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Lisa ValeIt took me a while to remember what White Fawn was about but this is so much of a irect continuation that it s easy to get caught up on the Vales I m sympathetic to Lisa s unhappiness than Fabia s but liked that neither of their relationships are fully resolved at the end Will probably skip over to Home Port instead of rereading Now Voyager Well even so you can t change Dan s way of loving you Fabia ear And I wonder if you can change your way of wanting to be loved Dan will always hurt you in little ways I m afraid You and he on t speak the same act language m afraid You and he on t speak THE SAME ACT LANGUAGE VE SEEN same act language ve seen advertisement Say it with flowers haven t you Well trite as it is and sentimental too flowers any little such observance please you eeply Love has so many ifferent expressions From my book blog wwwJetBlackDragonflyblogspotcomLisa Vale is part a five novel series about the wealthy Boston family created by Olive Higgins Prouty The most famous of these was Now Voyager starring the suppressed mouse of the family poor Aunt Charlotte With psychological help from Dr Jauith she transforms from ugly uckling into a society leader well portrayed in one of my favourite films starring Bette DavisLisa is married to Charlotte s brother Rupert a rigid husband and strict father Though satis. Lisa Vale sister in law of Charlotte Vale of Now Voyager has a life of her own Married to Charlotte's brother Rupert Lisa also has a ear companion in Barry Firth Her older. ,

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Ily at ifferent points in time and from African Literature different perspectives There are two others in the series to read Fabia starring the youngestaughter and White Fawn about Fabia and Dan s relationship A fan of the family and it s characters it was great to visit with them and their friends like Renee Beauchamp who certainly eserves her own novelThis is a novel I have looked for a long time Luckily I found an original 1938 hardcover for the bargain price of 8Olive Higgins Prouty also wrote the classic Stella Dallas An interesting read For Anyone Interested In Society anyone interested in society between the wars This is the same author who wrote Now
Voyager It Was Made 
It was made a movie starring Bette Davis Her charater is Charlotte Vale and shows up in Lisa Vale the story of her sister in law Lord this was a good book Did you know this book was before NOW VOYAGER NOW VOYAGER is a seuel to LISA VALEI really wished that I had read them in order because I would have enjoyed NOW VOYAGER even than I idThis book centers around Lisa Vale who befriend Charlotte from NOW VOYAGER Lisa marries her brother Robert Vale Lisa and Charlotte met in CollegeIt s a great story of how people overcome what Mother s will Afghani and 'AbduhAn Essay on Religious Unbelief and Political Activism in Modern Islam do to help their sons and of Love LostIidn t want the book to endIt was truly a Great Rea. Tters Rea. Tters entire slice of bread before eating it I am still reading this book but it is marvelously entertaining Charlotte makes a couple appearances in her pre Camille ays. Fied in her marriage we learn early on that her heart completely belongs to his business acuaintance Barry Firth and his in return Both married they her heart completely belongs to his business acuaintance Barry Firth and his in return Both married they nothing about it except send coded messages about mundane things knowing the other acknowledges the thought An example to her children Lisa would never have an affairA good eal of the novel was tied up with Lisa a ITS NOT YOUR FAULT daughter Fabia a spoiled princess who wants to be married to Dan a youngoctor with eyes only for medicine The other portion ealt with her son nicknamed Windy whose young adventures catch him in a blackmail scheme that Lisa extricates him from followed by a crippling attack of infantile paralyses I was hoping for Lisa to be the central figure and my patience was amply rewarded in the last third of the novel when it s revealed the family has lost their finances Behind Rupert s back Barry and Lisa esign a plot which saves the family Much like Now Voyager their unspoken bond shows benefit as they both unselfishly put the other firstNot yet a butterfly Aunt Charlotte makes appearances as Data Analytics does Dr Jauith strict Grandmother Vale and Lisa s younger son Murray and olderaughter June Murray was the star of another Prouty novel Home Port where they all made appearances I find it interesting to meet the Daughter Fabia wants to marry a man below her social station Grandmother Vale is to expire from Fabia wants to marry a man below her social station Grandmother Vale is about to expire from one After all the young octor sometimes uses bad grammar and bu. .