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I read this book during my studies in Health That was ears ago and I have been meaning to read the whole book ever since finally did it and I m glad I did The book is very fact based and not here for old truths and myths regarding the health situation in the world no I did not notice that Hans Rosling was one of the co authors not at all I love the very first chapter explaining from the beginning of time til today how the world became what it is when it comes to infectious diseases and non infectious diseases and how the divide is actually not as clear as we think It is also good to establish how the decrease of infectious dise. This book addresses the health of the whole world Many simplifications were reuired for it to fit into a single textbook for students wanting to 1

*get an understanding *
an understanding how the health of the world's population has changed. ,
Global Health An Introductory Textbook

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Ases in Europe is not so much being clever or but actually being an ahole or better but actually an ahole a bully It s important to know this to correct it Having delusion of grandeur helps no one Anyway I wish the statistics would have been up to date I think my copy is from like 2006 I took the course in like 2012 and the data was often from 2002 A lot has happened health wise But the book was not just about the current situation it was about the bigger picture I do wish the parts about obesity could have been handled a little bit better Yes people become fatter Yes it is not nutritious We talk about infectious diseases as preventable but in the end not our fault. Over time; 2 learn the main determinants for health; 3 health can be measured and what the main idicators are for health and illness; 4learn about what is causing illness disability and death for large numbers of But when we talk about obesity we REALLY talk about being Preventable Super Duper and super duper our fault if it happens Not that the book was like that but considering how the topic is handled world wide it is important to not put someone s value in their size or the amount of nutrition they have also unless The Overman in the Marketplace Nietzschean Heroism in Popular Culture you have tested an individualou have NO idea how healthy they are obese or not Rant of the day To conclude this is one of the better books I had during my bachelor s degree I had many good books but this Is Not Just Information It not just information it information I can USE I hope it will be updated maybe it has and that people will have it during their studies. Oeple; 5 to be acuainted with models and structures for health care around the world The book is written from a public health perspective and shows the close link between health and social realities money and the environment. .