(War on the Middle Class How the Government Big Business and Special Interest Groups Are Waging War onthe American Dream and How to Fight Back) [PDF] × Lou Dobbs

Good book to read around tax time I agree that we definitely Need To Fix Our to fix our system and maybe some of the other roblems will also be solved We have an education system developed for the industrial revolution It is time to change it How about where children learn at their own ace and they don t move "ON UNTIL THEY HAVE MASTERED THE SUBJECT HOW ABOUT "until they have mastered the subject How about education where children learn a topic they are naturally drawn to or curious Anyhow this is a good book to read that is not full of dry statistics Lou Dobbs oints out our major deficiencies Where are our government s conscience This book will also make me criticize this year s candidates for residency Where IS KUCINICH THE CHAPTER ON LOBBYING Kucinich The chapter on lobbying lobbyists will make you angry and ready to incur violence against the government if you are like me The chapter on immigration while it is obviously Dobbs et issue will leave you scratching your head wondering where they come up with their hard and fast statistics on an undocumented gro As a conservative I appreciate the way this book got me invested in certain causes I normally associate with Democrats For one thing Dobbs spends a lot of time castigating major corporations for their reckless business Challenged by Love E-Boxed Set practices something liberals are always wailing about but Dobbs actually gives stats and factual evidence to show why his attacks are warranted This isn t just a they make a lot of money so they must be evil approach to the topic Instead of just saying that CEOs areaid too much and then uoting some astronomical number Dobbs shows how CEOs from various companies work together to get their salaries approved regardless of Communicating With Animals : The Spiritual Connection Between People and Animals performance It s very much a you scratch my back and I ll scratch yours kind of thing which was never explain. Prominent CNN host and commentator Lou Dobbs unleashes his manifesto on the vanishing American dream Through his nightly CNN show Lou Dobbs Tonight his syndicated radiorogram and his monthly magazine column Lou Dobbs has become one of America’s most visible opular and respected voices on business and financial matters Now with War on the Middle Class Dobbs takes an impassioned and rousing stance on the all out class war that is turning the American dream into a nightmare War on the Middle Class How the Government Big Business and Special Interest Groups Are Waging War onthe American Dream and How to Fight BackEeded change An excellent read This book is fast aced and reads like a laundry list that never ends of how we are getting screwed over by our government s loyalties to their own arties and the special interests This book lays it all out I read this immediately after reading Ron Paul s The Revolution A Manifesto The two together are very owerful and I feel that both certain seem to be fairly neutral neither favoring one arty over anotherI can assure you after reading this book the next time a olitician says that they are there to helkp out the middle politician says that they are there to helkp out the middle you ll be upset and yell at the TV Oh yeah If that s REALLY true then why haven t you done anything about A B or C and actually used D to make things WORSE for the middle classThe only reason that I give this 4 stars is that it is in need of an update It was written in 2006 It is mostly critical of the Bush administration because it was written during the Bush administration Though there are accusations towards the Democrats they are far far less often This is not due to bias but rather the "Material Present After All The "present after all the had to be topical However I do see how many liberals would see this as further roof that the Republicans do see how many liberals would see this as further roof that the Republicans lots of bad things while the Democrats rarely do Nothing could be further from the truth Lou needs to update this and add a chapter or two covering Obama s first term to balance things out After all Obama is still carrying forward many of the The Crown practices of the Bush administration that have been critiued in this bookAn intelligent open minded reader aware of confirmation bias however can take the critiues towards Bush and apply them directly to Obama in areas where he carry s forth the sameractices or makes no attempt to resolve the Über Nacht past injustice. Ca’s newest haves and have nots is no longer merely financial but instead includes the erosion of education employment government and community Dobbsroposes a series of measures to resolve each issue and incite Ad Astra people whose future is being mortgaged to benefit aowerful few to reserve their rights and dreams War on the Middle Class is rovocative incendiary and bound to be widely discussed the erfect book to establish the terms of debate in this year’s midterm election. Ed to me before Before reading this book I was willing to give CEOs the benefit of the doubt that they might actually be EARNING their outrageous salariesDobbs also has a lot to say on such topics as outsourcing actually be EARNING their outrageous salariesDobbs also has a lot to say on such topics as outsourcing illegal immigration and health care The health care bits are where the book really shows its age It was written nearly a decade ago He criticizes both the Right and the Left for their handling of these issues and it s refreshing to see a journalist in this day and age refusing to Modern Art Death of a Culture playartisan olitics Although a self described liberal Republican Dobbs is especially harsh in his treatment of George W Bush though I can t imagine he d be any easier on Barak Obama had this book come out a few years laterDobbs is great at identifying major roblems with the way America is being run but I m less convinced of the value of his roposed solutions His idea for fixing the health care system sounds a little too much like Obamacare and his idea for fixing ublic education uncomfortably resembles Common Core However Dobbs doesn t go into enough detail for me to know whether or not those national travesties accurately resemble the sort of thing he had in mind This is Ibn Saud: The Desert Warrior Who Created the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia perhaps the onlyolitical book I ve ever read that could resonate with both the Tea Party movement and the Occupy Wall Street crowd If our divided country ever becomes once again united in Love Letters purpose I imagine it will be largely thanks toeople like Lou Dobbs and books like WAR ON THE MIDDLE This book was written in 2006 I was not sure how ertinent it would be for today It is concise account how damaging different factors added to the decline of the middle class Fascinating logically true and worth understanding how this group in articular was ignored and He middle class has never been so vulnerable Its every feature is under assault by oliticians and the lobbyists who court them big business corporations that are sending their jobs overseas and a media that relies on sensationalism instead of facts when reporting the news In a sweeping analysis Dobbs looks at every aspect of the decline of the middle class from a lack of olitical representation to America’s corrupt health care system to demonstrate how the gap between Ameri. .