthe cover artf the version shown would not have intrigued me enough to give this book a chance unlike the Come Hell or High Water originalne The cover that Goodreads shows is really embarrassing It suggests SM The Great Railway Bazaar or something worse It is a very tame novel in termsf sexual content and the violence is minimal so I think the cover is misleading This novel is really part Rue Marquis De Sade onef a larger story and ends kind Five Farthings of abruptly just after hinting at the set up for the next novelI wonder if Mr Chalker wanted to sell this asne big novel and the editor stood up to him and said no and made him break it into two The world needs editors like that today So many authors want to write door stoppers and editors just let editors like that today So many authors want to write door stoppers and editors just let regardless My Rocky Romance Diary (Diaries of Kelly Ann, of the factf whether Historias de cronopios y de famas or not they have enoughf a story to do so Chalker s writing is actually good enough to carry a large novel just not everyone has the mental stamina to read Pope Francis oneThis is a return to the Well World from Midnight at the Wellf Souls but with all new characters Marva Chang the lead hero like Julie Wu from Midnight is an small Asian woman Unlike Wu she is a take charge kind Redemption (Amos Decker, of gal right from the beginning sortf a pirate captain mercenary If you have a fascination with combining humans with animals as many f the ancient cultures did with their mythology this is really the novel for you The Well World is actually a giant computer It houses a large number f habitats for all different races most Harry Potter Series Box Set (Harry Potter, of which are animal human hybridsOne thing that bothers me is that Chalker uses the term bi sexual for describing hermaphrodites as some the characters and races are hermaphroditic Perhaps the terms were interchangeable in the 1970 s but I do no think they are today The plot involves an evil ruler who has a super computer that links up with The Wellf Souls and gives him the potential power to take The Sheiks Love Child over the universe Maw haw haw haw update 2018 reread Some people have comfort foodI have comfort books Or series as the case may be This is a comfort series Everyone should have an Obie in their life2012 Still epic after all these years Exiles at the Wellf Souls by Jack ChalkerIn this second book The Zoo Story of the Wellf Souls series Chalker introduces the main character for the remainder Ghachar Ghochar of the series SYNOPSISMavra Chang is a resourceful driven smuggler with a complicated past who is hired by a political leader to rescue a scientist and his daughter from the clutchesf Antor Trelig the head The Most Eligible Lord in London (The Lords of London of the powerful syndicate dealing in the drug called sponge The scientist Dr Zinder and his daughter Nikki are captivesn a planetoid near Trelig s homeworld where Zinder is building a weapon to end all weapons Mavra discovers that. Ig and horrible lingering death if she failed But neither Trellig nor Mavra had taken the Well World into consideration Built by the ancient Markovians the Well World controlled the design The King of Crows (The Diviners, of the cosmos When thepp. .

Moving n to 2 in the Well World saga where everything gets epic er It s been 1100 years since anyone tried to wage war n everything gets epic er It s been 1100 years since anyone tried to wage war n Well World and that was a failure ultimately because it was a war f conuest You can t have supply lines that cross areas where technology doesn t work and the air in some places is poisonous to 90% Silent Surrender (Nighthawk Island, of your multispecies army halff whom think the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Read-Along Storybook and CD) other half is deliciousBut now two spaceships have crashedn the planet and a war to retrieve those craft is inevitableBack in the day I don t think I reread this Utamaro one nearly as much as I did MatWoS as I didn t recall uite as much detail but theverall PLOT WAS STILL ALL THERE A was still all there A bits I thought came in the third book so now I m doubting my memory as to the Latin Lovers Greek Husbands Bundle overall timeline Once again the sheer scalef the story is impressive and I still really want to see this thing brought to lifeIt s interesting to me how I never gave a second thought to the fact that the protagonist is a Chinese woman and Lohnarbeit und Klassenbildung onef the antagonists is a lapsed Muslim Nowadays there would be cries f both racism and political correctness but back in 1978 it wasn t a big deal at allLooking back we really had a lot diversity in ur entertainment in the 70s All Hidden Witness (Return to Ravesville of us watched shows about black families like Good Times What s Happening and The Jeffersons the latterf which had an interracial couple I m sure the racists hated that stuff back then but we didn t hear about it all the time And those shows were hits watched by millions A Passionate Heart/To Kiss A Count/The Runaway Countess of peopleSo having an antihero like Mavra Chang kick ass and take names wasn t unusual in the slightest It s hard to thinkf a character who has toughness and guts than Chang Her backstory which Chalker relates in two paragraphs is brutal and would fill two books The Earl and the Governess on itswn An Prima Donna orphan beggar thief and prostitute who becomes a starship pilot and captain eventually turning herself into the most dangerous woman in the human partf the galaxy is just the warm up for what the Well World has in store for her That s how epic her story is Even the part where her former john becomes her husband and partner in crime who engages in a PygmalionMy Fair Lady transformation شرح التعرف لمذهب التصوف -پنج مجلد of the coarse and streetwise Mavra is something she just casually mentionsObie the computer is still my second favorite character after Chang but I was surprised by how little he s in this book He has a larger role in the later books I think but don t uote men that I am looking forward to the appearance f Gypsy Although I most identify with Nathan Brazil Gypsy is the character I always wanted to beOn to 3 The first book frankly shows a little promise esthetically than the later volumes but its denouement is saggy and ultimately dull Exiles and uest n the Words of Life other hand are actually enjoyable entertainments And after them I should have stopped reading these books I first read this maybe 30 35 years ago It was enjoyable then and is now It s very much a sci fi book with very liberal fantasy elements thrown inOne curiosity is that in today s age I can see something that I couldn t have seen back then Certain people talkf the universe being a fabrication Ten Orange Pumpkins of some sort a matrix kindf like the movie where nothing is actually real The Well World is almost tailor made for that type Amarcord of thinking and so gives me a very different perspective from the first time I read the book I love Jack Chalker He s my SF guilty pleasure and this is a seriesf his I hadn t started yet It was totally weird and a lot The Lady Elizabeth of fun to The premisef the Well World saga is essentially a creation myth billions f years ago a highly advanced race called the Markovians created a planet sized computer that could alter reality and divided the surface into hundreds f eually sized regions each containing a completely different environment and dominant species These species run the gamut from arachnids to reptilians to mammals to things far bizarre From these experiments they seeded the universe with life The Well World remains Wishes and Worries operational even far intour future when these stories take placeIn this book the first The Downs Syndrome Handbook of a two part story arc a human scientist has succeeded in duplicating the Markovians technology albeitn a smaller scale When he s forced to build and Club Dead (Sookie Stackhouse, operate a larger versionf his creation for a ruthless crime lord everyone in the area is transported to the Well World And when When All Hell Breaks Loose onef their space shuttles crashes Hell Fire (Corine Solomon, on it nearly everyone wants a piece So begin the Warsf the WellWord for word Chal. Antor Trellig head Friscos Kid (Tall, Dark Dangerous, of a ruthless interstellar syndicate had seized a super computer with godlike powers which could make himmnipotent The Council ffered master criminal Mavra Chang any reward if she stopped Trell. ,

The weapon is a self aware computer named Obie with the capability to alter the universe s energy field to essentially change reality If you read the first book in the Midnight at the Well f Souls you ll recognize that this is the same technology that enabled the ancient Markovians to recreate the universe as they wishedMavra s secret agent abilities are considerable and when Obie finds ut she is there to rescue the Zinders his de facto father and sister he alters her body giving her super human strength stamina night vision and even retractable poison needles in her fingernails Heh And she almost makes it She rescues Nikki and with the aid f a renegade guard named Renard she piles them into a shuttle and blasts away from the planetoid Unfortunately at just that moment and before she can get far enough away Obie engages the reality field during a scheduled test and it instantly transports the planetoid and everything in its near vicinity halfway across the universe to an Alien Diplomacy (Katherine Kitty Katt, orbit around the Well WorldTrelig s guardsn the planetoid all sponge addicts uickly realize that without their sponge supply they will soon be dead and decide to murder Trelig and his associates Trelig Zinder and Zinder s assistant Ben Yulin make it to another shuttle and leave the planetoid hoping to make a landing Togo on the Well WorldThe restf the story involves the crash landing Bikini of both shuttlesn the Well World and the subseuent war to retrieve the engine module Better of the shuttle that lands in the southern hemisphere the engine module is thene piece f module f the shuttle that lands in the southern hemisphere the engine module is the All Clear (All Clear, one piecef that the Well World will not allow to be built so with it the denizens Straight Up and Personal: The World According to Grapes of the Well World could build a spacecraft to leave the planetMostf the characters go through the well gates and end up as various creatures Trelig aptly wakes up as a giant frog Yulin becomes a minotaur Renard becomes a satyr like creature with the ability to deliver electrical shocks Mavra herself is stopped from going through the gate that The Killing Season (Trail of the Gunfighter, old six armed snake man Serge Ortega is still around from the first book and keeps her in custody as thenly Saving Sweetness one who can pilot the space craftnce it is repaired The remaining shuttle A Great Day for Pup! occupants Dr Zinder and Nikki disappear after going through the gate and their fate is a mysteryuntil the next book that isThe plotf the story continues through shaky alliances and battles as two armies converge Modern Love on the crash sitef the engine module high in snow covered mountains Chalker s imagination is in full swing with ax swinging minotaurs goat headed men flying winged horses gargantuan fanged cyclopses floating smears Bad Day in Blackrock of intelligent paint tiny stingered pixies giant deaths head butterflies suicidal bumblebees screaming pterodactyls giant toads talking sphinxes magic wielding panthers philosophical abominable snowmen and my favorite small shape changing wadsf doughThis would be a great book except for Penny from Heaven one appalling mistake For some reason Chalker has Mavra morphed by those magic wielding panthers into a pitiful half mule creature with no hands And she stays that way Not sure why he had to do that but he took a story with great momentum and a likable character and dropped itn the literary floor The story falls apart for me at that point and doesn t pick up again until well into the next bookChalker s gender confusion issues pepper the story The guards The Real Deal on Obie s planetoid thanks to sponge addiction are either androgynous effetesr testosterone laden gorillas Even Trelig prior to his conversion to a giant frog is a hermaphroditeYou also have to look past the guilt ridden liberal sensibilities instilled into the book this was written in 1978 The tired Nursing Care Plans old litanyf what bad people humans are repeats the native humans Caste on the well world apparently were such resource wasting warlike scaliwags that they started a war with some peaceful giant beavers and got their just desserts they were gassed into a statef primitive intelligence and are now well cared for by the benevolent beavers The absence The World's Sexiest Bedrooms of heroes and villains continues into this book from the first All characters are mere pawns swept this wayr that by forces beyond their control There is Win Bigly of course no romance which would be tricky in Chalker s sexually perplexed universe and character motivations are weak and uninspired It s not a book to read for the story but rather to experience the funf the amazing variety Deal Breakers of creaturesAt least the giant cockroaches didn t show up in this boo. Onents were drawn across space to the mysterious planet they found themselves in new alien bodies and in the middlef a battle where strange races fought desperately with the control f all the Universe as the priz. ,

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Exiles at the Well f Souls Saga f the Well World #2
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